Monday, April 30, 2012

A number of Notes and News

Yesterday was the twenty third day of the Omer. What is the Omer? It is when we count 49 days from the festival Pesach to the festival of Shavuot. Pesach is the festival of Freedom and Liberation from Eygpt the House of Bondage or Slavery and seven weeks later we celebrate the festival of Weeks Shavuot which is also known as the festival of first fruits of the harvest and people travelled to Jerusalem in the times of the Temple to bring the best and choicest of their harvest in both livestock and farm produce to the Cohenim or Priests to offer to G-D as a means of thanks for the bounty and goodness that the Master of the Universe bestows on us for sustaining us through to another year.
It is one of my favourite festivals but then I am fond nay, enraptured with all the Jewish festivals and holidays. Particularly fond of Shavuot though because of Ruth the Moabite who was the great grandmother of King David.

Sadly Prof. Benzion Natanyahu the father of Bibi the Israeli Prime Minister was nifter yesterday and passed into the next world. It was the day of Gevurah Netzach and roughly translated means Discipline in Endurance. By all accounts, he was quite an amazing gentleman.
Bibi and his brother Ido should receive the comfort of Hashem along with all mourners of Jerusalem and Zion.

Thirdly it is to say that I do hope that the Government of the State of Israel realises that it is time to annex Judea and Samaria NOW. I have been to Israel twice. Once in 1986 I spent a year there mainly on Kibbutzim. In 1994 I made Aliyah and spent a total of seven years there. I returned to Australia in 2000 and intended to be back in Israel within five years.
Sadly it has been twelve long years and I do know that I will get back one day with my son. I spent most of my second sourjourn there in Tel Aviv and taught in Haifa, Rahovot, Sderot (Now they are a great bunch of people - loved them dearly), Jerusalem (also loved my Jerusalem classes) and Tel Aviv.
I know where I eventually want to live in Israel and where I would like my son to live with his family. In the heart of Israel and thus I have a vested interest in Israel both as a Jew and a future home land for my family.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Youth and Age

Youth knows everything there is to know
About nothing
Their elders are things
that account for naught
Because our thought
is old fashioned and far too slow
to keep up with Internet news
with face book societies' views
Instead we meander around like Neanderthals
Plodding on about values and the long haul
in the scheme of life and hope youth does grow
More wise and tolerant of somethings
Before too long see that the instantaneous brings
Only a little joy before the fall
Into a pit of lies which maul
the unwary and take the dull witted to account.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In light of Events that happened in Itamar

Today I read an article about how IDF soldiers helped an Arab infant and probably saved its life. This is in direct contrast to the way the Arabs will see our children and families. Last year, two of their young men cut the throat of a three month old baby and the throats of her beautiful parents and stabbed her two older brothers.

I wonder what goes through the minds of the parents of these boys. Maybe it is misplaced pride at the 'daring and cunning' of two young men who broke into the home of a peaceful family on Shabbat and killed five defenseless people. I would be concerned about the ruthlessness and lack of compassion of someone who would do such a thing.

I know when I read about the deeds of young Israelis in the army, I feel proud of them and the way the majority conduct themselves. They are worthy human beings who have to deal with very difficult situations at a very youthful age. They are indeed a credit to their parents and families.
A child or young man or woman that could cut the throat of a three months old baby - I would not  want such a person in my house or anywhere near my family or friends. Such persons are beyond humam redeemption. It is up to G-D to deal justly with them.

Anyway today we celebrate the refounding of the state of Israel and while we wish her happy birthday 64  years old

and the answer is YES, my heart is open and the door is never locked and we will do our best to support Israel from where ever we are in the world. Hashem should bless the land and the nation of  Israel. Her people should prosper and her Torah scholars be renowned in the world. We should be able to fill the world with the grace of Israel as a Torah observant nation and one that owns her land and does not give it away.

Monday, April 23, 2012

David Ha'ivri speaks about the state of Israel and Judea and Samaria

David Ha'ivri - one of the few sane voices in Israel at this time.. What he says is so rational and commonsense. Oh, I forgot, commonsense is not the fashionable these days. We should be emotive and destructive to our own and not look at the facts and the rationale behind historical events.
Why is there a 'Palestinan Refugee Problem' when there are oil wealthy Arab states  building hotels with bathrooms that have gold taps and the ultimate in luxury and opulence being built in many of the gulf states?
Islam is a very self centred religion and a radically political movement that is driven by self interest and the ego of its mad prophet Mohammad.. If any religion fits an anti Messianic movement in the world, it is Islam.
The interviewer does not seem to understand what he is saying. I guess the concept of ultimate hatred and a master plan of Judrein  areas is concept that  even members of  the Israeli  government do not  fully understand yet.
I think it is unthinkable in the light of the events of the Shoah barely 65 years ago. Some of the Jewish leadership are deluded as to what the real agenda was, is and will be if allowed.

