Monday, October 31, 2011

G-D - Who, What When, why?


For thousands of years, the question has been debated and argued over. What does G-D want of us? Again religion after religion has striven to answer that question, often to the financial and psychological advantage of a few high placed individuals in that religion. Yes, there are people who live G-Dly and holy lives in every religion. People who truly believe that their path is right and do not seek to destroy others or make them submissive to their particular brand of religion.
Religions that prolytise in my personal view are not true religions. They are man-made systems of belief that set out to convince others to become enslaved to a particular cult or religion for the benefit of a higher 'priesthood' if you like and those newer adherents are always striving to 'purify themselves or make themselves better disciples' for advantages in this existence. Those people who are caught up in organisations like scientology, the moonies and extremist brands and even the not so extremist brands of other religions like Islam and Christianty and even some of the more flawed deviant brands of what poses as authentic Judiasm are not G-Dly or holy but man-made organisations for man that has nothing to do with what G-D wants for us.
What does G-D want from us? I am still thinking through that one and have come up with many many answers but are any of them right? Who knows. On a personal level, G-D wants me personally to live a good life, one where I am honest in my dealings with others, where I am kind and compassionate when needed, strong and setting boundaries on my behaviour and that of others where and when needed. G-D wants us all to marry and have families if possible and if it is not possible, maybe we have another mission to fulful in this lifetime. Who knows, only G-D!
I had an interesting conversation with a colleague the other day. He was reading to me a newspaper extract that told of the awful massacre of Aussie soldiers in Afghanistan. A man who was 26 and the father of three children died as well as another Qlder who was 22. My nephew is serving in Afghanistan and he is 25 years old. He is my brother's only son. I gave him a book of Tehillim to take with both English Hebrew translations. I am not by any means pro war. I mean is there anyone except the crazies who are pro war? There are many of us who fight wars because we are forced into doing so. We need to defend ourselves. We do not fight wars because we love a fight. No. Most sane people are not into violence and fighting.
Anyway this man said to me, 'What is he doing over there if he is the father of three children?' 'Well,' replied,'he is a soldier. And that is what soldiers do. They defend and they fight for what they believe in.' Yet, my words sounded hollow. Maybe the other side has soldiers who do the same. They defend their families and fight for what they believe in. Yet some cultures are built on violence and anger and a destructive rage against the rest of the world. That is dangerous. We as children, all knew the danger of guns and weapons, therefore they were locked away from us and my father taught my brothers and I to shoot but only under adult supervision, because he and most sane adults know that guns are dangerous in the hands of the immature, the mentally ill and unstable.
Therefore it grieves me when I see children in one culture which shall remain unnamed for the obvious reasons, partaking in rallies with green head bandanas wrapped around their heads and carrying either real rifles or fake ones and screaming for the blood of Jews and Westerners. I think where is this culture headed? Into an abyss of violence and chaos, and they will drag the rest of us into it? G-D forbid. These people need a Ghandi figure because they are going to destroy many billions of lives if they are not stopped and taught more peaceful ways of co-existence. It is already too late for some countries though. They are going to do a lot of damage before they realise what is really going on in the world.

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