Saturday, September 29, 2012

An apology for an error plus Succot celebrations

I do have to apologise for an error in information imparted in my last post. I wrote at the end of my post that this week's parsha was the last parsha. It is not. There is the parsha that we read on Simchat Torah - Vezot habracha. That parsha is the last parsha of the Torah. Ok, so the parsha Hazinu is the last Shabbes parsha but it is not the last parsha. The Torah ends with a lamed of the word Israel and begins with a beit from the word bereshis and when you put the letters lamed and beit together you have lev which is heart in Hebrew. Thus truly the Torah is a divine and eternal document.

This Sunday night we start the holiday of Succot or the festival of booths as it is also known in English. We build a succa which is a small ( or in some cases ) or large structure which has a roof of palm fronds. There we eat for seven days. It isa temporary structure. It serves to remind us of Hashem's mercy in our journey. The body is also a temporary structure to house the soul which is divinely connected entity. Who we are, what we will be and what we were is all dependent on Hashem and how we use the gifts and talents we are given. Yes there is opportunity in life but we have to move ourselves and we cannot afford to sit on our hands or heels. We need to use our hands to do mitzvot and move.
I can't talk. I wanted to write down a beautiful poem I thought through driving back from Warragul last Thursday and in the scheme of things it got lost amid other things. A poem or story can be a wonderful garment you stitch together in your mind musings on many things then you get distracted and it becomes a rather tattered remanent fluttering in the wind. Then you have to reuse what you have in rather interesting ways. It was a poem about the eternity of Israel and the Israeli people. It will come to me again in a different form, perhaps better and stronger than ever.
A gut vok and Yom tov. Hopefully there will be time for another post before Yom Tov tonight.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hayom yesh li bayit hadash

 היום שחתמתי על הסכם חכירה של שלושה חדרים בתוספת חווית הלימוד בויקטוריה. יש עצי פרי, נקטרינה, אפרסק, משמש ושזיפים. יש גם שלושה עצי זית שהם רק בן שנים, כך שאנחנו צריכים לחכות לפחות שנה כדי לקצור אותם. יש לול תרנגולות ושלוש גינות ירק אני צריך לחפור ולהתכונן למפעל לשבועות הקרובים. אני גם צריך להתחיל בחיפוש אינטנסיבי לעבודה ברגע שהם הגיעו לפשרה בבית חווה זה. תרנגולות לקנות מתקני האכלה ולהקים כמו גם השקיה בטפטוף.

Ok so now I have to daven harder as there is much to do. I am researching the best veggies to put in once I have prepared the beds. I am thinking of organic tomatoes, zucchini, squash, carrots and beans.
The thing is that seasonal veggies are good for the health and I am looking forward to great lentil soups with my home grown vegetables and eventually chicken soup with older hens or roosters. Also organic and schected every six months after a year or two of laying. I am also going to follow the advice of a friend and give mieser (a tenth of all produce as income) to people in the community who are needy so if you are wanting free range and believe that you could be a recipient let me know or message me privately. Should be up and running by December.
Gut Shabbes. Have to read and study some Chumash. Last parsha this week. Hazak, hazak, hazak.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Advice on safe sex for the older woman - is it really necessary?

I often come across articles that make me laugh out loud at the ridiculousness of them. This article I read post Yom Kippur was one. It was worth a few good moments of chuckle. It is not that I am a prude. I am not. However the thought of a mature woman going on an RSVP dating site to trawl the pages for someone to literally have sex with at the drop of a hat is both astonishing and downright dangerous. I am not just talking about STD's, but lots of other dangers such as dangerous psychotics looking for just such silly women to take advantage of  and to use like a prostitute. If a man wants cheap sex, let him go to one of those places, I say and pay for what he wants.
The article focuses mainly on women who are in their fifties and did not grow up in the age of aids and did not have the dubious benefits of "no sex with out condoms" etc. However it is not just aids you should be wary of, there are many other physical and emotional dangers that such behaviour could bring into your life. I always thought older women should have more sense. We should have put aside the follies of youth or an earlier age and become more conservative and sensible. One would have hoped.
When I was teaching in NSW in the Riverina, a so called behaviour expert told me I needed help and counselling because I must be depressed. The reasons I was supposed to be depressed was because I was living alone with my then two year old child and not having sex or not in relationship with someone. (.????)  Hardly a sufficient criteria for depression one would think.
Sex is one of the least basic needs. A roof over one's head, enough to eat, clothes to wear and a few friends - good friends that is who are emotionally supportive and not destructive to your state of mind are far more important.
I would have thought most old women would have gone past the need for sexual adventures after the big 50 and most of us even earlier.  Never being a fan of sex for sex 's sake, I find the pop psychology obsession with the idea of "sex is necessary to be a healthy functioning human being" quite silly and quite demeaning to women and men too. It puts us on the level of animals who copulate instinctively and without reflection and thought. That is why humans get married before they have intimate relations or should and then there is no need for condoms or other nonsense and people are valued for more than the physical desire or lust that is  only momentary.
Here is the article.
Personally I find it quite horrifying that older women would behave in such a fashion like some stupid girl of seventeen or eighteen 
 who has had no moral guidance. We need to value ourselves and not behave in such a fashion that makes us the 
laughing stock of not only younger women, but men as well. It is bad enough being old, we do not want to make ourselves look
ridiculous and undignified as well. As I said, older women need to behave with wisdom and common sense not like young girls. We need to act our age and have decorum. 
Hope everyone had a good fast.
Gut Yom tov. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Airline shidduch between Qantas and the UAE line


I was sent an article today which concerns me quite a bit. An elderly Jewish doctor is being held in the UAE on trumped up manslaughter charges. If you read my blog please get thie information out there and share. This is highly irregular and makes me understand now why I was so uneasy about the Qantas UAE Airline merger. The guy was on a plane transit through Dubai.
Anyway here is the link and hopefully someone has the power to help this old guy who only spent his life helping others especially sick kids.