A tale of two people - Shimon Peres – a politician and Rabbi Wolpo - a sincere, passionate Jew who loves his fellow Jews and the land of Israel

Over the last few days I have listened to a lot of interesting things about Rabbi Wolpo. A lot of negative things have been said about Rabbi Wolpo, but sometimes when so much negative has been said about a man who is both learned and educated (there are many educated people, but not all of them are learned. A fool can be educated and can make a good politician), it leaves one wondering what exactly is the position of his detractors? Why has he generated so much attention and perhaps he is speaking basic truths that no one is willing to acknowledge because they have a vested interest in protecting a lie.

Interesting  and  I will not come out and say anything against HaRav Wolpo because from being at his talk  on Sunday night all I saw was a remarkably quiet, modest  man  who is sincere and passionate about his fellow Jews and  the land of Israel. I always get suspicious of people who rant and rave against another person or persons. Rabbi Wolpo did not look like a ranter and raver nor did he act like one.

Shimon Peres however is far more of an extremist than Rabbi Wolpo.   He would sacrifice land that is the home of good Jewish people in order to save his political skin. He does not care about the future of Aretz Israel and Rabbi Wolpo is passionate about the land of Israel. One looks to this life only and the other is aware of this world and the other.
Rabbi Wolpo has been termed 'charismatic', misguided and extremely intelligent. G-D creates channels for His Will to be done in this world. At times, we need to see with eyes that do not see  the trappings of this world and to hear with ears that do not listen to the seductiveness of lies, arrogance and manipulations of those who would use others  for their own gains.
Judge for yourself and wonder what is the agenda of those who want to denigrate this man?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Nurit Greenger - Speech on Yom Hashoah Re Migron


April 19,2012

Nurit Greenger

Not one more Gush Katif; the story of the Friends of Migron.

There was a time I did not understand the ambiguous policy of the Government of Israel.  I also did not know much about the Jewish pioneering in Gaza, Judea and Samaria. I am a Jewess living in the United States.

In 2004, as on every year, I attended the Independence Day of Israel Festival, a yearly event in Los Angeles.  There I met a bunch of orange shirt wearers who introduced me to Gush Katif who informed about the impending expulsion and destruction of this community. Of course I signed their petition and as I didso I thought the government of Israel cannot do such an evil act against their Jewish citizens. Jews simply do not expel other Jews from their homes and making them homeless overnight.  These Jewish pioneers will remain where they are and such an expulsion will not take place.

How wrong I was.

A year later, despite petitions, demonstrations, public outcries and the resulting political rhetoric, in August 2005, the Government of Israel sent the IDF – the army its duty is to protect the Jewish people of Israel - into Gush Katif and in a massive operation forcibly expelled the 8,600 residents of Gush Katif, destroyed their homes, their established businesses and the infrastructure of the community, which had existed for twenty five years.  How and why they did it remains an enigma tome and a stain on the Israeli psyche.  This unilateral disengagement plan that Ariel Sharon, the Prime Minister at that time, convinced his government to support was a total failure and it has set back and badly compromised Israel's security in the south of the country. Gush Katif became rubble.

ArielSharon promised a positive outcome would result from the disengagement.  Yet, thousands of rockets and mortars have been fired into Israel since the removal of Gush Katif, causing fear, chaos and injuries and even deaths. Millions of dollars have been spent to fight the terrorist enclaves in Gaza and to keep the citizens of Israel safe.

To me, the unilateral disengagement from Gaza was a total failure. More so, it forced me to use a repulsive new terminology, a “Jewish Pogrom," Jews vandalizing other Jews, Jews expelling other Jews from their rightful homes.

The anti-Semitic Spaniards, of the March 31, 1492expulsions edict were laughing in their graves. We are now exonerated theywould have said if they were alive; if Jews can do it to other Jews, surely itis acceptable that non-Jews, who hate Jews, can do the same.

In 1967,in a brilliant and rather miraculous military operation that is part of warfare studies in military schools, Israel gained territories she lost in her 1948 Warof Independence, i.e. Gaza Strip, gained from Egyptian control, Judea andSamaria gained from Jordanian control and some land on the Golan Heights,gained from Syrian control.  Israel became a country from the [Jordan] River to the[Mediterranean] Sea, just as God promised.

