Tuesday, March 27, 2012

When Social Deviants block you on Face Book :-)

When people who are social deviants in normal mainstream society block you on Facebook then you KNOW you are ok. I have to laugh. the other day I had an exchange with a person who leads a pretty deviant sort of lifestyle. After an exchange of emails, this person has blocked me from an exchange that she started in private messaging me.
Rather than confront the issues raised in our PM to each other she blocks me and calls me a vicious bully after making comments about me being 'an elderly religious lady with ignorant views' on life.
To be quite honest, I would rather be termed 'an elderly religious lady with ignorant views' than a pornography watching. cross-dressing lesbian who thinks she can waltz about the traps wearing a sheitel one day, jeans and a short butch hair cut the next and goodness knows what other sorts of things she can get up to or what other deviant views she holds. For example, 'a celibate person can choose another consenting adult to have sex with.'
I mean what the.......? . Celibacy means NO SEX as far as I have understood the equation and the Oxford English definition of celibate. I mean, that means, NO touching, NO thoughts of sexual intimacy and just NO darlin'.
As far as I am concerned this woman is a total and complete utter moron to make a statement like that. She should perhaps go out and buy a good dictionary and study it. Word meanings are wonderful things and language is an intricate business. You can go on ad infinitum with language and the study of language.
Apart from that I am quite happy to be blocked and it has given me grist for  new story. Maybe she after me and thought as a single mother of a child I would  be desparate for communication and company and ripe for corruption into her evil lesbian way of life. Thank G-D she blocked me. I do not want to be associated with such a person.

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