Please sign the petition.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Teshuva - a poem

 When the winds of change begin to blow away
The old year's foibles, bad habits ingrained
Are scrubbed vigorously down to the bone
Where and when are seeds of repentance sown
Is not for earthly judges to gauge how stained
The souls and deeds of others may be, but to pray
For their own deeds that need forgiveness.
To judge other less, for how you see best
Is what you need to understand more
Than how rich or how poor
The harvest of friends and foes alike.
Before you tell others they need a psych
Fix your own mental health issues and do not
Create issues for others who might not be
As lucky as you, before G-D
We stand equal
If not in this world
Then then the next.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bullying in teaching, same sex marriage and Islamic riots

What a week it has been. A good and hard working principal pulled down and sacked by small minded and jealous individuals on a board because of pay descepancies. Seems absurd that Louise Adler and Ahmed Fahour, two individuals with little educational expertise can pull down a woman who spent fifteen good years devoting herself to a school, it's students and it's educational vision. Their belittlement of her contribution to MLC will not go unnoticed. I feel for Rosa Storelli. She comes across as dedicated and professional, as someone who truly loves her job. I fear for her state of mind after what they have done stripping her of her dignity and shoving her out the door like some naughty little servant who they have scapegoated for their own errors.
The board rejected an attempt at mediation and I think I know why. What would come to light would not be any inadequacy on the part of Rosa Storelli, there may be more to this story than meets the eye. When a group refuse to mediate, what you have is an admission of guilt. Rosa would be vindicated and they would end up with egg their faces. I hope she sues them and has enough support in the school community and those connected to the education community to be successful in court.
Trouble is when you have been emotionally brutalised by a group of people determined to get rid of you for unjust reasons it leaves emotional wounds that take time to heal. I hope Rosa has professional help as well as her own resources to see her through.
The same sex marriage bill did not pass the Senate. That was to be expected. The vote was 26 to 41 against. For all those people who suggested we are old fashioned and homophobic because we do not support same sex marriage, I say phooey. We can be sensitive and caring towards gay people without marriage. Gay partners have the same rights as de facto partners do and most are treated as spouses are in many respects except one that it does not have the sanctification of marriage. I do not support same sex marriage but in every other aspect I have respect for gay people and support them emotionally in their struggle to be treated with respect like any other human being. I do not agree with same sex marriage though.
Talking of respect, we see the absolute lack of respect for others in the Muslim extremists. Take Christopher Stevens the USA embassador to Libya. This guy is a public servant who represents and serves his country. He may have even been very decent person and sympathetic to Muslims, but on September 11th his Embassy was broken into by these people who are supposed to worship G-D. His personal dignity was violated and he was raped and killed by these scumbags who dare to call themselves religious Muslims. I believe personally that some one who really believes in G-D does not lie with another man like a woman, does not rape anyone especially not little girls, whatever religion the belong to.
Some of their supporters and other Islamic idiots planned to have a demonstration in Melbourne. A peaceful demonstration, of course. What a load of garbage. With feelings running so high on both sides, I cannot see how this could ever be a peaceful demonstration as the organisers of such an event well know. It would a disaster and turn into a violent and chaotic punch up and I would imagine we could very well have people killed if such a demonstration takes place.
Those who do turn up to such an event are only looking for a bit of excitement and an excuse for a fight. If you are really peaceful you stay home and write letters to the paper or blog. You do not need to be on the streets of Melbourne carrying placards.
Haven't the police got their work cut out for them enough already without having to deal with these idiots demonstrating ostentatiously for 'peace?' Yeah right!

Getting away from politics and into FOOD

I am putting up something that will shock many people. It is an article on genetically modified food and it's impact on our intestines. With a world where the general public is not being told the truth about genetically modified foods and their impact on our guts, this article is an eye opener.

I will let the article speak for itself. I am hoping to have my own veggie garden and there are good few fruit trees as well as three olive trees on the property, I looked at today. There is a chicken coop and I am going to have real free range hens roaming in the garden alongside a tethered goat that I will milk.
The high incidence of cancers and other conditions is very scary. Especially if you have children.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Humourless and Atrocious Reaction to an anti Muhummed film