As theBible tells us, in a special Covenant between God and man, in this alliance Godhas given Abraham and his seed after him a divine promise that cannot bewaived. Genesis Chapter 15: On that that day God made a Covenant with Avram saying,to your seed, I give this land, from the river of Egypt, to the big river, theEuphrates River... "

GushKatif, meaning, Harvest Bloc, was a bloc of seventeen Israeli communities inthe Gaza Strip in southern Israel. Late Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabinemphasized the fact that Gush Katif was essential to Israel’s security border.Ariel Sharon did not care what Rabin said; he had his agenda he was going toforce on the nation through lies and deception.

Gush Katifwas not the only place Jews settled after the 1976Six Day War victory.

With thestamp of approval from the Israeli government, Jews began settling theirancient lands - Judea and Samaria as well. However instead of making this land a natural part of Israel's sovereignty,Israel chose to exclude it and maintained the territory under military controland law. In other words, no matter Judea and Samaria is an important territoryto Israel's security and Israel’s rightful land, it could fall victim toanother unilateral disengagement, just like Gush Katif.

Today, forty-five years after the Six Day War, there are approximately 350,000 Jews living in Judea and Samaria; in other words, should such expulsion take place, it means, approximately 35 times the size of Gush Katif expulsion could take place. Who can tolerate that? I cannot!

To addmore fuel to the fire, in 1993, in the Oslo Accords, the government of Israelcame up with a new, not at all smart idea: to give the Arabs land, in Judea andSamaria, to establish their own independent state Palestine. Israel alsoconceded to their newly acclaimed name "Palestinians” thus giving birth toa new Arab nation that never existed before. Though the Arabs consider all ofthe state of Israel to be "their" Palestine, Israel thought that byconceding to such Arab state idea, the Arabs will be put off their goal toconquer all of Israel's land, to expel, or kill, all Jews and bring to an endthe ‘Zionist enterprise’.

How wrong  was the government of Israel yet again. By signing the Oslo Accords, Israel conceded to a new onslaught of political, media, diplomatic and intellectual terror warfare the Arabs launched on her.

Learning the lessons from Gush Katif, seeing how the Israeli Supreme Court, the Defence Ministry and even the Prime Minister's office act when it comes to the Jews living in Judea and Samaria, one can only predict, with trepidation, that more government wickedness is being prepared for their constituent Jews.  Knowing that the Government of Israel cannot be trusted, after all they lied in their promises to the nation in order to convince the people that Gush Katif destruction will yield good, precautions must be taken.

Through its fickleness, the government of Israel has created a new, but dark history, of approving and then destroying communities in Judea and Samaria. To mention one is the notorious and violent expulsion of Jews from Amona, a community that was once part of Mateh Binyamin.

The Amonapogrom פוגרום עמונה:

פינוי עמונה- Amona Pogrom:

But harshreality made me understand that surprises may come and soon.

The expulsion from Gush Katif was a shock to the nation and Jews in the Diaspora. A repeat of such action is unacceptable.

With theclear view that the policy of the Israeli Defence Ministry is bias toward Jewsliving in Judea and Samaria, I see the much spoken about case of the communityof Migron, a time bomb ready to explode.

Migron, foundedin 1999 in Benyamin 14 kilometres north of Jerusalem, with full approval andsupport of the government of Israel, is a community of 50 families with over300 Jewish souls, and is now in danger of destruction.

Theanti-Israel, pro-Arab-"Palestinians “organization Peace Now searched andfound some Arabs who can come forward to claim that they owned the land, withabsolutely no proof.  Along theirstandard approach to harassing Israelis and the legal system of Israel, PeaceNow then went to the High Court of Israel and made the claim to the land onbehalf of the Arabs. The court then ordered the community of Migron to beevacuated on the 1st August 2012.

EarlyApril 2012 a friend from Australia, who was greatly involved in petitioning against the destruction and evacuation of Gush Kati asked me if I will be part of a global petition to save Migron.

Readingreliable legal opinion that Migron has the full legal right to remain where itis, I did what any good member of the Jewish family would do, I said yes, and gotinvolved in the petition campaign to save Migron.  The battle for Migron is important, as thefate of Migorn is the harbinger of the fate of the 350,000 Jews living in theShomron - Judea and Samaria Area.

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, when we, Jews, stand in silence for the duration of the siren, to remember the six million Jews who were brutally exterminated by the savage Nazis. The Holocaust began by destroying Jews' property, burning their shops, and isolating them in Ghettos before sending them to Concentrations Camps – the Nazi killing factories. This kind of inhumane behaviour has been shown in Gush Katif and Amona.

