Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Close Friends and enemies

There is a knife edge

Between holy and unholy

In some instances,        

In some situations.

When one who desires something

You have, they cannot ever have,

Then they would harm you

By drawing ever closer to you

They kiss you ever so cleverly and gently

On your cheek

With loving hatred

They begin to destroy you little by little.

She asks you for a favour

Paid, of course,

You think like the fool, and

Turn yourself upside down.

Believing you are valued,

You do her bidding

Only to find

They have slipped the knife

Neatly and cleanly between your ribs,

Inside your guts.

Then, they have enjoyed the sensation

Of twisting it several times,

Between organs

Feeling a delicious joy at each turn of the blade,

They leave you bleeding

On the pavement

Waiting perhaps a few seconds

To watch you gasp for breath.

She does not have time to see

You die because she has other scores

To even out in the scheme of things.

She is fearless, completely

Because she is her own G-D

In the scheme of things

You realise she has hated you for forty years

Or more and indeed, never was a friend

In the true sense of the word.

Because she understood how

To manipulate a situation

To kill your unborn child

And you too, she would have killed,

But the time was not ripe.

She learnt her craft well

Bidding her time,

She maimed and hurt

 In so many other ways

Secure in the secret knowledge

Of Hatred held deep inside.

You who are afraid to believe

That someone could hide so much

That someone could hate so much


Because there are some who hold to nothing.

No love will assist them

Out of the pit they are in

They are at one with the snakes

They are at one with the scorpions

And other poisonous things
that slither and twist down there

Because they pretend to care.

For a few coins they will kill you

Whether you are spouse, brother

Sister, mother or father and for some

Even a child is their victim

For they do not differentiate

Between acts of holiness

Between the acts of unholy sources

They can twist and deceive

More effectively

Then any unknown person

Because they do know you

And what hurts you.

Be they friend or family.

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