It is with shock and horror I view reports of escalating violence and see pictures of children bearing placards calling for beheadings of people who are perceived to insult the Prophet Mohammed.
Well we may say, 'Are these idiots for real?' Unfortunately they are. We live in democracies which more and more we find are under threat as Islamic theocracies increase their stranglehold on the minds of their followers and weave their way into the governments of countries whose very tolerance towards others will bring about their destruction. Once an ardent Islamist has a position in the government of a non Islamic country, he or she then sets about destroying and undermining the very principles that got him or her (note that there are not too many hers in their power pyramid. For hers you need to look at the bottom) elected in the first place.
This will be a war of opposing mindsets and ideologies. We need to look at Islam and all it proposes and decide now 'is this what I want for myself and my children?'  if it is not, then say to them unacceptable. You want to live a life of violence go to an Islamic country where that sort of behaviour is condoned or tolerated.
The reaction which led to the rape by sodomy and murder of an embassador is both disgusting and gut wrenching. Truly the followers of this Mohammed and his religion of "peace" will be judged by their actions.
Reports of this are unconfirmed but given the level of depravity and lack of real moral training in the mob rule I would say that Christopher Stevens RIP was probably not killed in a very decent way at all and I'd say one of a continuing number of martyrs to the Obama government's capitulation policy to the fanatic Arab Islamic regimes.
In Sydney the chaps in their caftans and head gear have been busy stirring up trouble. This is Sydney
Our home turf and those Muslims who are peace loving better get busy and start installing some peaceful principles into the rent a demo for some violent fun crowds that hang around the more radical mosques up there.
Then of course she talks about the film that supposedly caused it all as despicable. Well, it probably tells a few home truths in a satirical way. I find the reaction to the film is probably much more despicable than the actual film itself. Look at the saga of the Danish cartoons. Something is very skewed here.
Long live democracy if she is allowed to survive we need to be intelligent and sensitive to others and their beliefs but also to have a sense of humour and love both peace and truth equally. I do not go for religious fascists of any ilk or size or colour threatening me with rape, decapitation or torture if I do not follow their narrow insular ways. 
Shana Tova. G-D is the true judge of us all. May we be judged favourably and for peace.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Migron and the leadership in government in Israel

It is with shock and horror I read of the destruction of the synagogue and mikveh (ritual bathhouse) at Migron Aleph. I beg the leaders in government to think about what they are doing. It is acts like this that led to the European Shoah.
Words fail me and all I can do is daven (pray) that the Israeli government begins to be guided by men and women of righteous and moral nature, not those led by the whims of the nations and their leaders.
G-D bless Israel and make strong her in the face of all corruption and weakness. Rosh Hashanna starts in the evening of Yom rishon.
We need to be worthy of Hashem's blessings and let it be so.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

News Flashes!

Amalya Cafe in Glenhuntley Road just near Kooyong Road has a new menu and still the really unique hamishe atmosphere but NEWER tastier dishes on the menu. I am not saying it was not good before, but it is going from strength to strength. One sign of the ability of a place to survive, is the ability to be flexible and offer new food on the menu for customers. Mahe them come back for more. Personally since I first had coffee there in 2009 and it was the best coffee ever, while I waited for my son to finish his OT sessions at KidsTherapyNetwork, I have loved Amalya's.
Anyway check out the new menu.
Really sad to hear about the plight of the good people of Migron. This Rosh Hashannah I am focussing my davening on them keeping their homes and Judea and Samaria must be annexed this coming year. We must own our land. No wonder we are having all this problem if we can't acknowledge Hashem's goodness and mercy.
As I do tzeshuva for all the things that I have said and done this year that has hurt others (I still have two people to catch up with for letters of apology - one of them a Holy Jewish mother of six holy neshamas that I had words with and composed a letter to asking for forgiveness but I have to find a shalicha because when harsh words are exchanged sometimes the other party just does not want to forgive) one must try to do better and watch and measure the impact of each word that comes from one 's mouth. I do try to study a Halacha series and one word of wisdom that gleaned recently was simply that one should not buy into every argument on offer. It is best to close one's mouth and take insults meekly than to flare up because that is perhaps what the argumentative persons want in the first place to hurt by pushing psychological buttons. It is a sort pulling wings off flies analogy.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Latest Update from Migron and Moshe Elkman who is there to help

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Moshe Elkman 
Date: Friday, September 7, 2012
Subject: Migron update
To: Moshe Elkman <>

                                                                       With G-d's blessing B"H


On Wednesday Aviela and her husband Shalom took me to the Binyamin supermarket where I actually witnessed the supermarket packed with Arab and Jews shopping together as seen on our video "Let  Migron Stay"(which to date has had over 420,000 views!). A symbol of the potential of co existence between Jew and non Jew.

I also spoke to Rav Rabinowitch who has been a guide for Aviela and he gave me some sound advice suggesting that when I return to Melbourne we should start a fund for the Migron families. I spent yesterday from 8.30-4.30 helping to pack Aviela's would not believe the ahavat Yisrael I witnessed as teams of young girls came in to help as did many young boys from Yeshiva at Beit El to help....the media will report the boys on the rooftops refusing to move but they won't report on the beautiful "achdut" I witnessed!

Yesterday I went to Migron and helped pack up the sforim and other things in the shule. At one stage someone tapped me on the shoulder telling me to stand as the 6-7 sefer Torahs were being taken out of the aron hakodesh wrapped in taleisim ready to move to thier new home. 

The soft sound of sobbing of one of the men could just be was quite emotional!

Thursday: Why didn't the Migron Community put up a fight?

My opinion is as follows:

I could not understand why the Migron community did not put up a fight but now I realise it was the best thing. They are just so strong...believing in Hashem and always smiling on the outside (although I detect their pain on the inside) but they thought first of the children and any conflict would really have had a very negative affect on the children. The children are just normal happy smiling "kinderlach"

The Binyamin Council has been incredible taking over Netanyahu's responsibilities: The Council supplied counsellors who would mingle with the community offering assistance,provided and paid for accommodation at Medrashet Ofra, food, toys and games.  

