Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Rasha and Pesach


Just recently, this morning, I happened to receive a post in my emails which was frankly went quite beyond the boundaries of normal decency.  I do not know the Rav mentioned in this post but he belongs to a well known Jewish family in both Melbourne and Sydney. This man who wrote it, Mikeybear calls himself a gay activist and is a vocal proponent of 'same gender marriages'. I personally do not believe in them because I think it is a non issue. I respect the right of gay consenting adults to have their unorthodox unions, (even though the thought of what they do leaves me colder than cold) but to go so far as to have marriage rites is carrying it a bit far. Marriage is for a man and a woman to join together in a sacred union that involves more than just the physical act of intercourse and it has spiritual repercussions for both parties because it is about the creation of life and children. That cannot happen between two men or two women without the involvement of a member of the opposite sex.

Anyway MB really is a person who would not have been saved in Egypt. He would not have taken part in the Exodus from the House of Bondage. If you think of the qualities of Josef in Egypt, MB is the antithesis of those qualities.
I will not defile my blog by even giving the address of this person's rantings and graphic descriptions of what same gender marriages would entail. I actually think it is quite ironic that he choses Pesach to have this obscene rant. Maybe he will do tzuva? Who knows, but he is certainly at the 49th level of impurity in thought and deed, at least.
MB certainly does his cause for trying to get respect for gay and lebian people no good, when he takes on a Rabbi who lives a pretty righteous life and who is not harming him in anyway. MB endeavours to harm his reputation and misrepresent him in a fairly idiotic way.
MB all I can say is take care and beware. You have attacked me, Dr and Rabbi Shimon Cowen, countless others and now this Rav. I actually feel I am in very good company. However, a word of warning, you are going too far over the lines of decency and if they do take issue you will be eating humble pie.
You are attacking religion and in effect G-D. That's a very dangerous move on your part. I hope a certain family takes you to court, minces you up into little bits and spits you out for fish food in their goldfish tank. Actually I know someone who has a shark tank being built and they are Russian. Hummm should ask him if he needs cheap shark food and put him in contact with this Rav's family after they have taken you to court which no doubt they might if you keep this train of abuse and religious vilification up.
Briefly, the Rasha does not want to be at the Pesach seder and sometimes I think it is better to find one of the fifth sons to invite because the Rasha is a corrupting influence. Why do we have to answer him sharply or softly as the case may be? Because the Rasha is very sure of himself and he is a scoffer. He scorns the heritage and rituals of the Jewish people and that is why we say to him, 'Not for you' because we want to leave him in no doubt as to where he is. Those who are indifferent, still we can awake a feeling of something missing or shame in their breast and bring them closer, but the real rasha, he has stepped outside the boundaries of faith. He has grasped the clipa energy and hangs on it grimly and that is why we say to him, 'Not for you.' His soul is in darkness and gasping for air. It takes a Tzadik to save him, a person of such holiness who can reach in through the filth and muddy mockery that surrounds such a person and pull him up to a level of comprehension that he understands what he has done.
While we can feel sad for such a person, it is I think worse for those he has tainted with his ideas and gross lifestyle. Such a person has the potential to be a good Jew and they say the greater the rasha the greater the potential to be a Tzadik. Maybe there is a woman out there who was Mikeybear's beshet and something happened to her and this turned his neshama into such corrupt ways because he could not exist without her. He watches wedding videos of Jewish weddings and I think ultimately that is what his soul really desires is union with his other half who is a woman. I am going to daven that he meets a woman who will change his life for the better and that he becomes a kosher yid and I think we should all daven for him to be kosher and G-D fearing.  We should find out his Hebrew name and even have a misherbera because being who he is, is a sign that all is not well with his health.
Kosher le Pesach to all.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

When Social Deviants block you on Face Book :-)

