Saturday, July 30, 2011

Super Schools, NOT super jails

Just reading a few notes and articles in the Sunday Age this morning. The Education Department has to find ways to strip itself of around $481 million. A few weeks back, I read an article about a super jail being built in this state Victoria. This proposed super jail is going to cost over a billion dollars.
What is going on in society and have we gone backwards instead of forwards? It is horrifying to think that they would even contemplate building such an institution and then deliberately strip funds from the Education Department. I guess they have to find the funds somewhere and also they need people to put into that big 'Super Jail'. I guess keeping people frustrated and uneducated is one sure way of doing it. Don't let the suckers and the impoverished work their way out of poverty through education. Keep the buggers down and they will revert to crime and then we just put them in jail.
What a sorry country we have become. This is under a Labor government too. It was a Brumby government initiative. I thought Labor was meant to be concerned about the welfare of the little guy. Does not appear so. I hope Ted Bailleau realises in time that this is not the way to go. To build a progressive society, you need to give people hope and a good education is one way to do it. More teachers, better education facilities and more education initiatives and you will see the way things will turn around in a few years. Takes a bit more planning and vision than just wacking people in jail when they step out of line, doesn't it? But it builds a better and more pleasant society.

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