At 9.30 went to the new Migron where Aviela met new contractor to discuss making her new home habitable....she will not be able to move in for at least another 3 weeks while the majority of families have already moved in!

At 9.45 am I was sitting in one of the new homes when 6 young girls aged around 10-12 years old came in and asked "can we help in any way"...I had to fight back tears....... here are these young girls offering such chesed.

Around 10.15am Aviela was interviewed by a reporter Ruth Michaelson from Radio France International. At the end of the interview the reporter also interviewed me. Around 11.10 I was interviewed live by Josh on Arutz this is unreal!!!!

Late in the afternoon Josh from Arutz Sheva brought heaps of food, wine and other things for Shabbat for all the families, soft toys and games from people in Gush Etzion.....again will the media report this?

Best wishes,


Esther's story

I read this story in a letter I received yesterday and have been in tears on and off about it. Esther is not her real name. This woman who is a holocaust survivor without children became sick. What she suffered during the Shoah left her unable to have children and I would assume health problems that are chronic problems. To be in poor health costs money, plus it also means problems with work. She was on a pension and it was not enough to live on. She became homeless. She had to stay in a shelter for the homeless for 10 days with no food or money being moved from one motel to the next. Then she was taken to a bigger facility in Melbourne's south eastern suburbs which was inundated with drug addicts, alcoholics and I would say a lot of people with mental health issues or criminal mentalities. This nightmare scenario beggars belief and we are talking about an elderly Shoah survivor who we all have a  responsibility towards not only because of what she suffered but because of basic human decency to an older person.
Finally she was directed to Jewish Care and they helped her. Thank G-D so if you want to give extra tzedaka around this time before Rosh Hashanna please remember Jewish Care. They do good work. I am just shocked and in tears that this could have happened to one of the holocaust survivors.
Now as we face homeless our selves and I have been dealing with emails from a person who is trying to direct me to the site for homeless people, my fears and tears are renewed. I just want to be in my own place secure and able to pay rent through my own work and talents. This 'helpful' person suggested a site for homeless people which puts a person on a spiral that is very hard to break out of it. Can you imagine being among the degenerates of society? These drug addicts,alcoholics and nutcases. Can you imagine the impact that that has on your mental state? I know because I drove taxis and was married to a mental case for a while. I saw these people on the streets, picked them up from one motel and drove them with their meagre possessions to another. Saw things that I do not want to even talk about here it is too depressing and every day I thanked G-D that I had a job and was studying and would never end up like then mumbling mental cases with drug and substance abuse problems. Now as we face homelessness - my child and I the last thing I need to be told is that it is my fault, my own fault for having a child at 49 years of age, for marrying a Nigerian, for having a child to a black man(?) - this could not have happened if I had married a white person??? You betcha it could and worse probably. I am a human being as is my son a small boy of nine. The fact that his father is African does not make him stupid, mad, bad or a lessor human being. Attitudes like what I mentioned is basic prejudice. Now I and my child face the prospect of homelessness head on. I have been to carvan parks trying to find temp accommodation. Even that is in short supply. I can not understand why they can house druggies and the rest of the deranged misfits but not me who has no problem with alcohol or drugs or any mental problems, and my son?
It pulls you down and depresses you. The prospect of a shelter which a person of Esther's calibre had to experience. Can you imagine what sort of perverts and criminals could do to my child who has already been damaged by an eleven year old boy at the school he was at previously? Can you imagine the damage being done to him as his feelings and hurt is not being acknowledged again and again so that he starts to feel even more worthless. He feels unworthy of even being alive and that drives people to take their lives eventually. As his mother I can only make him feel that he is important to me  and acknowledge his worth to me.  Even if others cannot.

Migron the community and a scurrilous article

I read some pretty upsetting things today and this article was one them. Luckily this journalist repeatedly shoots himself in the foot several times. His article is very negative about the community and it's inhabitants / citizens. They are NOT settlers. They are citizens of the state of Israel.
Here is the link to the article.
That this journalist does not have much sympathy for the people of Migron is shockingly obvious. I found his tone offensive and his attention to detail and fact lacking. For example he states that:

No doubt relocating Migron’s residents involves inconveniences — packing, moving, living in temporary quarters. And leaving a place in which one has invested heart and soul is painful. But Migron was always an unauthorized outpost, as its residents well knew when they moved in.
Migron was settled and it's inhabitants supported and assisted by the Israeli government at the time. It was not unauthorised. The "unauthorised comes from the left wing myth making machine as they seek to justify what they have done to these people. Then this latte slurping cafe lay about downplays the whole movement of the families, the actual efforts involved in moving households etc as something simple and almost fun,like it is some macabre game. I can assure you that for these families, this is not the case it would be traumatic and highly emotional.
He then states "the settlers loss is no great loss." Maybe not for him.  He would probably be no great loss to the world of journalism.
I find his back handed comments with regard to the settler citizens extremely biased. While he could not lie about the dignified way the families left the site and he had to give the another jab. He acknowledged that the people of Migron are in the majority law abiding citizens while implying that they were somehow not politically correct but misguided. It seems there is one rule for some, and another rule for others. When will we stop this hypocrisy?
The fact that he down played their plight and had absolutely no sympathy for those families beggars belief  and I had to pull myself together and think this is what happens when people are brought up with a 
G-D less outlook on life. They see everything through some flawed logic lens. I had someone tell me once that people are responsible for their own misfortunes. Not so, my next post is about a holocaust survivor called Esther. It is not her real name but when I think of what this holy woman went through in Australia of all places, I cry to G-D. I cry and ask how can human beings be so heartless to each other and how could this happen?
Please pray for the people of Migron, offer them any assistance you can. Thank G-D for Moshe and Nora Elkman who have been wonderful support for these people and worked tirelessly to bring attention to their plight. Not like some as this G-Dless journalist who even seems to lack a heart. I know I will never buy Ha'aretz again. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Forgiveness and Elul Book keeping

