Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mikeybear has continued his insidous ranting rampage against me and my views on same sex marriage


However he has taken it to new heights and frankly dangerous ones. I am seeking legal advice next week on how to get his more than defamatory and quite vicious comments off the internet.  It appears that he might even have joined forces with an old 'friend' who I did some editing for two weeks before the Rosh Hashanah. This person revealed a deep seated hatred of me for goodness knows what reason. Sometimes people do not need a reason to hate and wish to destroy. They just do. They get pleasure and their jollies off destroying and denigrating another person for no good reason except they enjoy it. It gives them a sense of power. It makes them feel good and they love to kick the vulnerable and the weak. It is called being psychotic or people with a personality disorder and they are quite crazy.
Yes I did owe her money for some time and had made several attempts to pay her back money and had perceived this editing job as one where I would be able to pay off the debt which she had inflated no end anyway. It is nice to know that your life and the life of your child is worth less than two thousand dollars.
As of when this person collects my car, I will have nothing to do with her and indeed I had little to do with Mikeybear except to express my views disagreeing with same sex marriage and explained why. He and this witch have conspired to hurt me in a most insideous way, through my parnossa and through destroying my ability to earn a decent living.

What is so laughable is that this person presents himself as the champion of the oppressed gay and lesbian community, yet is so committed to destroying the norm of Dad and Mum society that it is beyond belief. We are no longer allowed to be a male and a female in a relationship if you read his posts. There is only one valid lifestyle and that is of course, two mums and two dads. The rest of us can just go to hell if we read between the lines. So much for respect and tolerance.

The other person, I feel an enormous amount of hurt and still cannot see the way clear to forgive or forget what she has done because I can still see her smirking nastiness in the email she sent me and frankly I no longer care to be friends with someone who would do such a thing to even another person, let alone me. I actually do not want that sort of person in my circle of friends. I want people who do care for others and who would not go out of their way to hurt another person. I think one has to chose friends who have similar values to ones own. People who enjoy to hurt others are definitely not my friends. People who do not care for other's welfare, are definitely not my friends. People who bully and provoke others in a nasty teasing way, are the sorts of people I want to give a wide berth.
I was so upset by the webpage put up by this pair that I rang the woman and left a message absolutely ballistic and I swore. Something that I don't usually do. I hate bad language and the loss of self control just after Yom Kippur hurts me more because all that davening and self control used in not eating and just getting through is wasted.
One who loses one's temper is like an idol worshipper. It is going to take a lot of avoda and tehillim to get back to where I was. Also that fact that I was crying and angry, my son came into the kitchen halfway through my angry message and saw that I was crying and started to cry.  It pulled me back to my senses and I have decided to let this woman have my car so she cannot say I owe her any more money. She will leave me alone hopefully.
I just want to look after my son well and raise him to be a good Jew and a mensch.I am not into games played to cause distress to others and to make fun or mock others' beliefs, unless they are politicians and they are doing something really silly. Then they are fair game.
We should strive for peace and hope in the world. I have named Mikeybear because he has named me repeatedly and in a vulgar and vicious way. He deserves to be named. The only reason I will not name the other person is because I want to be totally indifferent to her. I want to forget her name and the fact that I knew her. There are some who hurt you to the core and they explode the friendship in a nuclear reaction that completely obliterates it. She literally threatened my life and that of my child. That is what upset me more than anything. It is as if we were pawns that she could play with our lives like we were no more than chess pieces on a board game. It takes a certain type of personality to do that. One better not to have too close to you.
There are some people others should not go between or try to interfere with, as it will have catastrophic results for the person who does such a thing, both in this world and the next.  Never interfere between parents and a child, never come between a husband and wife or support one or the other in an argument. You can listen and be supportive on ethical grounds, but do not try to interfere.
Strive for peace and unity (achdut) in all things. When people are not interested in achdut, forget them and do not acknowledge their existance if they can do such things.Be at peace in one self but be aware of the weakness in others and do not get sucked in.

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