Sunday, October 13, 2013

There is a new ALP leader - Do we really care?

Honestly no longer interested in who the ALP get to lead them into disaster. We have a new party in power and let's hope the do their best to make this great country move forward. It is a new chapter in Australian Politics and I am hoping for real changes, but by the same token we must push for them. What do I want of Tony Abbott and the coalition government? I will list my wish list.

1. More solar energy initiatives and solar panels and solar battery storage on every roof top in Australia by the year 2020. We need and deserve cheaper, more affordable power. That also goes for solar powered cars.

2. More funding for education resources and teachers and teacher education in Australia. It is a must.

3. Stricter requirements about chemicals and additives in food and food production.

4. Funding and research done on the explosion in the autism cases and more support for children and adults with autism or on the autism spectrum.

5. Commonsense in the green movement. They need to listen to the older farmers and the Koori environmentalists.

6. Tossing out the 'marriage equality' bill as irrelevant and beneath the dignity of parliament to debate when we have much more pressing concerns about survival in the 21 st century and the future of our children and grandchildren. Believe me, it will not(our survival as a race) depend on whether two women or two men are allowed to play at being married or having their union 'sanctified as legitimate' by an act of parliament. It is a red herring issue.

7.More employment in rural areas of Australia and resources and infrastructure developed to encourage people to decentralize and move from the overcrowded, bursting at the seams urban areas.
8. Values and clear thinking taught in schools again.

Thank you G-D if we can get at least half of this done in the next few years, I will be eternally grateful if I am not already.

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