It is the month of Elul and many changes take place. It is a month of accounting for all of us. Coming up to Rosh Hashannah we reflect on the year past and try to eradicate the faults and aveirot that we have fallen into through out the year. We need to balance the books. we need to tidy up. Halfway through the year we have Pesach which is about a yearly spiritual spring clean. It is a time of liberation. By contrast, Rosh Hashannah is reconnecting to our Master and Creator of All. It is called the Yom Norim, days of fear and awe. We confront ourselves however hard that may be.We go through the books and tidy them up.
We look at the blessings that we have in our lives despite what aveirot we have committed and how we have done things that were not in keeping with kedusha and we we fall on the floor before our Master and beg for forgiveness and to reconnect with Him.
The nations have a very different view of New Year. They often herald it with wild revelry and act in very licentious ways, uncontrolled and destructive acts are treated as good fun. I remember when I was taxi driving many years ago. I refused to drive on that night past a certain time because of the way people behaved on the last night of the old Gregorian calender year. Taxi drivers who drove into the city did so at their own risk and chanced having their cabs turned on their roofs with resulting damage to property and their livelihood. Young girls get drunk and seduced by youths or men acting in uncontrolled and savage ways. People are abused and treated shabbily because it is "New Year."  Happy New Year all! One wonders what could be happy about such a destructive and ugly way to celebrate a new year in such a way.

By contrast, the Jewish New Year is very different. It is a serious time of reflection, deep soul searching and we need to reach into ourselves and to look at how we have spent the year past. What did we do that was good and what was not good and how could we make this better?  Have we been honest or have we cheated people both emotionally, physically and financially? We need to book keep and be honest in our dealings with ourselves and others.
The Jewish New Year is all about constructing and building. Yes, there is some inner renovating to do. We do have to subjugate ourselves and make amends. Kill our pride and arrogance and own up to our habits and try to destroy them and replace them with good traits. By the same token it is not good to be totally without some self esteem or self confidence. One needs to be balanced and that is what the Yom Norim are about balance. Rosh Hashannah is the head of the year, and the beginning of a new year in our service to the King of Kings.

As we balance the books with our year and our Creator, we realise what we need to come up with and more what we need to do in order to be balanced in our life towards others and our King. We need trust in Hashem that we will be helped to do what we need to do to make our life better and to be better people. On Yom Kippur when we are finally sealed for a good year, there is still a window of opportunity until Hoshanna Rabba. Hashem so loves us that we are given another chance to make amends. We have to try not to blow our chances. We are human however and we err. Hashem knows that and also knows when we try to take advantage of the fact that we are mere human beings. We can always strive to do better. That is the beauty of it all.
Life is a learning curve of deep proportions.I often feel like a sailor on the ocean in a small craft naivgating these big shipping channels and the open seas. We deal with the elements and also the other ships when we come across them. We interact and so many factors come into play. It is good to have Torah as our GPS. The trouble with a GPS though is that you must learn to use it correctly otherwise it is useless to you. You must take the time to study the instructions and to follow them correctly. Often you have to reread them and relearn how to do things. That is life. Constant and unrelenting revision. You can be creative and learn new ways or methods of teaching and doing the same thing, but be sure that the things you are doing are the right things for your sake and the sake of others.
Go hear the shofar and really listen to it.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Reflections on being Homeless

