Sunday, March 24, 2013

The road to hell is paved with good intentions..

I have not been feeling well and trying to work on a project, hence my lack of posts for many weeks. It is with great sadness that I read about Ben Alon or Ben Zeiger who from all accounts was a good young man who bit off a more than he could chew.
One might want to be a hero. One might want to achieve great things in life, but we do not achieve them as islands unto ourselves.We can achieve alone much but in the type of work he was in, he should have had trust in a mentor and worked with that mentor. It seems incredible that he worked alone and others were not aware of what he was up to. In fact, if he had had a mentor - an experienced older person that he could confer with, I doubt he would have made the idiotic mistake of giving out vital information to an enemy agent.
Hashem has his hand in all things and one has to believe that while the loss of this young man's life is tragic and could have been avoided as could the imprisonments and deaths of the people he had betrayed, that the is a greater power at work and things will work out the better for Israel eventually. They will certainly revise the way they communicate and monitor agents' activities. Definitely it was one of the most unprofessional and amateur mistakes of any intelligence organisation's history.
I can not understand, coming from a different view of a person who has never worked in intelligence, why he did not feed some names of people that the Mossad wanted to get rid of to this Hezbollah  agent. That way you would kill two birds with the one stone.
If you are smart enough and can concoct a good enough story, you could pick some one in their terror organisations and plant suspicions, these guys are paranoid enough anyway to warrant making life very uncomfortable for some of the terrorist organizers. Another thing is why did he not have a competent handler that he could trust and open to so he did not make such silly mistakes.
Maybe he was just the wrong sort of person to be a spy. He was not focssed enough although he was smart enough to be a good agent, he lacked other qualities necessary to complete the picture.
His family should have comfort and peace. We must understand that even more that kal Israel is stronger when we stick together like one part of a whole one nation. We must have empathy and compassion for each other and love one another and trust. That way we will survive the desert years and survive whatever with grace and support from the Master of the Universe.
Chag Samech  and blessings to all Jews celebrating Pesach and all those who are not, may they come to the Seder if not this year, Be Shana Haba in Jerusalem. Blessings and be blessed in all things and be freed in thought, body and spirit.

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