Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jeremy Rapke QC and former DPP resigns and it has all the signs of mobbing Bully Behaviour

It appears that QC Jeremy Rapke's only real crime was to hold the judiciary to account on their treatment of victims of crime, to call for more adequate sentencing for drug offences and for child abuse crimes as well as rape. I googled him and came across an unspeakably offensive site that attacks his personal life and casts dispersions on his conduct in a most vile way. He has made some serious enemies. You can be sure,, from this aspect I would say that he was doing the right thing and upset a few of the criminals.
The fact that Robert Richter QC who defends some of the worst types for a price, is critcal of Rapke is more than an indication he probably was fulfilling his role as DPP in an honest way. Much more so than Richter, who I would hazard a guess, is a sort of legal prostitute. The only difference between him and one of the streetwalkers in Fitzroy Street, St. Kilda is that he operates from a luxury office paid for with drug money and sells his intellectual expertise helping lawbreakers stay out of prison.  She unfortunately pays for her drugs by selling her body and will end up either over dosing in some gutter or in prison or homeless. They have the same criminal mentality and the same morals.
I also wonder at the Chief Justice Warren rebuking a prosecutor who is best serving the interests of the victims of crime rather than the criminals. I mean, be damned, how dare the man have the audacity to think that the law is for the public interests and not for those that flaunt and break the law where ever possible and use violence, both physical and psychological, to achieve their aims? Whose interests does Chief Justice Marilyn Warren represent? it does not appear to be that of fair justice and the public.
Just from what I have read, it seems like Rapke is a victim himself of mobbing 'bully behaviour. If you can't beat them, you destroy them using criminal means and slander them. The very fact that he had to resign when he obviously wanted to achieve so much that was in the best interests of the public justice system, seems a daunting indictment on the whole system currently in place. If you wanted an honest system and an ethical one, you would think that they would keep him on.

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