Sunday, January 22, 2012

Differences between a terrorist and an activist are

An activist uses all means at his or her disposal to peacefully create calm and order out of chaos. A terrorist uses fear and anger to destroy order and to create chaos in order to achieve set aims.
An activist sees those around him or her as human beings. A terrorist does not see human beings only tools and pawns in the game.A terrorist has lost the ability to mourn the dead because his or her 'high' is the power of fear and the death and destruction they have caused.
An activist for any cause should be defensive, but it is a fine line between activism and terrorism. Lastly there is a little bit of the terrorist in every activist and a lot of the activist in each terrorist. That is what can make each such individual so dangerous if lines are crossed. . However a true activist attempts to bring about quiet revolution within the individuals that they come in contact with and build them up

This is an image of anger and hatred. The face is covered with a mask. There are no humanising features and it could be anyone. a man or a woman. It is a mask and anonymous. It is the face of a terrorist.

Now by contrast look at the face of the man below. An open inquiring face, friendly and the face of someone who connects with people. A man who is a scholar and whose love of life pours out through his eyes and the lines of his face are relaxed and friendly. He is or was rather a genuine warm friendly person. This person sought to build and to create, not to destroy. Yet he and most of his family were destroyed last year nearly twelve months ago by terrorists.