Monday, May 20, 2013

Little Bull Calf

Little  Bull Calf
With each shivering breath
You steam
The dank morning.
Your baby hooves
still soft from your birth
The day before
Are clumped with manure
From the sale yard floors,
Where you are sold
With the others.
Your umbilical cord
Hangs moist.
caked with filth
From shit covered floors.
Your eyes glazed in shock
Fear moves
Your mouth to nuzzle nothingness.
Your tongue curls
Instinctively to grasp a teat.
Little bull calf
Barely touched
By a mother whose warmth
They cannot erase.
When they wrenched you away,
You bellowed your surprise,
Now yearning etched in those eyes
Crying silently,
You stand muted
Among others
Whose only crime is to be
Born male
 When there is greater worth
In having an udder
And womb.
The latter’s produce
Discarded so easily
When the product of the former
Is siphoned off twice daily.
Some males kept to milk
Their seed, impregnating
Mothers who will never
Mother or be mothered

Your last sight of your mother
on her knees, bellowing
her nose buried in the wet placenta
where you spent ten months
Your grieving and hers
Through the cosmos,
You have been robbed.

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