In 1967Israel did not conquer any land. It gained land that legally belongs to her, which the Arabs occupied since 1949 when the fledgling Israeli army could not defend it from the Arabs' onslaught. (The Jewish People's Rights To The Land OfIsrael -

It is timeto end the two state policy; there is no room for another Arab state in Judeaand Samaria;

It is timeto end any and all destructions of Jewish communities, even if it is stillconsidered to be an "outpost";

It is timeto annex the entire Judea and Samaria and admit, to ourselves first, that theland from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea is legally Jewish Land.

It is timeto open the economic gate and offer huge incentives to settle every possiblesquare kilometre of Judea and Samaria and to build and build and develop ourancient Jewish land.

It is timeto reverse the Supreme Court Order and allow Migron to remain and thrive on theprecise land where it was founded.

It is timefor the government of Israel to honour the Torah and to allow Jews to honourTorah as well.

It is timeto end any and all Jews against Jews acts; Jews do not demolish other Jews' homes.Jews do not uproot one Jewish tree; Jews do not destroy one Jewish home, evenif it is a caravan, in which Jews dwell. Jews do not destroy Jewish synagogues.The Government of Israel must immediately end the Pogroms it conducts, on aregular basis, in Judea and Samaria.

Please joinus, Friends of Migron International and the campaign to save Migron now.


The link for the petition in English:

The link for thepetition in Hebrewהעתירה בעברית-:

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Click here for printable petition. Please printsign up others and mail to: The Shomron Liaison Office PO Box 184, Reveva, DNLev HaShomron, 44839, Israel (

Clickhere to donate online to support our efforts:

Graphic footage from Army records of NAZI war crimes

For those who wish to deny the horror of the holocaust in Europe that killed millions of Eurpoean Jews, along with political prisoners, homosexuals, gypsies and croatians. The magnitude of the horrors inflicted upon these people is often beyond our comprehension because most normal people find it hard to believe that people can do such things to another living being. Most of us thankfully do not have the stomach for such things and abhor such acts.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What is the lesson of the Shoah?

Today is Yom Hashoah. It is a day of sadness for remembering the many lives cut off so brutally by Hitler and the Nazis (May Their Names and Heritages Be Erased From G-D ‘s Earth) But we should also make it a day to rejoice that there are those who survived and bear witness to the atrocities that were visited upon them and their families. That these people live and went on to create and contribute to society and the world at large despite the horrors of the Shoah is indeed a miracle – a nes directly from the Hand of Hashem. Just imagine if there had been no one to survive. Just imagine if the killing machine had done its work so completely and so efficiently that all trace of Hashem and Hashem’s people had been wiped out. Unbelievable? Yes, but the Nazis being the arrogant narcissistic megalomaniacs that they were, wanted the world to know what they had done. They kept records. They were going to create a museum about the Jewish people – the race that they were in the process of destroying. So they knew what they were destroying was in essence, worthy of acknowledgement and indeed they recorded the moments and the people.

They were trying to destroy the essential humanity in us all. That which makes us G-dly beings worthy of being. The spirituality of our essence was under threat like never before. G-D is about creation and love, peace and harmony on the level of understanding that is beyond the power of most of us to conceptualise. The core of creation is understanding that you are at one with G-D, then the Universe and more, you can empathise and identify with the pains, joys and emotional and psychological state of others and do not do to them that which you would not want done to you.

There are flawed human beings with all sorts of different psychological states at play in their interactions with others. This makes life hard. Who was Hitler? A very damaged human being who needed affirmation in a rather ugly and twisted way and used his charisma and gift of the gab to corrupt the thinking of a nation. But the soil had already been turned many times before so when he scattered the seeds of hatred, anger and contempt for Jews and the Jewish nation, hundreds of years, perhaps a thousand years or more of cultivation of these seeds fell into furrows that were ready to nurture it to an awful fruition that nearly destroyed a whole civilization. Yet, for the very talents and power of positive energy – G-D given that made them so hated and so reviled by many, stuck in the drabness of lives devoid of spirituality, this connection to a real G-D and spirituality allowed survival and helped the survivors to know that they had survived for a reason.

You see, we are not slaves to dogma. Our G-D has empowered us to know that He is G-D and we shall have no other. So we should also celebrate today and bless and thank G-D that we have survivors to tell us, to bear witness and we try to make the world a better and more humane place despite the best efforts of those caught in a morass of negativity to drag us all down into their pits of prejudice, anger, jealousy and hatred and to enslave us.

