Saturday, January 7, 2012

Conducting a war on pantry moths...

For those of you who suffer these winged beasties, has anyone out there got a sure fire method against their infestation? I have the strips in my pantry but I know my home is not the only one infected with these winged varmints and I hate them with a passion. I have just thrown out in the rubbish several packets of really yummie gluten free cereal. They have not attacked the puffed millet YET so I am putting that in the fridge.
They get into everything possible and sealed cellophane is not a deterrent. Plastic is and I am going to try gladwrapping some things but if there is the slightest crack they get in and wriggling lavae appear in all your cereal packets and any grains or pastas or flours. They are simply awful.
For those of you who do not know what these are here are some pictures.
and what they do to your foodstuffs.
And here are some defensive weapons to use against these vile little creatures. Apart from getting rid of all infested food stuffs and wiping down shelves with pepperment oil or tea tree oil you can put bay leaves in your cupboards

Or there is another remedy which is the traps that you can buy in the supermarket but the bay leaves might be cheaper.

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