When people who are social deviants in normal mainstream society block you on Facebook then you KNOW you are ok. I have to laugh. the other day I had an exchange with a person who leads a pretty deviant sort of lifestyle. After an exchange of emails, this person has blocked me from an exchange that she started in private messaging me.
Rather than confront the issues raised in our PM to each other she blocks me and calls me a vicious bully after making comments about me being 'an elderly religious lady with ignorant views' on life.
To be quite honest, I would rather be termed 'an elderly religious lady with ignorant views' than a pornography watching. cross-dressing lesbian who thinks she can waltz about the traps wearing a sheitel one day, jeans and a short butch hair cut the next and goodness knows what other sorts of things she can get up to or what other deviant views she holds. For example, 'a celibate person can choose another consenting adult to have sex with.'
I mean what the.......? . Celibacy means NO SEX as far as I have understood the equation and the Oxford English definition of celibate. I mean, that means, NO touching, NO thoughts of sexual intimacy and just NO darlin'.
As far as I am concerned this woman is a total and complete utter moron to make a statement like that. She should perhaps go out and buy a good dictionary and study it. Word meanings are wonderful things and language is an intricate business. You can go on ad infinitum with language and the study of language.
Apart from that I am quite happy to be blocked and it has given me grist for  new story. Maybe she after me and thought as a single mother of a child I would  be desparate for communication and company and ripe for corruption into her evil lesbian way of life. Thank G-D she blocked me. I do not want to be associated with such a person.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Teaching Perils in South West Queensland


There is a certain doubtful charm to some characters in outback Queensland and the nether regions of Australia. This is the woes of the present  Principal in Wyandra's state school. Wyandra used to be a railway stop between Cunnamulla and Charleville in outback Queensland. I grew up on a property about 37 kms east of this small township. It consisted of a railway station for the Westlander that arrived from Brisband on the way to Cunnamulla every Wednesday afternoon and went through again about Thursday midday and then returned Saturday afternoon all the way from Brisbane and back again Sunday midday or there abouts. I had two pubs, two general stores and a petrol station in its heyday with a local school and a church building that was used by all denominations as most religious personnel only visited once a month I think. It has a war memorial, a race track a bit out of town, a CWA building and a few houses scattered around town. There also used to be an orchard down by the banks of the Warrego River.
It only has one pub now. There used to be a bit of rivalry between the two pubs and one was a bit more classy, if you could call a pub classy. It has a ladies lounge where women could go and have a lemon lime and bitters or just sit and chat over a shandy or two while their men folk got sloshed in the public bar and then the ladies were called on to drive them home. That was in more gentile days before women invaded the public bar and got just as drunk and vile as the men. In fact often the women tended to drink the men under the table with little effort and excel in all sorts of martial arts. Untrained, of course, which made it all the more interesting.
Anyway here is the article and a comment I wrote about it on Just Grounds. The stuff of teacher nightmares or harsh realities of a teaching job in some places.
That is the sort of individual who should not breed. Can you imagine what the grand kids think of grandma's antics at their school and having to change school because of it. Imagine the values of those children at a later date. I prefer not.

Interestingly this woman Moon was a dux of the school and a school captain in Charleville. I wonder what criteria they require for school leaders up there? A colourful extended vocabulary of the most basic words of the English language and a pretty turn of phrase and of course slap stick skills combined with a bit of kick boxing. Sounds like a savage bit of work. Intelligence and good sense do not seem to be a part of the criteria for leadership up there except for the now state premier.
Gee, really when you come to think about it, to teach up there you would require a solid lump of 4 X 2 or a baseball bat by the door of the class room, a karate black belt, an armoured car and not to forget a razor wire electric fence in your out of town residence with an alarm set to go off if the security is breached to the local constabulary to drive out as an emergency measure.
Sounds like fun if you are foolish enough to want to try to teach certain types of people how to read and write. First they have to learn to think. That would require some rather massive effort if their brains don't just haemorrhage from the effort. This makes School of the Air such an attractive prospect for most teachers out there as they can just switch the dial to the off position and stay out of sight when these animals hit town with their mouths a yappin' and their fists a swingin'.
Even Dandenong Secondary sounds attractive and tame after that.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rippon Lea Historic House of 1867 - Now

Have just spent an interesting afternoon at the Historic house of Rippon Lea built by Sir Frederick Sargood in the 1860's in Melbourne. A beautiful Victorian mansion built in the Gold boom and agricultural boom period of Melbourne and Victoria.
Apparently one of the owners who was actually Jewish although far removed from Orthodox Jewish practice, had remodelled the house on more modern Hollywood styles a la 1930's. A beautiful building but when you hear how the lady brutalised the architecture and interior of the house, one has to imagine that her good taste had also gone the way of her Jewish faith - down hill. She was a Nathan and married a Jones and was the last real owner of the Estate before the National Trust took it under wing.

