Monday, January 23, 2012

Gay Rams and more Gay Bull – roles, rites and their rights

This whole issue of same sex marriage rites is really becoming quite tiresome. For many years now, same sex couples have enjoyed rights equivocal to those afforded de facto heterosexual couples and they have had their relationships treated with respect and given the benefits that are given not only to heterosexual couples but also married couples. But is this enough for the Gay and Lesbian and other Bisexual and Transgender mob. No. They want more and more and more. They want to have their unions blessed the same as heterosexual couples, by the rite of marriage.  It is an interesting concept, this right, isn’t it? We forget that with the rite of marriage comes a responsibility to honour and respect the union of a man and a woman before G-D. So if you are an atheist, marriage rites should not really be an issue. You don’t believe in G-D and therefore should see no valid reason to have your union sanctified anyway. Apart from the fact that it is about honouring the union of a man and a woman who are made in G-D’s image and the union of a man and woman celebrates the procreativity that is only possible between a man and woman coming together , not two men and not two women. There is a feminine element needed and there is the masculine element needed. Let me give you an example from my country girl background.

Years ago I watched my father putting harnesses on rams with a blue or red raddle stick attached. Raddle is like a chalk block and the purpose for this is as follows. You are able to ascertain from the marks of the raddle the ewes that have been straddled. You can also tell from the wearing down of the raddle stick on each ram how well he has worked the flock of ewes. Woes betide the ram whose raddle stick remained intact, or if he has been seen to straddle only his fellow rams. He usually ends up minus his reproductive potential in with the wethers (castrated male sheep) whose main role is to grow wool for a few years and then off to the meat works to become lamb chops or stew.

There is some interesting material and research has been done on the brains of male gay sheep which shows some distinct similarities to gay human males.

However the fact remains that while they are afforded every respect and the rights to humane and gentle care as well as feed and water, as much as any other sheep in the flock, they are no longer put with the ewes but allowed to run with the wethers for a year or two. That is a male only environment usually. There seems little purpose in them being in with the breeding stock in the paddocks allocated for such purposes.

The same goes with gay bulls and rams. I think studs might offer replacement animals if some of their livestock turn out to be gay. I have had a bit of trouble doing the research on that one. One young lass I spoke to from a NSW stud had a thirty minute conversation with me when I had only intended it to be five minutes on the phone. ‘Do you have some stud rams that turn out to prefer their other rammy friends?’ ‘Yes. Sometimes.’  ‘What do you do? ‘‘We ring the buggers and put them out with the wethers and let them become wool growers.’ This was the sort of conversation I had expected to have. Instead I had this rather intense and quite deeply probing question and answer interview which was a megilla (long drawn out story) in and of itself. I was asked if I was angry about homosexuals and did I fear homosexuals.(????) When I answered negative to both those questions, I do not think this lass believed me. There I was informed about the ‘sensitive and caring way they deal with their sheep and livestock and how they do not cut the tails on their lambs and have stopped mulsing their sheep and because of the ‘change in attitude towards their sheep they have less flystrike. ‘  I must be honest here. I thought she was pulling my leg and I finally told her that she needed to attend to her kid and I would attend to mine.

By the way the acreage this girl was talking about was 16,000 acres of probably prime Goulburn breeding pastures which she informs me that they run up to 25,000 sheep. Quite possible that they can keep a watch on their breeding stock in such a small area and handle the stock far more intensely than in say a larger area of 60,000 plus acreage. I could see we were going nowhere with the concept of no mulsing and organic dips and leaving the tails on lambs. In some areas of Australia that is just not going to be possible or practical. Maybe I am old fashioned but I am sure no grazier is going to risk his stock to prove them wrong. There are some places with five or six paddocks or more the size of their whole NSW property. In fact I am now wondering after the conversation that I had with this lass whether she was really have a feed at my expense.

Here is an interesting article.

Now how does this relate to gay males and females of the human species? Easy, it does occur naturally but by the same token we should not call it the same as marriage between a man and a woman. It is a deviation from the norm and it involves conscious choices in behaviour. I may decide to become a Buddhist monk and go and shave my head, pray constantly and live an ascetic life of prayer and mediation. But by so doing, I am not going to have kids, I am not going to marry and other things. I can not marry or I cannot have my cake and eat it too.

Simply put if you have a bolt and a nut you can join them together and they connect in a way that only a nut and bolt can and form a union of two parts with an important function by virtue of the fact that they connect. You cannot have the same connection with two bolts and two nuts.  It just doesn’t work the same way, does it?  The same sex issue is a non issue.

