Friday, January 27, 2012

Marriage rites

Sitting at the pool yesterday watching  my son I had a flash of inspiration.  Here it is. A new poem in progress. It needs refining but we are working on it.


Boy meets girl
emotional sparks
love or lust
time will tell.
They hold hands
They kiss
then it is hit or miss
Boy will say
Girl will say
'Let's make it formal'
True blue love
Before all and G-D
We want everyone to know
What we have is holy
Let's marry and vow
To carry each other
With G-D's help
Through each day
To create a family
With a mate, to bring
Children into this world.
With love and honesty
To raise them to have
Compassion and strength
To carry on traditions
From generations past
A chain of belief
In the greater good
As a member of a wider community
we realise that
Some are different
either by choice or design
And that is ok too, but just not the norm
For the standards that we all conform
and hope that our child does too.
Because when
boy meets boy
girl meets girl
In the dark
It lacks an essential spark
Of light created
Between a man and a woman
Then when friendship
Is based on lust
And not trust,
All becomes dust
which has substance
But is sterile stuff
But lacks the holy spark
A night without day
A union recognised
It is true,
but not as right as when
Man meets woman
To continue
The work of a divine
Creator being
In the fruit of the union.

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