Let me give a little parable. There was once a small boy at a school. He was very different to some of the other kids and he got bullied quite a bit. One of the teachers, tried to tell everyone that he was a stupid boy and she even went so far as to tell the mother of the boy that he was completely clueless.  Partly because his father belonged to a race of people that she holds certain prejudices against, her opinion of the boy was coloured. Sometimes people cannot help their prejudices and are good people despite it. However to reach that level of understanding they have to acknowledge their limitations, their prejudices and rise beyond it and try to deal with it. Denial is an ugly process. People who deny the Shoah happened are continuing the work of the Nazis and their ilk. When you deny that someone was bullied or your own prejudices you are not dealing with it or trying to eradicate negative traits. You begin to foster and nurture negativity and you stunt your own personal growth. I was asked not to bring my son to a shule for possibly the same reasons. Simply prejudice and an attempt to deny that there is something wrong with the way a person reacts to another.

We often mirror and reflect how people feel about us and we do this from early childhood. Unless however we understand that at the core of our essence is a moral order and substance and that we need to mould along the lines of truth and honesty and to work in harmony with others.  We need to accept that the other person is an individual who has been created for a purpose. Once that acceptance takes place then we can understand how to love another person without trying to make them what we want.

So while we mourn, we should also celebrate that there are survivors and that we can treasure these people and when we bear witness in turn to their pain we understand how we must make the world a better place and to ensure that such events do not occur again.

As a child, I read volume upon volume of stories from a Life and Time series because my family are very avid readers. My Uncle who remained single until he was 46 marrying a woman much younger than himself, she was 27, has an extensive library. Out in the country of an evening, there is not much to do apart from read. There are those who drink themselves into a stupor but that was never what we did apart from a small glass of sherry or a malt whiskey on the rocks or with soda, we read and read and read.  Uncle had perhaps something like a few thousands of books both in his small bedroom off the verandah at Warana and in book cases around the dining and sitting room as well as the cook’s room down by the kitchen. My Uncles and my father’s reading centred around politics, history and sciences. Yes there was some literature but most of it was non fiction. The Shoah has some frightening stuff in it. I remember at about seven or eight reading about Josef Mengle the man who experimented on over 1500 pairs of identical twins of whom only 100 pairs could be found after the war. What was striking about Mengle was the anomaly of his personality. To those who had to assist him like Eptstein a Jewish paediatrician, he was quite mad with the power he wielded over the inmates. Often he was kind to the children he would later without a second thought kill and often painfully and with no remorse or concept of humanity. He amputated and removed body parts as though they were not part of a living creature and definitely not a fellow human being.  He was a monster maddened by the ultimate (so he thought) power of life or death over others.  Later he was to send a statement via a friend “In 1960 Hans Sedlmeier returned from Asuncion, Paraguay with a statement from Mengele that said, "I personally have not killed, injured or caused bodily harm to anyone." Mengele repeatedly insisted that he had not committed any crime, and that instead he had become a victim of a great injustice.”

The greatest injustice would be to allow such an inhumane creature to deny what he did to try and erase it from the annuls of history and allow him to go free without retribution. A man who once killed fourteen sets of twins in a day and dissected their bodies and also dissected the bodies of the still living. A man who drew a line on the wall of the children’s barracks at 150 cm and any child whose head did not reach it was sent to the gas chambers.

My mother is a non identical twin.   I often wondered about such a man and the lack of humanity and how a person who is seemingly intelligent could do what this man or indeed any Nazi did.

A Portrait of madness - creatures of the void.   They do not even look normal.

The results of their vicious and cruel work.  The monster sewed these two children together. The veins in their hands became gangrenous and they died in agony. Poor little angels.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Answering Gunther Grass

Gunther better you are silent

Gunther stay silent, let your works collect dust

If you seek to speak lies and betray the trust

About what is obvious truth

The question remains, what has your nation really survived?

Apart a megalomaniac’s vision for a new world

Which left an unfinished thesis of human destruction

In volumes on human suffering for not one, but many nations.

Does not one have the right, when a sword hovers over one’s head

To at least kick the holder right in the balls

(perhaps, groin is more ladylike) for maximum effectiveness

Given that no one wants to come to your aid

Despite your smaller size, therefore you must play dirty

If the other side will not umpire a fair game.

And it is to the world’s shame because we all want the same

A righteous peace and no more innocent blood to stain

The soil of both foreign and birth lands.

You can speak the name Israel if you speak truly

But when you seek to speak lies

The G-D of truth blocks your eyes, stops your mouth,

Because you have stopped your ears to the cries

Of the oppressed peoples in countries ruled by the cruel

Who would twist, destroy and treat as fools

Those who write what they are told

As the ‘loudmouth’ states in bold type

What others like yourself, think

In silent lines unwritten, the thread of deceit is there

For those who care to see, carefully oh, so carefully concealed.

Yes, you do forbid yourself, because you know

That lies are too easy to see through

And do you know for certain what is proven and what is not?

