Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Sunday Sonnet to Beach Road at Elwood

Big bellied barristers belt down

Beach Road on creaking bikes, they frown,

Leering at lithe ladies’ lycra leggings

And buff bodies in lingerie - roasting,

As they ride their road bikes, rolling onward

Hankering for a rest, faced forward

They glance longingly at the sloth

Of slow shore strollers as they brave the wrath

Of motorists going places, who whiz past.

The burn starts as they pedal fast,

Down in the calf muscle and rises high

To the thigh, the exercise applies

Pressure by Mentone to the butt

Til Bon Beach; it reaches the gut

At Frankston where they stop to eat

And their fellow bikers to greet.

©Ilana Leeds

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