Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Not so 'Gay' Issues.


I have just read an interesting article below and I find it filled with irony. You see the person who wrote the report is a ‘gay activist’ who indulges in the most vitriolic attacks on anyone who publicly does not agree with gay marriages or the homosexual lifestyle. With all due respect, the homosexual lifestyle is not one that is portrayed as the ‘ideal lifestyle’ for the majority.  What the author of this article fails to realise is several things. One, the majority of society hopes for their children to be happily married to a member of the opposite sex or in a heterosexual partnership. Two, while every gay, homosexual or lesbian person is owed and given respect as a human being, it is not a normal lifestyle and in keeping with an orthodox stance or a Torah stance, homosexuality with all due respect to the author of this article and other gay people is not one that most people in heterosexual marriages or relationships would want for their child – male or female.  

What Mikeybear is doing is indulging in a bit of intellectual bullying by stating that if you the reader does not agree with his position on this issue than you are responsible for the suicides of homosexuals. Again with all due respect, the fact that a person thinks of suicide is a product of a sick and depressed mind. Such a person is not happy and in need of analysis and obviously got issues to sort through with an appropriate mentor or mental health professional. Such is not a person who is an ardent activist for the homosexual community. That is a bit like asking the fox to watch the chickens.
I find a cringe factor in that we are being asked to accept something that goes against the grain for most. It is not that we are advocating discrimination or hatred, but simply to deal with this complex issue sensitively and to protect young people from abuse and to allow them to sort their lives out to live a more normal life style than the one espoused by Mikeybear and his mates.

In fact, if one were to really look at this issue, one of the key factors is that many young people go through an identity crisis in their early to late teens and they may have a close relationship with someone of the same sex who is older or even the same age. That does not mean that they are gay or homosexual. This relationship is more often than not, platonic as it should be. It is often a normal part of growing up to have a crush on a person of the same sex as they search for the appropriate role models, especially if they have an indifferent relationship or a difficult one with their parent of the same sex. The children who have this sort of crush are very vulnerable. Extremely vulnerable to abuse by unscrupulous members of the homosexual community who for the obvious reasons may have a physical attraction to the young person and want to initiate a physical relationship with a younger person in order to feed their own ego and to demonstrate that there is ‘nothing wrong with same sex relationships’.

I have a problem with same sex relationships because they are against Torah and Torah principles. The progressive community is sad in that they are so ready to want to be accepted by goyim that they have these ‘easy pat conversions’, openness to homosexual partnerships that tries to make them appear the ‘norm’ and openness to non kosher food that one wonders why they don’t just put a spire and a cross on their temples and be done with it.

There are morals, ethics, rules and social conventions. There is only so far that you can bend them before they break and the community with it. You must have boundaries and you must have lines drawn in the bedrock that cannot be crossed because they attack the very essential fabric of society. I respect the fact that some people are homosexual and I am the first to say that any person should be treated with respect and honour due any human being, but honestly where do we go from here. Should we soon espouse paedophiles as the minority group but allow that too. Should we allow wife beating and so on. I think Mikeybear should be aware of the facts and that is that someone who is suicidal has got real problems and it is not the fact that they are homosexual and ‘not accepted by society’, but the simple fact is that they do not accept society and social conventions and the norm. Why should heterosexuals feel guilty because they are heterosexual?  Why should we be made to feel there is something wrong with us, because we are not gay and do not support same sex marriage and are not accepting of same sex lifestyles as the NORM?
Here is the article for those who want to waste time reading this man's insidous ramblings.


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