I have included a sample of an imagined conversation between Michael Barnett of Aleph Australia and myself.

MB: Oh so here we have Ilana Leeds enemy of homosexuals with her war on homosexuals. How’s your f#*king kennel cough BITCH? I hope it kills you.’

He stands his hands on hips tapping his Nike shoe against the pavement.  Ilana steps back a step or two because she detects a hint of steam arising from Michael and is not sure whether he has been working out too hard in the gym or he is just about to blow a gasket being in such close proximately to the worst enemy that the world’s gay community could ever hope to have – an unrepentant supporter of heterosexuality.

IYL: Michael, I am not sure why you are such an angry young man or middle aged man. If you are secure in yourself and your relationship, surely you do not need to be married to prove your love for your male partner? After all what do you really want? Is it attention or is it just to have what others in heterosexual marriages have, without the other responsibilities that it involves?

MB: You are a homophobic moron, Leeds. Apart from your obsession with bestiality. You just don’t get it do you? There is a great spiritual lack in our relationship without a marriage ceremony. We need fulfilment and for our union to be sanctified just like any heterosexual couples do. We feel discriminated against because we can’t have what they have. Are you so insane that you do not see that?

IYL: Do you believe in G-D Michael?

MB: Answer my question first, bitch.

IYL: (Gently and speaking really softly and soothingly reassuring) Michael, it is really important that you do answer my question first which will lead us up to the most important point of all this.  Do you believe in G-D?

MB: No, not in your version of G-D. Maybe there is G-D but it is not your G-D. (Michael cannot help himself. He is intrigued, as after all he desires love and happiness and above all to be accepted and loved.)

IYL: Michael, I don’t own G-D. I don’t even have copyright on G-D. G-D is for all of us and G-D made man and woman in its image for a purpose.  Do you know what that purpose is Michael?

MB: (Looking aghast and unsure of how to answer this.) And you vicious homophobe, what is your point?  You vile hateful individual, you despoiler of young gay youth. You denier of their sexuality. What is your f**king point?

IYL: Michael I am saying is that no one is perfect and we all have to struggle with ourselves in different ways and on different levels. However marriage is for a man and a woman who want their union sanctified legally and it bestows certain rights and recognition in communities and in society. Some people believe marriage is only a piece of paper and that the real soul mate connection and union is above that physical act of signing a document before a marriage celebrant or a JP. Marriage is for a man and a woman because it blesses two people – one a man and one a woman who come together for a holy purpose or it should be holy and that is to create a house and a home based on opposites as set out in Torah. A woman is set opposite her mate, a male in order to oppose him and to help him form himself into a complete whole as he does her. When those two people come together they bring into a being a divine spark that can result in new life and a new individual being created. They become partners in the act of creation. Can you honestly say Michael that can happen with two men or with two women coming together? There Michael I rest my case. And further more I am not denying that there is real love between you and your partner or that of any same sex couple, but I am saying it is frankly and sadly a sterile union when compared to the beauty depth and passion of the union between a man and a woman who truly and honestly love one another and are married through truth and that truth is sanctified through a marriage ceremony.

MB is speechless with anger and surprise. He breaks down and cries. Ilana kindly offers him a tissue from the box she has brought along to dry her own tears at Michael’s plight and that of other gay people who are unable to unfortunately participate in marriage as a rite for it is simply put only for a man and woman to join together and not for same sex couples.

For those who want a bit of interesting reading on gay sheep it is quite well documented as is homosexuality in the animal world. You have to worry about these scientists.


The Repenting Jewess said...

Brilliant article Ilana! I was hysterical laughing at the conversation with Mikey Bear the abusive gay avenger.

Anonymous said...

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Ilana said...

Thank you I will take that as a great compliment.

Anonymous said...

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Macca McBride said...

Great article. Great analogy nut and bolt become partners in the act of creation.

I remember a guy I used to worked with told me how once they put all the bulls together and they turned gay they were then useless as breeding bulls.
My problem is if someone has had a traumatic experience, example being my own son at 16 taken advantage of from a 21 year old male, that he now doesn't know what sexuality he is.
Just like the bulls put together, he could of had a choice before that event.
It is so in your face that it's made to be normal. Nut and Bolt is normal.
I understand some people are born with those feelings but for those who have had a traumatic experience I believe they can go either way but when it's in your face that bolt and bolt is normal and he can relate to that then you can see that being the outcome.
I accept bolt and bolt, just as I will accept my son whatever he chooses but making it normal makes people not question predatory behaviour that happened to my son right under our noses.