Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Liberal Left, Political Correctness and Religion


There are some disturbing features of the internet world that I find is at odds with democracy lately. We read of teenagers being bullied to death through mobbing and cyber bullying. We read of lies being perpetuated by groups of malicious internet users who decide that someone or some organisation or group of people is 'the enemy' and thus the harassment starts. I will give you some examples.

Let's take the secular humanists who seem to want to portray themselves as at the pinnacle of all that is good and righteous. Yes, the atheists and non believers are even more fanatical and 'pious' than most religious people when it comes down to extremism. They will take any means fair or foul to bring down the 'religious groups' and to show them as hypocrites or hypocritical. But, let's just ignore their glaring hypocrisy, shall we?

On Facebook there is a post by someone calling her self frumgaygirl or such like. That is a bit of an oxymoron in and of itself. You cannot be a frum (religious) Jew and homosexual, because by the very nature of the lifestyle you adopt, then you are no longer frum or religious. I read a few of these posts then stopped myself further allowing this muck to muddy my thinking. It is all appealing to emotionalism and soap opera. This 'rebitzin' is supposedly the mother of 10 and confided to her eldest daughter she was gay and now the girl who is married no longer speaks to her. She confides to her audience that she has had 'attractions' for her fellow women for many years but controlled them to conform to community standards. I read this and thought, 'What a load of CRAP.' This is not real, it is made up stories by some secular humanist who hates religion and religious people and wants to portray them as nutty. The so called 'Rebitzin' sounds nutty. I could imagine someone like the author of Dancing in the Dark writing such garbage that has no credence on reality or the outlook of a frum or religious person. If someone said that she was frum and thought like this person is purported to speak and think, I would recommend a course of intense counselling.
Her poor poor family and her poor husband. How dare she disrespect him like this?
We have to be careful that we do not get led astray from correct behaviour and commitment to what is right and appropriate by this emotionalism of the so-called 'Love movement'. I think it is akin to a mental bowel motion. We are supposed to respect the fact that two people 'love' each other in a way that is expressly forbidden.
Love on a spiritual sense goes beyond the physical expression of lust and desire. Homosexuality is about misplaced lust and desire and a wallowing in the gutter of one's physical emotions and ignoring the reality and sensitivity what is right and correct. Real love is about the correctness and appropriateness of that love. Love is allowing and respecting the rights of an other person. Homosexuals and pedophiles in their search for expression of their physical desires with whomever they want destroy and take away the rights of others to be correct and appropriate  in their approach to lifestyle. There will come a time when we have to make a choice between what is right and appropriate and family and the path of Political Correctness and allowing others to ride roughshod over our rights to choose to bring our children up as religious or secular or atheist. I can respect their rights to want to be 'right' but if by their behaviour they destroy my child or families innocence, then I do not need that. No one does. The worst sorts of perversions simply have no place in my life or people who think as I do. We want honesty, clean living and normality. Is that too much to ask?
Think about it. It may be boring but it is far safer and it is right.

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