Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rippon Lea Historic House of 1867 - Now

Have just spent an interesting afternoon at the Historic house of Rippon Lea built by Sir Frederick Sargood in the 1860's in Melbourne. A beautiful Victorian mansion built in the Gold boom and agricultural boom period of Melbourne and Victoria.
Apparently one of the owners who was actually Jewish although far removed from Orthodox Jewish practice, had remodelled the house on more modern Hollywood styles a la 1930's. A beautiful building but when you hear how the lady brutalised the architecture and interior of the house, one has to imagine that her good taste had also gone the way of her Jewish faith - down hill. She was a Nathan and married a Jones and was the last real owner of the Estate before the National Trust took it under wing.

I went to see it because I am taking a group of children there next week and also need to have something  beautiful to reflect on to take my mind off the slaughter again of helpless children and civilians who really are so vulnerable to the acts of terror that are down played and excused in the media time after time.
Many years ago children died needlessly because of disease. Nowadays they die needlessly because of acts of terror and atrocity committed by insane adults who have no concept of nurture of the young and education.
Reflect and pray for the little neshamas and that of the father of two of them removed so ruthlessly from this existance. Shocking. I ask Hashem why do you require this sacrifice of your people and see how sad they are but they complying with your will.

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