There are many reasons why a person ends up homeless. I and my son are technically homeless and our situation will be even worse in a matter of days. The owners of the house and the two dogs we are looking after come back on the 14 th of September. At that time we will literally be on the streets sleeping in our car. We have at the present time no where else to go after the 14th of September except the streets.
I have for reasons undisclosed been refused service at Harcourts in Drouin and still am reeling in shock as to why and what have I done. I have not raised my voice to any of their personnel or been abusive or given them any trouble as far as I can see. Not one harsh word has passed between us and I am going to put it down to nastiness on the part of staff members at that office or even anti semitism. I found the Chairo Christian School to be openly anti semitic when I applied for CRT work there and maybe there is a connection. I am not about to toss off my religious beliefs and it is discrimination.
Why should I have to pretend to be someone or something different in order to get a job, to rent a house or just to be a respected member of a community? If I behave decently, dress modestly, speak with respect to others even frothy mouthed druggies like the silly whore with the broken blackened teeth screaming her head off in the Woolworth's supermarket in Drouin on Monday evening. She harassed my child who has just turned nine and leaned in close to the poor kid's face telling him 'I have three girls (heaven help them not to go the way of their mother) and I would never swear in front of them." I resisted the urge to say 'LIAR, LIAR pants on fire!' because of the stream of filthy language that had poured forth from her mouth just before was proof that she was totally strung out on drugs or she has taken so many drugs that she is totally unstable. Her teeth were blackened stumps and her eyes were blue with bloodshot lines through them.  Her skin was awful. I get pimples sometimes when stressed because you body has to deal with the toxic wastes somehow. That is why stressed people can end up with the diarrhoea, sweats, dizziness and palpitations. Her skin had breakouts and I wondered how old she was probably mid to late twenties going on fifties or sixties. Druggies often look far older than they actually are.
My son started to feel sad for her and I told him feel sad for her state but never love a person like that. They can drag you into their personal ghenoim and you never get out. Be decent to them and respectful but never get involved with them. Unfortunately people like that are homeless for a very good reason. They want attention and are loud and uncomfortable to be near. They are very anti social and behave in anti social ways. They make you cringe but you have to see them as human beings despite the discomfort you feel being near such people. I used to be able to deal with such people more tolerantly but lately, I just cannot stand having them near me.
Back to our own situation, I am already making plans about what to do in the worst case scenario that we need to sleep in our car. Today I am going to organise my things and my son's so that we have one or two changes of clothes that I can wash at a sink in a public facility like a caravan park so we do not look dirty and unkempt and to store my things in a friend's garage. We have to keep life going in some areas as normal so my son can go to school as normal except for the holidays when I hope I can get a sponsor for him to play cricket and to do a soccer clinic over the holidays. I pray to Hashem that we are able to get a house to rent soon.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Moshe Elkman in Migron The community being expelled from their homes by dishonest actions of Peace Now


This morning I received an email from Moshe Elkman an Australian business man who is in Migron to support this community undergoing a traumatic removal of their families - men, women and children from the place of their houses and homes for ten years plus to new site not far away. The new houses that have been hastily erected by the Israeli government to house the fifty families of Migron are not yet complete. Yes, it is summer, but winter and rains are coming and also the Yom Tovim are a bare fortnight away. Only faith in the ultimate divine plan of our Master and Creator keeps these people secure, for they have been horribly betrayed and to my mind unwittingly by the government of Israel who have had their hands forced against their own citizens by a rogue group of left wing nut cases called Peace Now. Peace Now activitists in their rush to show how even handed and compassionate they are to the Palestinians but ignore the damage they are causing to their own by their actions.
Migron was founded in 1999 with the full support of the Israeli government of the day. It was planned to build a further 500 units of housing there on this hilltop overlooking the Highway around 14 kilometres from Jerusalem in the hills of Benyamin. However both residents and unfortunately the government of Israel reckoned without the vicious and destructive bent of the so called Peace Now organisation who always on the lookout for a bit of media attention and incidents to create a bit of a feeding frenzy for foreign journalists who just love a bit of a war or an incident manipulated to make it look like the Israelis are being 'brutal' again to the poor little defenceless Palestinians who of course just want peace and no Jews anywhere in sight. Preferably we should all be underground in their vision of a future. Let's ignore the Fogel family massacre, bus bombings and things like Sbarro bombing. They are just nasty negative moments of mayhem because the Israelis, well it is just so impossible to live next to them. The poor Palestinians have to throw rockets continually over the border just to remind the Israelis to keep to their designated corner of the universe because Islam is spreading and needs space. Peace Now found some Palestinians who they could convince to claim ownership of the hilltop land. The real previous owners of the land that was bought by settlers and the Israeli government had to be moved overseas because the funny thing about Arabs or Palestinians who sell land to Israeli Jews or anyone Jewish or not, for that matter is that, they end up in a ditch somewhere horribly mutilated and with their throats slit or worst. So if you are an Arab who has land in Israel and he or she is not using and you want a life that is free of corruption and conflict and you want a chance at really living, you make a deal with an Israeli Jewish buyer and part of the deal is a safe passage out of the country to some safer location overseas. If the situation was reversed and you were a Jew living in Syria or Iran there would be no such safe option as the Iranian government or the Syrian government would just take your land and kill you or deport you or worst. It is only in DEMOCRATIC Israel that such idiocy as is happening at Migron could occur. Instead of compensation being paid to these Palestinian conmen being helped by Peace Now activists, they are actually evicting these families from their rightful homes.
The whole situation is absolutely disgusting and the human rights of these families are being violated again and again. Look at Gush Katif in 2005 for an example of how far the government of Israel has gone for peace and where has it gotten them??? Rocket attack after rocket attack after rocket attack!
There will be no peace until the Israeli government annexes Judea and Samaria and stops this sort of nonsense and puts the head of Peace Now Yariv Oppenheimer in a prison cell with Ahlam Tamimi and Aljad Awad and leave them together for the next twenty odd years. Yariv can listen to these pigs gloat about the deaths of innocent people day after day. It would be the most fitting punishment that I could think of.
Peace Now calls itself the 'leading voice of the Israeli public for peace'. I know that they are the leading ratbags in the middle east and where do they get their money from? A few very wealthy backers I suspect sit in Saudi Arabian villas, sipping tea and laughing behind their hands at these stupid left wing Jews who are destroying their own state. It is time to stop this nonsense and give back the homes of the people of Migron and bring other families to the Shomron to fill the nearly completed houses and give the new community a new name or Migron Beit and leave Migron Aleph people alone to build up their town.

