Sunday, June 26, 2011

Currently working on....


It has been over a month since I posted on my blog. Shows how frantically busy I have been. The politics surrounding LION FM seem to be settling down. Shoshanna and I have had three successful shows. We have had my old teacher to speak about the Festival of Shavuot and then we had Gemma Wines speak about Autism and that was a very good and very informative show. This week we visit the Shomron to hear from Lea Goldshmit who is part of a four generations of a family living at Itamar a town of approximately five thousand there. We have many shows planned and hope to gain a regular following of people.
I have to rejoin the VWC and to get my entry in for the E.J. Brady competition and Glimmer. I have two stories on the back burner and need to edit and to refine and write more.
There are also many things to do with my son's learning that I need to continue with if he is to make improvements on a constant basis. I am quite sure now that his hearing loss from the age of 8 months to two years had more to do with his learning difficulties than any real intellectual impairment which I do not believe that he has.