Sunday, June 24, 2012

While we enjoy relative safety in our lives.....


While we enjoy relative safety in our lives, there are others who are not so lucky. There is a community in Israel whose lives have been continual hell for the last seven years as the Israel government is meandering like a bull shot in the shoulder, goring his own herd. The community of Nitzan is made up of many of those families from Gush Katif. They were uprooted from their homes in 2005 and now they still face threat from the rockets being showered on Israel from the Arabs that the government has tried to make peace with through the 'gift' of Gush Katif. In doing so, they also gave away their commonsense.
Rockets still thunder and thud into Israeli buildings and especially schools or places where children are. They know our weakness is our love for our children and families. One also has to wonder whether they really love their families or children to act the way they do.
There are two kindergartens in Nitzan without a bomb shelter. Can you imagine sending your child to a kindergarten in this atmoshere with NO bomb shelter nearby to give them a fighting chance of survival. I cannot. My heart goes out to those Israeli mothers and fathers and grand parents and other family members who have to endure this state of affairs. Let's try and fix what we can, DONATE to them to get BOMB SHELTERS. Also let's look long term and annex Judea and Samaria. It will be the only way we will have peace is to stand firm and claim our birthright. There is no other option left to us except of course to pack up and go. Then the last person to leave Israel turn the lights out please. The world will then be plunged into the darkest times it has ever known.

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