Sunday, April 1, 2012

Middle Eastern Madness and lack of manners

The visiting UN chief Ban Ki-moon has had slippers (sign of contempt in Arab culture)  thrown at his car as he drove through parts of Israel and the so-called Palestinian state area. The slippers were thrown by the relatives of people currently in Israeli Jails. Now we must not forget that these people are usually in jail for good reasons and not because of any civic minded actions on their part for either Arab / Palestinian society or  Israeli society definitely.,7340,L-4184408,00.html

The job of the UN is to be fair and to work at peaceful negotiations between countries. The irony is that Israel has to deal with a culture in its 'peace partner' that is often not even peaceful in its intent in the first place and one that has no intention of ever allowing a Jewish state to reside in peace along side a Palestinian state, if one eventuates on Jewish lands.

Israel is a Jewish state that is continually allowing itself to be sabotaged by a fifth column of confused anti Zionist, anti just about everything that makes sense groups who want to go overboard in proving just how noble (and suicidal bent) we can be, in the face of naked aggression and lies of a group who have not an ounce of respect for even their own hapless citizens in their own countries like Syria, Egypt and Iran or Lebanon, let alone Israelis and Arabs living in Israel. Many of the left wing go all out to prove just how spiritually 'aware' they are, despite having disassociated themselves from any religiosity that is remotely connected to Judaism and their behaviour can only be likened to someone going into a buddha like pose before an angry Rhino about to charge. In fact, they are always trying to analyse what they or another Jew might have done wrong to upset the Rhino. Instead of just getting a tranquilliser gun and darting the rhino and winching it onto a truck and shifting it to a more appropriate location, where it cannot hurt people or itself, they want to have a conversation with it and talk peace with it. You may try to change the rhino's whole psychology by a soft and gentle approach, but in the end, it will fail because you would have to bring the rhino up from a baby to adulthood and it still might be an unpredictable neighbour. You may have to do it for several generations to try and domesticate this animal and you may still have problems. I have never milked a female rhino. I imagine it would be a most unco-operative beast. Apart from the need not being there, the milk is not kosher anyway, so I can see no need for such an action to take place. However, making peace with the Palestinian leaders could be likened to asking a female rhino to stand tamely for while during the milking process.
Unless one has some special power over animals, it is not likely to happen.

What is my point? It is about  civilised behaviour and the process by which one arrives at such a state in their intellectual and emotional development.  It is brought about through education and it is often a blend of nurture, nature and education combined.
To reach a state of civilisation, one needs respect for oneself and others. Simple. One does not throw shoes at the UN General Secretary. Why NOT? Well, because one assumes (interesting that we can and should make this assumption) that if one is intelligent enough and educated enough and knowledgeable enough to have reached such a post, he would be more open to discussion and negotiation than having slippers thrown at him. This should not do their cause any favours. However one reckons without the left wing media at work.
I can imagine such headlines as 'Poor Palestinians made shoeless or slipperless by UN General Secretary's visit.' There is a lot of interpretations that could be put on that.
I wish they could keep their slippers and shoes on and sit down and talk sensibly. Otherwise they should be treated like enraged rhinos who are a danger to themselves and others.

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