Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Rasha and Pesach


Just recently, this morning, I happened to receive a post in my emails which was frankly went quite beyond the boundaries of normal decency.  I do not know the Rav mentioned in this post but he belongs to a well known Jewish family in both Melbourne and Sydney. This man who wrote it, Mikeybear calls himself a gay activist and is a vocal proponent of 'same gender marriages'. I personally do not believe in them because I think it is a non issue. I respect the right of gay consenting adults to have their unorthodox unions, (even though the thought of what they do leaves me colder than cold) but to go so far as to have marriage rites is carrying it a bit far. Marriage is for a man and a woman to join together in a sacred union that involves more than just the physical act of intercourse and it has spiritual repercussions for both parties because it is about the creation of life and children. That cannot happen between two men or two women without the involvement of a member of the opposite sex.

Anyway MB really is a person who would not have been saved in Egypt. He would not have taken part in the Exodus from the House of Bondage. If you think of the qualities of Josef in Egypt, MB is the antithesis of those qualities.
I will not defile my blog by even giving the address of this person's rantings and graphic descriptions of what same gender marriages would entail. I actually think it is quite ironic that he choses Pesach to have this obscene rant. Maybe he will do tzuva? Who knows, but he is certainly at the 49th level of impurity in thought and deed, at least.
MB certainly does his cause for trying to get respect for gay and lebian people no good, when he takes on a Rabbi who lives a pretty righteous life and who is not harming him in anyway. MB endeavours to harm his reputation and misrepresent him in a fairly idiotic way.
MB all I can say is take care and beware. You have attacked me, Dr and Rabbi Shimon Cowen, countless others and now this Rav. I actually feel I am in very good company. However, a word of warning, you are going too far over the lines of decency and if they do take issue you will be eating humble pie.
You are attacking religion and in effect G-D. That's a very dangerous move on your part. I hope a certain family takes you to court, minces you up into little bits and spits you out for fish food in their goldfish tank. Actually I know someone who has a shark tank being built and they are Russian. Hummm should ask him if he needs cheap shark food and put him in contact with this Rav's family after they have taken you to court which no doubt they might if you keep this train of abuse and religious vilification up.
Briefly, the Rasha does not want to be at the Pesach seder and sometimes I think it is better to find one of the fifth sons to invite because the Rasha is a corrupting influence. Why do we have to answer him sharply or softly as the case may be? Because the Rasha is very sure of himself and he is a scoffer. He scorns the heritage and rituals of the Jewish people and that is why we say to him, 'Not for you' because we want to leave him in no doubt as to where he is. Those who are indifferent, still we can awake a feeling of something missing or shame in their breast and bring them closer, but the real rasha, he has stepped outside the boundaries of faith. He has grasped the clipa energy and hangs on it grimly and that is why we say to him, 'Not for you.' His soul is in darkness and gasping for air. It takes a Tzadik to save him, a person of such holiness who can reach in through the filth and muddy mockery that surrounds such a person and pull him up to a level of comprehension that he understands what he has done.
While we can feel sad for such a person, it is I think worse for those he has tainted with his ideas and gross lifestyle. Such a person has the potential to be a good Jew and they say the greater the rasha the greater the potential to be a Tzadik. Maybe there is a woman out there who was Mikeybear's beshet and something happened to her and this turned his neshama into such corrupt ways because he could not exist without her. He watches wedding videos of Jewish weddings and I think ultimately that is what his soul really desires is union with his other half who is a woman. I am going to daven that he meets a woman who will change his life for the better and that he becomes a kosher yid and I think we should all daven for him to be kosher and G-D fearing.  We should find out his Hebrew name and even have a misherbera because being who he is, is a sign that all is not well with his health.
Kosher le Pesach to all.

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