Monday, June 25, 2012

Dr Miriam Grossman and 'Sex Education - Protecting our children's health


This is a talk that I want to go to and I do thank Mikeybear and Bruce Ilama for drawing my attention to it.These two 'interesting individuals' for their own reasons have railed against this Dr Grossman in their usual fashion  - presumably because her commonsense and down to earth approach to teaching children about themselves and sexuality goes against their propagandist stance.
Here is what they have to say about her which makes me all the more keen to go to the talk.

and of course our old 'dear friend' Mikeybear

From all accounts it is being chaired by Rabbi Dr Shimon Cowen and as an educator of High School children I feel it will be beneficial to attend. For the very very reasons that they try to howl her down and people like her, who obviously talk commonsense and have done their research, I want to hear what she has to say and it sounds as though her book may be an interesting and good read. At least it will not raise my blood pressure like some books I have recently read. I have gone back to very benign readings and constructive ones. The Glen Eira Library has a great Judaica section and I will look forward to utilising it when I am in the country. Nothing like a good book on a quiet evening surrounded by nature and the fresh air of the Gippsland. I can reccommend Rabbi Avraham Twerski's book on Chasidic Discourses.
By the way, this talk by Dr Miriam Grossman (not our Miriam Grossman who has recently gotten her PHD) also from the USA should be very interesting and enjoyable. It will be at the Glen Eira College theatre on July the 1st, that is this coming Sunday. I will have a full day. I also am attending the Glen Eira My Brother Jack Literary Awards. I have been short listed in two categories. The short listing came at a very down moment for me, filled with self doubts and self conscious about my lack of work and still smarting from the tirade I received from a previously 'close friend' about my lack of writing skills and my 'failures as an educator and writer as well as a person and a role model' I now do not even have to receive a prize to feel a bit better. The fact that the Glen Eira Literary Festival entries number in the hundreds makes me feel better.
I now will go and write a couple of new stories and poems for entries in other competitions and try a few journals as well.
I am having a crack at The Age Short Story competition which is only a month or so away. There the competition is very stiff as it attracts well over 1500 entries or more. Got to be in it to win it though, like anything.

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