Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rainbows are a reminder of G-D's peace and covenant with us

The latest events in NZ are interesting, but I for one will not change my stance and I am so glad that our politicians are remaining polite, firm and committed to family values and not following the same path to moral turpitude. I believe we here in Australia give gay couples all rights and benefits due to them. We respect them as human beings and do not allow discrimination and unfair harassment of them. However marriage is for a man and a woman to be joined in holy matrimony and to consider two men or two women to be equal to that is both mad and against G-D's laws and indeed nature.We can be gentle, compassionate and decent individuals without having to be swayed by emotive arguments like 'two people who love each other deserve to be married.' There are social taboos. Woody Allen married his adoptive daughter. Something I consider quite sick and a bit outrageous along with a few others. Some things are just not right.
Marriage is not about 'love' and that is why so many of them fail or do not last the distance. Marriage is about commitment, decency and moral standards, compassion and respect that occurs between two people. You cannot live on love alone and you should not.
Having sexual relations with someone of the same sex for whatever period of time is not love and neither is it grounds for marriage The same goes for two heterosexuals having sexual relations for a period of time. .It is simply an animal act between two people who are indulging themselves in physical pleasure for want of a better word. True love, marriage and commitment are on a level that few people understand.
People do not marry purely to have sex with each other. They marry to create a future. The potential for creating new life and a family. They marry to share their life with another person in a meaningful way and a decent way.
NZ MPs may sing. They may talk of gay rainboys, sorry rainbows arching across their electorates and 'allowing two people who love each other to be together' but it is all hogwash. Somewhere we need to draw lines in the sand and have boundaries on human behaviour. We need to keep ourselves decent and respect G-D and ourselves too much to go down the path that NZ and twelve other countries have gone. They will pay a price. It may not be evident now, but one day it will.
There may not be a physical manifestation of fire and brimstone, sorry, but there will be a spiritual one. All these emotive arguments about love between two people of the same sex bore me frankly. If they loved and respected their heterosexual families they would be in a relationship with a member of the opposite sex and forget about the ridiculousness of gay marriage and their gay lifestyles.
We all struggle with things in our lives and we all have our frustrations and our battles to fight. However a community needs standards of behaviour and we all need to maintain those standards for a good and healthy community. We cannot allow pedophilia, homosexuality and perversions to flourish unchallenged. We need to contain those sorts of behaviours within clearly defined boundaries and not put a rubber stamp on them by a act of parliament which is now making a travesty of the whole parliamentary process. I feel sorry for NZers. Why their parliament wastes time on a Same Sex Marriage definition act when there are far more serious issues at hand. Shame, shame  New Zealand, Shame. 


Anonymous said...

Please stop calling Christian religiously consecrated relationships marriage, marriage is a Roman word referring to a Roman secular pre-christian ritual. Gay marriage existed legally in Rome and one famous example is the marriage to another man of Emperor Elagabalus. The word and several ritual components were unjustly stolen by christians after the forced conversion of romans by a later christian Emperor and later they redefined marriage by making it christian and banning gay marriage. So if christian religiously consecrated relationships are a special distinct thing they should not be called marriage which is a word that actually is associated with gays as well as straights and which history shows Gays are entitled to.

While we are at it please stop calling the festival of the resurrection of christ Easter, Easter is the name of a pagan fertility goddess whose symbols are the egg and the rabbit and the moon. Hot cross buns are also pagan, the cross being the crossed horns of a bull before christians started pretending it was representing the cross on which Jesus was crucified. Also please move christmas back to its original time and stop using the date and symbols of the pagan Yule festival, please stop the falsehood of St Valentines day and let it go back to the original pagan roman festival and the same goes for all the other pagan religious traditions and holidays stolen by unpious and disrespectful christians who didn't have enough faith in their own beliefs to invent their own traditions and instead stole those of others despite the clear commandment against stealing. Also please tear down all the churches built on top of other religions sacred sites.

Maybe if christianity ever rises to the moral teachings of its founder its adherants and their beliefs might become worthy of respect, but were they really doing unto others what they would have them do unto them when they re-defined roman marriage to exclude gay and transgender and intersex people? If so those victims would be within their rights to ban christian heterosexual marriage and christian heterosexuals would have no right to complain, but they aren't going as far as they have a right to, only asking for their word and their ritual to apply to them again as it used to. And until they do then Pagans and Gays are less wicked than christendom and amusingly they are holding more true to Jesus's commandment of Do Unto Others than Christendom is!

Thankfully i do occasionally meet a real christian who rises to the moral codes Jesus set forth, who apologises for the thievery and destruction and wrongdoing of their fellow christians and who treats gays and pagans the way they want gays and pagans to treat straights and christians. Alas though real christians are rare.

As for the rainbow? Thats Bilfrost the bridge between Midgard and Asgard which the gods use to travel back and forth and that the Valkyries use to take the souls of warriors who died in battle to Valhalla to feast and make merry while awaiting Ragnarok. And i ask you to respect the truth of Odinists as much as you would expect them to respect your christian beliefs.

Please try and become a true christian and follow Jesus's message to you in Mathew 7:12 to treat gays lesbians bisexual transgender and intersex people and people of other religions as you would have them treat you. Treat their relationships with the respect you would have them treat yours. Respect their traditions as you would have them respect yours. Respect their beliefs as you would have them respect yours.

Otherwise you betray Jesus's teachings and become a christian in name only. And it then becomes right for gays and pagans etc to do to you what wicked false-christians have done to them (luckily they are usually far nicer than false-christians though and wouldn't do the eye-for-an-eye stuff they'd be entitled to).

Anonymous said...

Sorry i mistook you for a christian, all the Jews i know don't act so much the same as so many christians i have known do so i was surprised to learn you were Jewish. But perhaps it is that i know too few Jews and so let myself fall prey to generalisation.

I unreservedly apologise for my incorrect assumption and further for any insult you may have felt as a result of it.

Returning to the discussion at hand, did not JC get his notion of the golden rule from the Jewish teaching to 'wrong not a stranger for the Jews had been strangers in the land of Egypt'? Surely you aren't about to say that the principle of Reciprocal Ethics was unknown to the Jews until Jesus and the Christians?

Isn't Cyrus the Great respected by Jews for his great wisdom and virtue? And what was the wisdom and virtue of Cyrus the Great? Wasn't it his respect for all peoples and all religions which lead to the freeing of the Jews from Babylon and the rebuilding of the Temple?

And as a Jew commenting on the actions of a predominantly Christian/secular country isn't your lack of respect to other faiths yet expectation that yours should be respected a moral failing of hypocrisy?

You ask me to get a history teacher but yet i was correct about the Roman Emperor who married another man so what area of history is it that you think i should check in more depth? I'm always willing to learn more.

And as for real moral values on what measure do we test my morals against yours? I'm happy to have mine measured against arguments in a variety of the classical schools of Ethics or just basic arguments of motive and consequence.

If you wish to claim to be more moral than I (and i acknowledge that i am far from reaching perfection yet) then by all means let us weigh and measure our moralities and see whose is the one found wanting.

And i will debate you with respect and consideration and politeness. Lets perhaps let that be the first test of our morality?