Saturday, May 21, 2011

Falling leaves

It is the time of autumn falls again

Dappled leaves change

Greens yellowing to fiery flames

Dancing on branches

Whipped by winds and rain

They flood the gutters and foot paths.

Children run and kick up the piles

In delirious joy, they fall and roll

Together in the leaves, scarves flying

So securely, they are attached

To life, binding together the good times

With little thought or careful planning

While others age

Their memories wither and die

Like leaves falling from trees

Yet unlike the trees,

Their minds will not blossom anew

In the spring turgid with green buds

Sprouting those broad flat leaves,

But remain starkly branched limbs

Breaking off pieces continually

Stretched and pleading for mercy

Against a bleached blue sky

When words shrink and shrivel to nothingness

For some, becoming aged is to die

A thousand deaths in one life.

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