You are only bound by what you want and not in truth

Go, go, go and in peace

Your last ink tells only half the tale.

Does Israel threaten destruction of any country?

Do its leaders rant and pound the lectern

Calling for an Arab Winter to descend,

Do they call for the death of all Islamic Peoples?

Or all Christians, despite what has been visited on their nation

Over several millennia

By many who would call themselves

Good Muslims or good Christians?

And it must also be said

That today it is over half a century too late to say

That the blood of six million and more cries out,

A loud echo through history books unless revised by those

Who seek to expunge the magnitude of their nation’s crimes.

Those rewriters of history who seek to take away the right of self defense

The only crime of the defenseless is to fight back

And you fail to see your own hypocrisies

You present only a part of the greater picture

As did Chamberlain so long ago and others who appeased the war machine

Disarmed those who would defend their countries.

You seek fame and notoriety

With your last ink, you stink

Muttering senile musings on that which you know naught

A dabbler in history, you urinate noisily on a tree

Failing to see the forest and landscape that surrounds you.

Perhaps your silence at this stage would be wise

Before we expose all your lies.

Matza from an ant perspective

Testing the the brittle surface with my foot, I hesitate. Seconds. Move tentatively. A barren landscape of despair. Grey and dry as a piece of  tanned parchment ready for the quill, the plain rolls on over the horizon, further than the eye can see.  I have travelled far and look for respite and moisture that is lacking in this arid place. Surely there is an oasis somewhere close by.
I creep slowly over the hillocks that rise and fall forever undulating in to the distance. Mirages dance across the line of vision and I hope but do not hope. A slow rumbling begins and I realise it could be a desert storm brewing. It is important to hurry now.  I reflect on the state of the world and its shape. Obviously flat and round. There is no other explanation.

   The table has been set. The guests arrive, one by one. I take their coats. I have four sons. Two are away with their families overseas. One in Thailand with his Israeli wife. They at least will be at a pesach seder. Although I do worry about terrorists and terror. They understand the importance of memory. But my other son, he is married to a non Jewish girl. Catholic. Lapsed. Very. Perhaps even a prolapse with little hope of repair, even with drastic surgery. They have gone to Greece for a holiday with my two grandchildren. Their non Jewish children who do not even know there is such a thing as a seder or even Pesach. My son thinks I am hung up.
   'It is just family tradition Mum. We have out grown it. Roslyn and I don't want the kids to be hung up over this Jew thing. They are free.' Ironically they are not. They are bound by their parents' limits. They are followers of fashion and high tech. They do not believe in God. God is Savta's fairystories. My eldest boy will read the Haggada. Ari always got top marks in Hebrew Heder on Sundays. He was a natural. The haggada he can read as if he were calling the Melbourne Cup Race and at the same speed as the horses run. He can reach shulchan Aruch in less than half an hour if he is allowed and there are no interruptions.
Me, I prefer to savour the haggada and peer into the crevasses of history and spirituality. But I am eighty seven now and what do they care that I want. Kadesh, throw down the first cup with a raced blessing and yes we are up and running to six furlong post as we wash our hands and back to the table to eat piece of potato dipped in salt water, tears, break the middle matza and off we go to Magid to tell the story of the going out of Eygpt, then we invite the impoverished to eat, ignoring our own poverty we bless and ask four questions and remind ourselves of our slavery, long ago for seconds, then quickly through to the four sons who we barely glance at as we travel ever faster down the straight as tantalising smells waft in from the kitchen and we would hate the kids to kvetch too much so we go faster than before doing a brief impossible circuit of history and our past as idol worshippers, down to Eygpt we go, top speed, rocket lauched and Jacob's peyot are plastered back by the updraft, quickly we reproduced and became beautiful and in great numbers too, long hair and the bit about the naked and bare, that brought a drawing in of breath and then we lived through our blood, we cried because we were afflicted, but G-D noticed and said these bloody Egyptians better watch out because "I will smite them down and bring out the Hebrews with a mighty awesome and outstretched arm and a hand too', and the plagues went down really quickly, drop, dam, drop,tzafadaya, drop, kinim, drop, mumble, drop, drop, mumble, drop, drop, drop, mumble, drop dead first born, and we were up and running at top speed again, Rabbi Yose, Rabbi Eliezer, Rabbi Akiva were like signposts whizzed past, till we got to deyanu and that was worth a bit of time and sung with gusto as the reader caught his breath a little and then up and running again, down the home stretch, Pesach, Matza, Maror and halleluyah the food part is nearly there, Betzet Israel and another cup of wine, why are you leaning to the left, is your right side sore, no, just minhag ok, now we wash and bless and eat matza and again with maror and now with a sandwich because Hillel did it too eating matza and bitter herbs together, ok let's eat an egg and bring on the soup. I am tired and the young are too quick now. I wish the seder had a slower pace, maybe a trot or a canter but not such a gallop.  I am too old for the races. I see something on the matza plate.