I went to see it because I am taking a group of children there next week and also need to have something  beautiful to reflect on to take my mind off the slaughter again of helpless children and civilians who really are so vulnerable to the acts of terror that are down played and excused in the media time after time.
Many years ago children died needlessly because of disease. Nowadays they die needlessly because of acts of terror and atrocity committed by insane adults who have no concept of nurture of the young and education.
Reflect and pray for the little neshamas and that of the father of two of them removed so ruthlessly from this existance. Shocking. I ask Hashem why do you require this sacrifice of your people and see how sad they are but they complying with your will.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Do we have the experience and know how to deal with these sorts of individuals?

Australia is a country of immigrants and refugees. We have a history that has displayed both the good and bad of refugees and immigrants coming to this great country and building it up or down. We are compassionate and kind to many people and people have come from all sorts of situations to find their home here and to raise their families. However there are some who should never come here or indeed there are far worthier people with more noble aspirations in life. While I am a sympathetic person and tolerant of many differences, we should all live by the rule of thumb - respect for others and respect should be between women and men especially mothers of children.
This happened in Australia and it saddens me that a young vulnerable woman with two children was pack raped by a group of Sudanese 'refugees' (I prefer to call them criminals). We have brought a snake into our 'bosom' so to speak and do not have the tools to cut off the head as it rears and strikes at our most vulnerable citizens.
I was sitting at a Shabbes table Friday night and growing angrier by the minute to be told by a woman who is in charge of a care centre for women and children that these three monsters should be 'rehabilitated.'
Here is the article. Judge for yourself.

There is no hope of rehabilitation for these so called 'boys'. They have been hardened beyond salvation by their experiences and the culture they live in.  This culture has such contempt for women outside of their own, that any women who is not one of 'theirs' is free game. They can do what they like in their eyes. They can rape, kill and destroy any woman of any age so long as she does not belong to a certain religion. The law in Australia is easy according to the culture they were raised in. They will go to gaol for a short period of time and it will be a little like a holiday camp for them and out they come. Will they have learnt anything from the experience? I really doubt it.
Hope for rehabilitation depends on the values of the culture that surrounds the offender and the absolute understanding of that perpetrator that he or she has committed an offence or done something wrong. If they are laughing and mocking the court, then it hardly seems likely that there is a serious case for rehabilitation here. In fact, if the whole court system is being held to ridicule and it is a matter for a fit of giggles, then something is seriously wrong. Going to court for most of us is a serious matter and not one we take lightly or even treat as a joke.
In fact, given their attitude, the likelihood of these people re offending is quite high. They have no respect for the court system and in fact have shown contempt for our values and our society and social conventions. I would say that these people do not even take the death penalty seriously.
We take these people into our country and try to give them a peaceful and productive life away from the lawless brutal society they were raised in. They bring their lawlessness with them and start to behave as though they are in their country. (??) Somewhere we need to draw lines and examine the cases of these people and their psychological state and aptitude very seriously.
These three from my way of thinking have nothing of value to contribute to Australia. They should go back to Sudan and live the way the rest of their society lives and follow the lawlessness and lack of social rules that they are obviously used to there. We do not want it here. I actually think that there should be a rule to deny such people refugee status in Australia. They have proved beyond all shadow of a doubt that rehabilitation is beyond them and their limited capabilities. We should have some sort of system whereby a person who is an immigrant or refugee can have his or her citizen ship or status revoked if he or she commits a serious crime within ten years of arriving in this country. In fact they should have conditional citizenship and these people sign an agreement to follow Australian Laws and to respect the Australian way of life. It is not all alcohol and clubbing as some would like to believe. It means working hard, giving others a fair go and not doing to someone what you don't want them to do to you.
These boys have a very poor chance of 'rehabilitation'. I would place the likelihood of them re offending at 100% within five years of release, maybe even two years from release.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Sunday Sonnet to Beach Road at Elwood

Big bellied barristers belt down

Beach Road on creaking bikes, they frown,

Leering at lithe ladies’ lycra leggings

And buff bodies in lingerie - roasting,

As they ride their road bikes, rolling onward

Hankering for a rest, faced forward

They glance longingly at the sloth

Of slow shore strollers as they brave the wrath

Of motorists going places, who whiz past.

The burn starts as they pedal fast,

Down in the calf muscle and rises high

To the thigh, the exercise applies

Pressure by Mentone to the butt

Til Bon Beach; it reaches the gut

At Frankston where they stop to eat

And their fellow bikers to greet.

©Ilana Leeds

Saturday, March 3, 2012

What do we want of children when we give them no guidance?


