Wednesday, March 20, 2013

No Posts Too Busy with other writing and goating around!

I am busy with other writings and at present which is paid and needs a lot of research. More than I had expected, but what the heck, it is fun and I get paid for it. Crazy with Pesach happening and the film is being made out here at our country home.
Took the goats to the goat farm for a holiday where the couple who run it will take good care of our two goaties and Osnat will get joined with a nice brown or black dairy buck who will ensure that we have one or two kids in spring. Dolly will not be joined. She is too old and cranky. She hated the trip over to the farm and would not allow Osnat to come in the back of the car with her. She is a cranky old thing, but lovable in her nasty unpredictable way. I am sure she has been mistreated somewhere along the way, so I am forgiving of her butty and bossy behaviour towards Osnat. She was quite agitated by the trip over and I had to lean my hand over and scratch her ears and withers to calm her down.
When Paul and Rhonda came out and reassured her she was fine. She settled down. Osnat had no problems getting into the car. I opened the door of the Rav and said to her, 'Hop up here, darling!' she took one look and leapt up into the back of the Rav. She is a seasoned traveler  I could probably book a seat on a plane next to me and she would walk right on up the aisle and settle down into a seat next to me, no problems. Trouble is the other passengers might not like travelling with a goat. Particularly as goats are not particular about where they drop their pellets. I can't imagine mothers being impressed when their toddler toddles down the aisle and thinks the goat pellets are chewy lollies. That would not be a good move. I think I would have to earn heaps of money and buy my own plane so I can travel with my goats. Only kidding or goating around!
I have trouble trying to get the pair of them to understand that the aircraft hanger of a shed we have is NOT a toilet.  Like good thieves they work in pairs. Dolly uses brute force to get the shed door pushed open and Osnat is the clever one who knows how to get the feed bin open and she can also open the lever in the side door of the shed. Dolly being a typical Boer meat goat is driven purely by the needs of her voracious appetite for food. She is a regular vacuum. 
Well it is back to work and go to sleep for an early morning writing session.

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