Monday, September 15, 2008

The Collectors!

I am nearly finished the first year of my CAE course in PWE. It has been interesting so far and I hope that I have developed a higher level of writing competence.
I am working on my second script called 'The Collectors' about this suburban Melbourne house where they have a skull in a flower pot near the front door. It is an open house and lots of strange people come and go. They collect lots of rubbish during periods of let's say, self medication. Some interesting language and the like.
My second script was dead. Two Roads would have to be a feature film to do it justice. It is not a short film. The trouble with the course is that we are required to write two short film scripts of 15 minutes each. I can not write short. I am a long winded, philosophical person an find the short film and short story format so restrictive. That is why I am disciplining myself to do it. It improves your expertise.

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