Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rainbows are a reminder of G-D's peace and covenant with us

The latest events in NZ are interesting, but I for one will not change my stance and I am so glad that our politicians are remaining polite, firm and committed to family values and not following the same path to moral turpitude. I believe we here in Australia give gay couples all rights and benefits due to them. We respect them as human beings and do not allow discrimination and unfair harassment of them. However marriage is for a man and a woman to be joined in holy matrimony and to consider two men or two women to be equal to that is both mad and against G-D's laws and indeed nature.We can be gentle, compassionate and decent individuals without having to be swayed by emotive arguments like 'two people who love each other deserve to be married.' There are social taboos. Woody Allen married his adoptive daughter. Something I consider quite sick and a bit outrageous along with a few others. Some things are just not right.
Marriage is not about 'love' and that is why so many of them fail or do not last the distance. Marriage is about commitment, decency and moral standards, compassion and respect that occurs between two people. You cannot live on love alone and you should not.
Having sexual relations with someone of the same sex for whatever period of time is not love and neither is it grounds for marriage The same goes for two heterosexuals having sexual relations for a period of time. .It is simply an animal act between two people who are indulging themselves in physical pleasure for want of a better word. True love, marriage and commitment are on a level that few people understand.
People do not marry purely to have sex with each other. They marry to create a future. The potential for creating new life and a family. They marry to share their life with another person in a meaningful way and a decent way.
NZ MPs may sing. They may talk of gay rainboys, sorry rainbows arching across their electorates and 'allowing two people who love each other to be together' but it is all hogwash. Somewhere we need to draw lines in the sand and have boundaries on human behaviour. We need to keep ourselves decent and respect G-D and ourselves too much to go down the path that NZ and twelve other countries have gone. They will pay a price. It may not be evident now, but one day it will.
There may not be a physical manifestation of fire and brimstone, sorry, but there will be a spiritual one. All these emotive arguments about love between two people of the same sex bore me frankly. If they loved and respected their heterosexual families they would be in a relationship with a member of the opposite sex and forget about the ridiculousness of gay marriage and their gay lifestyles.
We all struggle with things in our lives and we all have our frustrations and our battles to fight. However a community needs standards of behaviour and we all need to maintain those standards for a good and healthy community. We cannot allow pedophilia, homosexuality and perversions to flourish unchallenged. We need to contain those sorts of behaviours within clearly defined boundaries and not put a rubber stamp on them by a act of parliament which is now making a travesty of the whole parliamentary process. I feel sorry for NZers. Why their parliament wastes time on a Same Sex Marriage definition act when there are far more serious issues at hand. Shame, shame  New Zealand, Shame.