Thursday, December 4, 2008

The third POST & bye to Bigblog....

Well I have finally posted here again. I will have to become a more frequent poster and personalise my blog but also save it onto a CD. I lost 800 posts when I cancelled my bigblog blog.

I blogged for over a year on Bigblog and finally decided it was not worth it to post and put up with a lot of stuff and pay exhorbitant prices for very little.

The second pic is my son at about 18 month old and he is so cute.. Even cuter as he is graduating from Kinder tomorrow.
The first pic is Bobi.

A week or more ago we lost our husky dog Bobi. She had been with us for 12 years. So we are feeling a bit sad about it and not writing about it. That will come later. When the rawness and the freshness of the wound is not so deep or painful.

I tried to post a picture of her but with little success.

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