Moshe Elkman and his wife Nora are wonderfully compassionate people. They have been working hard to support the people of Migron as they did the people of Gush Katif. Do not let this be a Gush Katif saga, please.
I do not blame Bibi Netanyahu or the government of Israel for this state of affairs. They have had their hand forced all along in this by external forces and players in this game. I blame Peace Now, the lack of foresight in the Israeli Supreme Court and the stupidity of the peace activitists who are not really activitists but people bored and looking for excitement and having nothing better to do they meddle in affairs that are not their business and create a mess for other people. The Israeli government should have annexed Judea and Samaria years ago.  Why are they sitting on their hands now?

Here is Moshe Elkman's email and he should receive blessings and koah for the work that he and his wife have done in supporting the people of Migron in many ways.


Hi, below is a short summary of my visit to date with the brave expellees of Migron.

I arrived at Ben Gurion airport at 11.25 pm Sunday evening and was met by a true "tzaddik" Shai Yemini, son of former Gush Katif expellee Yosi Yemini.I asked Shai to drive me to Migron and as he was armed I felt quite safe as we drove close by to Ramallah and passed through several Arab villages around 1.30am.

We arrived at the new development site of Migron where we were told by a policeman that the Migron expellees had been sent to Medrashat Ofra, where we arrived just after 2am. The shomer , Nir Cohen, armed with a rifle allowed me to stay with him in the guard house till his shift finished and then told me that I could sleep at his house where I finally found a bed and grabbed around 2 hours sleep before being woken up @ 5.45am for shacharit. I dovened shacharit and after benching gomel (this gave my secret identity away) I was asked to talk about my involvement with Migron after which dozens of young Migron expellees (men ofcourse!!) came and either shook my hand or gave me a bear hug!!!!

I met Aviela Deitch's husband Shalom after dovening and then finally met Aviella. We had an amazing Israeli style banquet in the huge lunch room and loaded ourselves up with salad rolls for the day ahead. From about 12.30pm-1.15pm we went to the new development site so that Aviela and Shalom could inspect their new home which was supposed to already be prepared for them....but the homes are far from Aviela told reporters the site is just like a "Hollywood movie set!!!!"....there are many dangerous areas for children including an exposed cliff face where rocks can fall on the children, rock faces which when you touch crumble....unfinished bathrooms the list goes on.

Aviela was interviewed by a US magazine reporter from a publication called "The National" and then was filmed by a Japanese film crew filming for Japanese TV!!!!

I was really touched to see dozens of young girls not even from Migron who gave of their time to mop and clean the new residences....the degree of "achdut" (unity)was heart rendering.

I must say that I thought my visit was to give "chizuk" (strength) to the Migron expellees but they have been the ones who have gaven me the chizuk...their smiles, warmth, determination,bitcahon (faith and trust in Hashem) and understanding that even though this was not what "they" wanted they knew it was part of a "bigger" picture in fact Aviela kept saying that " we have two Migrons...the new Migron and the old Migron to which her children will return!!!!"

During the afternoon at Medrashat Ofra there was entertainment for the hundreds of children- blown up play equipment, lots of lollies and games given away plus an "enthralling magician" who enertained both the children as well as the older chidren (the ones with the white beards). I sat on the bench and was just so moved at the sight of hundreds of laughing children...young mothers sitting on the grass with their toddlers and a number of grandparents who had driven from Yerushalayim to support their expelled children.

Now I asked a few people who sponsored all the food and children's entertainment during the expellees time at Medrashat Ofra, expecting the answer to be Netanyahu's govt but lo and behold it was NOT Netanyahu it was the Binyamin Council who paid for the accommodation, food, children's entertainment with the knowledge that the promised housing would not be ready for at least another 1-2 weeks.

Any media receiving this email should write in big headlines " SCANDAL:PM Netanyahu expels & abandons Migron community"

This needless expulsion should never have happened and we should all doven for the welfare of out brothers and sisters in Migron and that there should not be any more examples of Jew expelling another Jew. We should ask why all the silence by our leaders...the rabbis and communal leaders???

Kind wishes from Medrashat Ofra,

Your friend,

Juliar Gillard how do we love thee?

It is interesting to watch the changes being wrought by image people. Ms Gillard is becoming increasingly more manipulated as she strives to hold onto her position and assure the party faithful that she indeed has every thing under control in government. Her carefully crafted appearance last night on prime time TV with her 50's granny / movie star hair style, speaking with the utmost confidence about Labor's grand scheme for education which is probably like Labor's grand schemes to combat climate change, the Pink Batts disaster, the Carbon Tax and whatever else they can come with to rip money off the tax payer and deceive people into believing that they are doing a great job in government, is a prime example.  I actually think they do not know what they are doing or where they are going.
She talks about the education system being overhauled and up with the top five by 2020 or was it 2025? Really Julia? I am so excited, I am sweating with anticipation or is it fear? 2020?????? You are kidding me, right? Oh, no you are not! It is now 2012. That is eight years away.
As a teacher and a parent with a child in primary school I am darn sure I want something in place before 2020.
She and her policy makers must think the general public is nuts or brain dead. The work on the education system needs to start now. More funding and more teachers with lower student teacher ratios and updating resources with In-services on technology for teachers who are leery of using it in classrooms. if you are a dinosaur who ensconced in the system and not able to or willing to update your skills continually you should get out of e profession retire and garden somewhere or take trips. There is too much protected dead wood in the profession who are all about protecting their positions and destroying those who threaten the status quo in any way.

