Monday, January 9, 2012

A lamed vav - one of the 36 Hidden Tzaddikim

I have just listened to this pure holy neshama speak and there is so much truth here, it is as though the light has been switched on. Much of what he is saying is so true and he is a 'simple' shepherd. The thing is that someone who lives so connected  to Hashem, Hashem's creations and the creative process has much wisdom and strength it shines a holiness that people may not see with their physical eyes, but they feel it. Darkness avoids the light or draws back from it.
I once sat across a room from a man (Arab) who had spent time in an Israeli prison for terrorist activity and this man was having a relationship with the daughter of an Israeli IDF general. I saw the way this man spoke to her and I grew angry inside. Here is a Jewish woman - an Israeli girl allowing herself to be treated so disrespectfully, I thought. I wanted to find out what made this man tick. What drives these people to kill themselves and in speaking to him, I touched on the darkness of his soul - so dark it was terrifying in its negative forces. I wanted to go from the flat but something made me stay and continue to question him about himself and his life. All of a sudden, I felt why should I be afraid. I am a Jew. Hashem will protect me and help me understand this mystery but I must not be afraid. When I left the flat I still did not understand, but there was a moment when I asked a question he looked at me and answered me and I did not like his question and I stared across at him and his hand that lifted his cigarette up to his mouth shook for a moment, then I knew he was afraid of me because Hashem put that fear into his mind. Those whose hearts are false fall away, their minds are like chaff and straw and are winnowed in the wind. We Jews we are the grains of wheat, the seeds of life and light - we create and build and change and transform for the better when we are in touch with ourselves and hold Torah dear to our lives.
This is why the Arabs will never beat us. Because they are the consumers, the devourers the forces of destruction and they do not know how to plant and to nurture and to grow and replant. They do not understand what they are going to do is going to lay waste to the world. It is an age old battle between the forces of darkness and holiness. With everything there is the opposite and over 13 centuries ago when Mohammed who was a primative warlord took sections of the holy document of Torah - the document of life and love and humanity - then he twisted and perverted it into the Koran those with darkness in their souls were united and forged alliances that tried to extinguish light from the world. The funny thing about light involves its essence. You can have the blackest night and introduce a pin prick of light and it is clearly visible . Have a room of light and it is hard to introduce a spot of night.
It is important to listen to what this man has to say. His wisdom is tempered by challenges put to him through life and when his holy daughter and son in law were gathered up, he and his wife raised their grandchildren along with the rest of his other children. Truly a man of light.
His days should be long and blessed with peace.

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