Thursday, June 27, 2013


Shame you haven't got a job
Therefore you ain't got a bob
To bless your name and that of your child
It's no use feeling hopeless and wild
When your biological family tell you "go to the Salvos, they'll help ya!'
Or "there is Vinnies, you know" and then you hear, 'she's got a car',
she can't be that badly off, or "you know my sister always had mental problems,
Not much hope for her' despite the fact you worked for years
And that becomes another issue, "what ever did you do with all that money
When you worked?". Pity about the utility bills, rent and food and clothes
one has to buy, isn't it? Probably better to go naked and hungry and be homeless
Because then they will really believe you.
I'm broke as hell they announce,
Despite taking all they could from a 90 year old woman
and dumping her in a home.
There is money for many things
Trips to Europe and the coast.
Let's go scuba diving and out to Ularu
We need to buy many things and to invest.
Lots of things to do and see
but to help a sister in need with a child

NO NO NO, the bitch was given a ring by our gran
Let's try and rip it off her and destroy her even more.
So good she is being brought down to earth
Rub her nose in the dirt
She is such a waste of space, it's a pity she's alive even to breathe
A pathetic loser individual whose better off dead.
I am just waiting for her death notice
then there is less to share
She is a loser without a job
She needn't come here
And she thinks she is an artist and a writer
Ha HA HA she is nothing but a failed mediocre teacher
a piece of garbage born nearly sixty years ago.
We will teach her.
So she has friends down south
Good let her stay there with her broken mouth
She ain't someone we want to know
Because we have money and talent and are brilliant,
Oh so brilliant and she?
She is just a garbarge single mother on a pension
A loser and a parasite. Better off knocking her on the head.

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