Saturday, March 10, 2012

Do we have the experience and know how to deal with these sorts of individuals?

Australia is a country of immigrants and refugees. We have a history that has displayed both the good and bad of refugees and immigrants coming to this great country and building it up or down. We are compassionate and kind to many people and people have come from all sorts of situations to find their home here and to raise their families. However there are some who should never come here or indeed there are far worthier people with more noble aspirations in life. While I am a sympathetic person and tolerant of many differences, we should all live by the rule of thumb - respect for others and respect should be between women and men especially mothers of children.
This happened in Australia and it saddens me that a young vulnerable woman with two children was pack raped by a group of Sudanese 'refugees' (I prefer to call them criminals). We have brought a snake into our 'bosom' so to speak and do not have the tools to cut off the head as it rears and strikes at our most vulnerable citizens.
I was sitting at a Shabbes table Friday night and growing angrier by the minute to be told by a woman who is in charge of a care centre for women and children that these three monsters should be 'rehabilitated.'
Here is the article. Judge for yourself.

There is no hope of rehabilitation for these so called 'boys'. They have been hardened beyond salvation by their experiences and the culture they live in.  This culture has such contempt for women outside of their own, that any women who is not one of 'theirs' is free game. They can do what they like in their eyes. They can rape, kill and destroy any woman of any age so long as she does not belong to a certain religion. The law in Australia is easy according to the culture they were raised in. They will go to gaol for a short period of time and it will be a little like a holiday camp for them and out they come. Will they have learnt anything from the experience? I really doubt it.
Hope for rehabilitation depends on the values of the culture that surrounds the offender and the absolute understanding of that perpetrator that he or she has committed an offence or done something wrong. If they are laughing and mocking the court, then it hardly seems likely that there is a serious case for rehabilitation here. In fact, if the whole court system is being held to ridicule and it is a matter for a fit of giggles, then something is seriously wrong. Going to court for most of us is a serious matter and not one we take lightly or even treat as a joke.
In fact, given their attitude, the likelihood of these people re offending is quite high. They have no respect for the court system and in fact have shown contempt for our values and our society and social conventions. I would say that these people do not even take the death penalty seriously.
We take these people into our country and try to give them a peaceful and productive life away from the lawless brutal society they were raised in. They bring their lawlessness with them and start to behave as though they are in their country. (??) Somewhere we need to draw lines and examine the cases of these people and their psychological state and aptitude very seriously.
These three from my way of thinking have nothing of value to contribute to Australia. They should go back to Sudan and live the way the rest of their society lives and follow the lawlessness and lack of social rules that they are obviously used to there. We do not want it here. I actually think that there should be a rule to deny such people refugee status in Australia. They have proved beyond all shadow of a doubt that rehabilitation is beyond them and their limited capabilities. We should have some sort of system whereby a person who is an immigrant or refugee can have his or her citizen ship or status revoked if he or she commits a serious crime within ten years of arriving in this country. In fact they should have conditional citizenship and these people sign an agreement to follow Australian Laws and to respect the Australian way of life. It is not all alcohol and clubbing as some would like to believe. It means working hard, giving others a fair go and not doing to someone what you don't want them to do to you.
These boys have a very poor chance of 'rehabilitation'. I would place the likelihood of them re offending at 100% within five years of release, maybe even two years from release.

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