Monday, June 3, 2013

Get Over it – REALLY? Who are the APES?


How many times have you heard this statement in reference to racist remarks, the Jewish holocaust, rape victims or child abuse victims? Probably hundreds of times plus. I’d like a $1 for every time I have heard it.  Now we have Jane Looney telling us that the South Eastern secondary school where her daughter goes has treated the whole matter of her calling Adam Goodes an ape, as a joke. She has also said that Adam Goodes needs to get over it,  as have numerous other people who call themselves Aussies.
Jane may be a bit like her surname, Looney, because she has obviously not taught her child manners or how to respect others. Manners take you a long way in life and so does respect for others. Encouraging her daughter along with her friends to treat derogatory name calling lightly, probably indicates an ape like mentality.  She does not know or understand how wrong and exceedingly disrespectful to any players,  even more so to indigenous players or players who just happen to have a bit more melanin in their skin tone, it is to call them apes. It is disrespectful to the players who play on their team as well.
 The apes tend to be up in the stands in most footy matches, I have gathered. Similar to the ‘apes in the crowd’ who threw bananas at Small in the eighties. Apes tend to throw things and then it is very hard for those with human intelligence to tell them that it is the wrong way to behave. They are ape-like, similar to the Looneys (lovely handle for an ape-like being and her ape-like family) who just do not have the intellect to understand WHY that sort of behaviour is stupid, mindless and disrespectful.
You see Adam Goodes has the sensitivity and social awareness to understand just how insulting and crass this sort of behaviour  and name calling is. But the Looneys and the Looneys’ mates are suffering from a real surfeit of brain cells. If they do have brain cells, something has hindered the development of them. They have them but can’t understand how to use them.  Eddie McGuire has been infected with the ape-like virus and that is why he merrily hooted away about what a gas it is to be an ape in a King Kong suit. He is better suited to the King Kong title. Goodes has too much intelligence to play King Kong. He plays winning footie instead.

Sad isn’t it? I hope Adam never gets over being called an ape and retains the sensitivity to be offended when people act inappropriately. Some people will never understand the finer points of social interaction because they think on a very limited ape-like level and will never in a million years understand how to behave appropriately. Maybe they should have monkey bars over some of the seats at football matches and cages with fine mesh where we can put some of these loony spectators and make sure there is a big bin of bananas for them to munch on. 

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