Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Pesach Breakfast

A Pesach Breakfast recipe

It is so difficult to broaden menu choices when we are restricted over the Pesach holiday. But you can do it and this is a tasty easy-to-prepare breakfast for the family. You can add cheeses if you like or leave it parve. We peel all our vegetables and fruit over Pesach because of the prohibition against using Chometz and the fact that much farm produce is sprayed with all manner of insecticides and other.


One brown onion (finely diced)

Two large zucchinis (peeled and diced finely)

Two large firm tomatoes(peeled and fine diced)

A dob of oil or margarine (kosher Le Pesach)

A sprig of continential flat leaf parsley (washed and inspected).





Heat the oil or margarine and add the oil and fry until it starts to caramelise

Add the zucchinis and cook a few minutes before adding the tomatoes and washed parsley. Cover and simmer on a low heat for about six to eight minutes or until soft and tender. Stir frequently.

Add the spices and salt and cover for another minute after adding and stirring well.

This is a great accompaniment for an omelette or sweet potato cakes or a hash brown of grated and fried mashed sweet potato. You can use fresh cream cheese / sour cream as a dressing if you want to have a milk meal.

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