From VCE examiners being shocked  (and rightly so) that the students are writing on films with R and X rated content in their Media exams to the rise in family and domestic violence, it is my personal opinion that there is a link between the two. We as a society have become so 'out there' in terms of permissiveness and attitudes to modesty and correct behaviour that we are being kind to the cruel and cruel to the kind.
I get shocked by some of the things that my son brings home from school in terms of language and ideas.  Now I am not an old fuddy duddy and have seen and heard many things in my life and experienced things that I would have preferred not to have seen and experienced. I went through an 'interesting' few years before I was able to balance out my ideas and form values that most people have formed through home.
As a child I was very close with my grandmother and father. My mother was strange in her attitude towards me always. She saw me as competition for everyone's affection and attention, thus as far as mothering went in my life it was a strange affair. I went to boarding school at eleven and a half and when I was dying to stay at home for a year after finishing my Senior Certificate in Queensland, my mother refused to have me at home. She told me, 'I do not want you in my house because we will only fight. You have two choices - join the public service or do a teaching degree.' No matter how much I begged and pleaded I was told these were my choices, so at seventeen and a half, I was released into the world and told to swim among the sharks and to make my own way. I did with disastrous results and lots of grief. I was grieving for the one person apart from my father who I was close to in the family and to be put out like that after six years in a sheltered boarding school life was a recipe for emotional and psychological disaster. I was led down to Melbourne by a so called school friend who wanted me to tag along as a sort of 'chaperon' with her older british boyfriend and his mate. When I refused the rather lewd and ugly advances of her boyfriend's repulsive friend (He actually said to me in the lounge room of 30 A Armadale Street Amadale where we had rented a two bedroom house and I was sleeping in the lounge room because Cheryl's boyfriend had come into the girls' bedroom to visit her and I made myself scarce and taken my blanket to sleep on the couch in the lounge room,'How about it, you fat little cow, let's have root?' I told him in no uncertain terms what I thought of that offer and fled into the kitchen and got a knife from from the kitchen drawer.  I slept with my hand on the knife under the pillow. Something must have been said between Cheryl and her boyfriend Alan and his vile mate Mike because not long after that it was decided that the girls would move into a one bedroom flat on Alma Road and the men would move into a flat just off Williams Road. Needless to say Cheryl did not spend much time at the flat we shared and then after one month she moved in with a female teller from the bank of Wales on Collins Street where we both worked. I came home one day and her belongings had already been moved out. I was earning around $34 clear a week and the rent was $20. I remember it was flat 8 at 137 Alma Road. My fares into work were around $8 a week so that did not leave much over for food. I had to find another person to share the flat with fast and my life took a very downward turn with the person I chose to share my flat with. I cannot even remember her name although I remember her face. I don't want to remember her because she was the most immoral and vicious person I could have ever hoped to have shared a flat with. At the same time I met this camp guy who invited me to a party. I was intrigued by this guy and being naive and lonely I accepted his invitation.  There I met another unsavoury person a man who was thirty six years old, twice my age which was eighteen at the time. Anyway to cut a long story short some things are better left unsaid and untold, I spent around six years trying to sort myself out of the emotional and psychological mess I had gotten myself into. It was not until I started to study again that things became more stable and I believed that I had a future again. Yes I kept my head just above water and had to sort out the good from the bad but I hope most people never have to go through what I had to go through. What is the point of this?
The point is that children need parents to guide them in many things in life. You cannot leave children to their own devices and definitely children should not be exposed to some images and should not have to experience some things. If we bring a child into the world, we are responsible for them and it is our duty to guide and protect them from themselves if we have to.
Children are exposed to images and experience things that they need not experience which marks them for better or for worse often for life. I believe that there is a direct co-relation between the violence in films and lack of morality in many films and what we are experiencing in the rise of family violence and violence on the streets of cities and town. Also the complete lack of morality in films and TV as well as novel which are often too graphic. Children and teenagers need movies and stories that are inspirational and above all moral.
We have teenage boys fascinated with pornography and the like which they can access through the Internet and their phones and then we wonder at the decay - decline in morals and lack of respect for women in society. It stands to reason that if you give your children no education in standards, they will be lost and wondering where to go next. That is why good parenting and moral behaviour from parents is essential to have a good and strong society. Parents must set a standard of behaviour to keep society good and functioning well. If parents are immoral and at sea, then do not expect too much from the children. Education is the key to success in many areas of life. Education and more education to make thoughtful and astute citizens of Australia and any nation for that matter.