One thing is for sure, Juliar will pass from the political spectrum soon. Why should state governments fund a mickey mouse scheme to up grade education when they have been offered no substantial plan for what is to take place? Have the Labor policy makers talked to principals of schools, people in education like teachers and professional educators? Probably not. The thing is that if you want your car fixed you go to a mechanic, you don't ask a lawyer or dentist or a doctor or even receptionist unless their hobby is fixing cars. Hardly likely though. There are too many people with ideas on education and they are not there in the system or in a classroom. They are outside and poking their nose in for a few seconds and then they become experts on education. Too many certificate chefs and not enough chefs with real experience and know how.

The criminal mentality of unrepentant murderers - Ahlam Tam

What do Ahlam Tamimi, Amjad Awad and some of the worst Nazi murderers (may they be erased) have in common? Ahlam was responsible for the deaths of 16 people and the wounding of over100 other people in the Sbarro restaurant bombing in Jerusalem in 2001. Amjad was one of two Palestinian teenagers who massacred five members of the Fogel family in their beds on a peaceful shabbat night in March 2011 at Itamar.  Let's take Menegle for example who used Jews, especially twins as experimental subjects for his 'scientific research'. He must have been able to completely divorce himself from the pain of other human beings and had not one ounce of respect for life or the comfort and nurture of a child.
The former are worst than Menegle who tried to disguise his atrocities as research and scientific curiosity as if that somehow justified it, NOT.
You see they are unashamedly proud of their criminal acts. They try to present their murderous acts as somehow acts of 'heroism'. Is there anything heroic about slitting the throat of a three month old baby? Is there anything heroic about the murder of young and old civilians in a pizza restaurant, families and kids? I think not.
In this world today justice has become a nebulous quality that is defined by media outlets and propaganda. We make too many excuses for people who have acted badly or wrongly.  I would rather we went back to a black and white view on some issues like those who are terrorists and commit murder, pedophilia and pedophiles and any act that endangers the lives of others or their quality of life. We are to kind to the cruel and heartless and cruel to the compassionate.
This piece of human drek Ahlam sits in a chair in a TV station Memri and boasts gloatingly of how she was so happy to hear of the death toll rising and overjoyed that they were children. She has a typical psychopathic personality. I tried to imagine feeling joy at the death of someone who I dislike and could not. I actually do not dislike anyone in this world, let alone imagine feeling joy at a person's demise. It just doesn't connect.
The Palestinians are in real trouble. They have bought up children to hate and love as well as compassion for others are devoid from their emotional lexicon. They are headed for destruction. We do not have follow them. We need to save Migron.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Migron and the disgraceful capitulation that is taking place there

I have just checked the inbox of my email account. Apart from about three emails warning me that homocidal Mikeybear is again harassing MP's who espouse 'family values' to support same sex marriage in parliament, I have many many emails about Migron and the disgraceful capitulation taking place in Israel where fifty families are being moved from their homes to another location. One can only have the utmost empathy for these fifty families who went to a site sanctioned by the government of Israel at the time. They thought they were in a permanent place - a home.    However they and the government reckoned without the meddlings and suicidal machinations of a group called Peace Now. You have a group of left wing Jews who need to feel important. They are also ashamed to be Jews or to be associated with Judaism for whatever reasons, that may point to an inherent lack in their own upbringing or simply the have a kind of Stockholm Syndrome which drives them to associate with anti-Semites and to try and blend in with them rather than Jews who are in the right. A shocking cruelty is being enacted here and it makes me feel like screaming in frustration but of course one cannot.
What is the connection to Mikeybear, you may well ask? Simple let me explain. It is about right and wrong and how society's values have been turned on their head.  Here in the case of Migron you have a community that has been established for ten years or more. It was unclaimed land. No houses- nothing had been built there. However the ever so helpful Peace Now being the rampant champions of civil rights that they are, except if you are an Orthodox observant Jew, decided they needed to help the Hamas and other terror organisations to destroy Israel rather than help build Israel. They undertook to delegitimise the claim to the site and attack the very foundations of government in Israel. If they continue to be successful in these sorts of court actions there will be no state of Israel because it will have been destroyed by the fifth column from within.
We have a similar situation in Australia where you have a person who is leading a lifestyle that is against mainstream tried and true family values who wants to mentally bludgeon and bully elected members of a parliament into going against their own values and convictions to support a bill that may radically erode family life and values as we know it. The agenda of the Mikeybear and cohorts is purely to lend some legitimacy to their version of what they see as family. They do not care about the psychological effect on children or families,because what is uppermost in their minds is seeking to find legitimacy for their own perverted carnal desires for a member of their own gender. It is about ego and self justification.
Now, if you look at the situation in Israel these champions of civil rights Peace Now who do not give a damn (excuse my raw language but) about the rights of mothers and their children or families have also bullied the government through the high court and legal wranglings to permit the atrocity of the evacuation from Migron and other areas in Israel.
Social values and justice has been turned upside down to satisfy the egos and desires of a few warped individuals. What is going to happen in the future? I shudder to contemplate. We need to stand before G-D this Rosh Hashanna and BEG for mercy not just for ourselves, but every Jew both in Israel and outside Israel, because IF WE CANNOT GIVE MERCY AND SUCCOR TO OUR OWN why should we expect the goyim to treat our own any better than we do? Charity begins at home, we need to look at the truth of the situations and act accordingly.