Carefully I test the stablity of the ground before more and it heaves suddenly and opens up before me. The world has come to an end. I am hurtling through space at phenomenal speed. I see a clear tank of red liquid before me. My goodness NO. I am going to drown in a red sea. It ripples before me and I splash in. I am drowning.'Help. HELP.'  I scream but some mongrel is rattling on from a book placed before him and others with the same are too intent on it to pay me any mind.  Frantically I struggle to swim across to the sides of the tank which are slippery. This is a death trap. I call on G-D. He answers.
To be continued.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Words fail me.....they are turning brother against brother

When I watch this video clip I cry out to G-D and ask why? I ask that Hashem awakens the hearts and minds of the Jews who have allowed themselves to be set against their brothers in such a way. I cry to the Master of the Universe that these men and women wake up to what they have done and are doing to their sisters, brothers and children.
I hope they put down their weapons and sit with the people of Migron. Nazis followed orders too. "They are just following orders!" HA???!! Have they completely lost their minds, hearts and souls? What is happening in Israel to Jewish people to allow them to behave like this?You see Arab workers laughing as they destroy the holy work of these people. Anyone Jew or Arab or Christian who dares uproot one community in Judea and Sumeria let them be cursed. Let them eat dust and ashes for the rest of their lives and their families.
The people of Migron will rebuild and they will be successful with Hashem's help. They are real Jews who are not led astray by the promises of fakery and politicans who have have not an ounce of true belief with few exceptions among them.
The temple was built on land that was a symbol of the love of two brothers. That is the Jewish way. This has come about because some of the Israelis unfortunately are brought up like uneducated Arabs without real knowledge in derek aretz and their faith. They are ignorant of many things, unfortunately.
We must build and go on with a positive faith in the Master who will avenge this destruction in ways known only to G-D.
When the time comes there will be no soldier who will dare 'just follow orders'.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Migron Petition Please Sign and if you read my blog pass on the Petition to your friends after you have signed it.

There is a petition to save Migron and it has been translated into Hebrew, Spanish and Italian so far. They are working on Russian, German, French, Chinese, Japanese and other languages.
Please help us stop the delegitmisation of Israel through false claims on Israeli land and communities.

Please sign and pass on to all people in your circle of friends and others. Here is some background information if you do not know about this and what is happening in Israel.,7340,L-4187971,00.html

Please sign and distribute as widely as possible. We have a deadline of 1st of July 2012 and we hope this petition is presented to PM Netanyahu well before the deadline of 1st of August 2012. We need a nes (miracle) more than ever. With G-D's help all things are possible.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Why Migron and the state of Israel?

There is a small village of people, 300 in number living on a hilltop fourteen kilometers north of Jerusalem. It was founded in 1999 and has been dismantled once according the the information that I have and rebuilt in 2001. It is built on land that some Arab Palestinians claim is theirs but as yet they have been unable to substantiate their ownership of this land with valid documents. Their claim is tenuous to say the least.
It is quite a business to buy land from Palestinians who own it in the Judea and Sumeria area of Israel. Those Arab Palestinians who do dare to sell their land to anyone Jewish Israeli risk their lives both in the land of Israel and outside it.
A little known fact about our Muslim friends is that once land has been owned by a member of the Islamic faith, it is supposed to remain Islamic property. This has enormous repercussions for those of us who are not Muslim world wide. Few realise what this means for the countries where a growing population of Muslims are in residence and also wanting to establish Sharia law. Theirs is not a religion of tolerance but of evangelistic advance and they do not want to establish boundaries of tolerance under any jurisdiction but that of their own making. That concerns me personally.
I do not care whether you are Muslim, Hindu, Christian or Buddhist. So long as you practise your faith and allow me to practise mine and hurt no one, I do not have a problem. However we do have a problem with the growing encroachment of Muslim land ownership and their refusal to acknowledge or allow ownership of land that was once Muslim owned.
In the case of Migron, they have been given until Ausgust 1st to evacuate the site their community presently is established on, despite the Arab-Palestinians who claim to own this land not providing clear valid documentation that proves their ownership beyond shadow of a doubt. This is wrong and the fact that they have been supported in their claim by the bogus Peace Now movement is ludicrous. Why do I say bogus Peace Now movement because the very name Peace Now is totally hypocritical and misconstrued. Peace Now always seems to be at the centre of conflicts between citizens of Israel and Arab Palestinians and in many cases are the instigators of conflicts. Peace Now seems to be run by self hating, apologetic Jews who want to lead the rest of us on a suicide mission of self abasement.
What do Israel's critics hope to gain by the dismantling of Migron, a seemingly small and insignificant community and township in the Shomron region? They hope to set a precedent for dismantling other towns and communities in the Shomron and this is why we must fight the pressure from outside to dismantle this township and to establish its validity as viable and legitimate Israeli community.

