Sunday, August 4, 2013

Coke Cola

Coke Cola is ZERO now.
Is that zero for nutrition? And HOW?
Perhaps it is
Zero for health and Zero for wealth too.
Because  ZERO coke is a dentist's delight
And your accountant will get a jolly fright
When he sees you have spent thousands of $
On crates of the jolly black stuff, sugar loaded
Additives galore and colouring what's more.
What's this he says, $10,000 on dentist's bills
for five teeth pulled. Whatever for?
They were rotten to the core.
You reply. You see, I had Zero the new cola
In my baby's bottle, before I could toddle.
My first teeth turned as black as my favourite tipple
and for a while I had a cute gap toothed grin
Before my second lot appeared, grimly
edged in black, like funeral notices,
I had them whitened and the dentist told me
You shouldn't drink soda and stay off coke cola
Especially ZERO or you'll be seeing me again
 Before the year is out, without a doubt.
It will not be joy, it will not be social, but pain
for your mouth and your bank account.
After years of Zero Cola consumption
It will be possible your head to mount
On wall as a warning to the nation
your wisdom teeth blackened or gone
Your molars mere stumps
Your eyes shining like lamps in the night
Filled with sugar crush delight
Your hair limp and falling out
Your flesh cured and leathery
puckers at the corners of your mouth
Where you sucked from the bottle.
Zero cola, Zero Nuitrition, Zero on everything
Your health sucked into a black whirlpool
of disease and toxic overload.
You are better to find a well
Drink water and water and water
to flush your kidneys
Stave off diabetes.
So Zero out on the Zero Cola forever now...

Saturday, August 3, 2013

To Accept or Reject - Healing

Too often in this world we are subject to judgement and subject others to judgement without realising that it can be very destructive. Destructive to the self esteem of a spouse, child or peer or a stranger, it can have a very negative effect on the way a person perceives him or herself. Kindness and compassion costs nothing and can save a life. An emotional life. 
Words can be healing. Words can be soothing. Words can be as sharp as the teeth of a sabre tooth tiger and dangerous. The bite of an unkind, insensitive remark can fester in the soul of a child, a partner, a sibling or peer for years. It can be a cancer that destroys the psychological equilibrium of others if used to belittle or to denigrate. Words are a powerful weapon and the mouth is more dangerous than a nuclear warhead if used in a negative way.
People all need praise and all people are worthy of praise. The Abishter created us all for a divine purpose which is to bring holiness into this world and to perform a tikkun in their own small way. 
We all know how hard it is to be perfect. Only G-D is perfect. Therefore we need to forgive the imperfections of others, accept that they like us are on a path to perfecting ourselves which is continuous. We spend our lives learning. We thank G-D for opportunities for growth. Sometimes it is hard to stay with the programme. We need to discipline ourselves continually. We get down and we feel at times, oh, what is the use AND G-D WHAT DO YOU WANT OF ME? You sometimes cry in the dead of night, like Tevye of Fiddler on the Roof and you say half musingly, 'It's a darn pity. You put all these obstacles in my way. Can't you choose to TEST SOMEONE ELSE? Or G-D PLEASE TEST SOMEONE ELSE TODAY!'
However G-D expects us to try and not give up. Continue to work on ourselves and not to judge others. If they behave in objectionable ways we accept them as fallible human beings and hope and pray they find their feet and continue their journey in the right way.
Remember a person can live a terrible life, indulge their animal soul and deny even that G-D exists but if in the last hour of his life he understands and does a complete teshuva, it is accepted. 
For some of us who spend their lives on a path of teshuva this is hard to accept. We may want that degenerate perverted person punished. Forever. However Hasem's boundless compassion is evident in all ways. If a person has TRUE remorse that shakes his soul to the core and he or she puts aside all errors of the past, they are purified and blessed.
We should see Moishiach in this generation and immediately. There is much work to be done both on a personal level and otherwise reaching out to bring the world back from the brink of destruction morally and in all ways.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

G is for gorgeous and other things


G starts many things
It is a beginning
It is an ending
G starts with G-D
G starts goat
G starts geese
G starts good
It ends sing and singing
Also song
So how could G ever be wrong
It can do a middle
Or second from the end
As in belongs
And altogether
Where it joins
Alto to the ether
Grrrr says a dog
When he wants to warn
Grammar is the building blocks
Of language which has two g's
Fancy that! Now we are back to
A gaggle of geese
Going goaty
And then it all boils down
To alpha and beta and gamma
And last but not least
G-D and the ultimate GOOD
Gee, gee gee....