Now just one last point I want to make. Reading a socialist critic of Israel in the Middle East conflict I was given the fact that 1.8 million Azans are dependent on international aid for food and services and they criticise Israel for monitoring this. The interesting thing is that it is Israel that is criticised as having created this state of affairs, not the Arab Palestinian leadership or the mentality of the people themselves. I want to state that I was in Israel in 1986 and from 1994 to 2000. I worked the whole time. Sometimes times were very hard, but I worked to support myself and I did ok and even had some live off my earnings because my earnings and hard work paid their rent unbeknown to me until it was too involved to do anything about it. 
Why do the Palestinians feel that we all owe them a living? Why should they not strive to be better educated and hard working? why should they wallow in the bowels of Aza and blame their plight and poverty on the Israelis?  Are there not plenty of their brother Arab states that can take some of these people in to earn a decent living and to be gainfully employed in supporting their families and educating their children? That would also require them to educate their children with regard to peace and co-operation with Israel and the rest of the world, instead of feeding them on a fare of toxic hatred and anger.
Enough said for today.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Middle Eastern Madness and lack of manners

The visiting UN chief Ban Ki-moon has had slippers (sign of contempt in Arab culture)  thrown at his car as he drove through parts of Israel and the so-called Palestinian state area. The slippers were thrown by the relatives of people currently in Israeli Jails. Now we must not forget that these people are usually in jail for good reasons and not because of any civic minded actions on their part for either Arab / Palestinian society or  Israeli society definitely.,7340,L-4184408,00.html

The job of the UN is to be fair and to work at peaceful negotiations between countries. The irony is that Israel has to deal with a culture in its 'peace partner' that is often not even peaceful in its intent in the first place and one that has no intention of ever allowing a Jewish state to reside in peace along side a Palestinian state, if one eventuates on Jewish lands.

Israel is a Jewish state that is continually allowing itself to be sabotaged by a fifth column of confused anti Zionist, anti just about everything that makes sense groups who want to go overboard in proving just how noble (and suicidal bent) we can be, in the face of naked aggression and lies of a group who have not an ounce of respect for even their own hapless citizens in their own countries like Syria, Egypt and Iran or Lebanon, let alone Israelis and Arabs living in Israel. Many of the left wing go all out to prove just how spiritually 'aware' they are, despite having disassociated themselves from any religiosity that is remotely connected to Judaism and their behaviour can only be likened to someone going into a buddha like pose before an angry Rhino about to charge. In fact, they are always trying to analyse what they or another Jew might have done wrong to upset the Rhino. Instead of just getting a tranquilliser gun and darting the rhino and winching it onto a truck and shifting it to a more appropriate location, where it cannot hurt people or itself, they want to have a conversation with it and talk peace with it. You may try to change the rhino's whole psychology by a soft and gentle approach, but in the end, it will fail because you would have to bring the rhino up from a baby to adulthood and it still might be an unpredictable neighbour. You may have to do it for several generations to try and domesticate this animal and you may still have problems. I have never milked a female rhino. I imagine it would be a most unco-operative beast. Apart from the need not being there, the milk is not kosher anyway, so I can see no need for such an action to take place. However, making peace with the Palestinian leaders could be likened to asking a female rhino to stand tamely for while during the milking process.
Unless one has some special power over animals, it is not likely to happen.

What is my point? It is about  civilised behaviour and the process by which one arrives at such a state in their intellectual and emotional development.  It is brought about through education and it is often a blend of nurture, nature and education combined.
To reach a state of civilisation, one needs respect for oneself and others. Simple. One does not throw shoes at the UN General Secretary. Why NOT? Well, because one assumes (interesting that we can and should make this assumption) that if one is intelligent enough and educated enough and knowledgeable enough to have reached such a post, he would be more open to discussion and negotiation than having slippers thrown at him. This should not do their cause any favours. However one reckons without the left wing media at work.
I can imagine such headlines as 'Poor Palestinians made shoeless or slipperless by UN General Secretary's visit.' There is a lot of interpretations that could be put on that.
I wish they could keep their slippers and shoes on and sit down and talk sensibly. Otherwise they should be treated like enraged rhinos who are a danger to themselves and others.