Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Interview and other mutterings of the day

Well our family was in bed by 8pm last night and I must have fallen asleep before and gotten a good seven hour sleep because now I am rested and raring to go. Going to Trafalgar and back for my 2 pm interview and doing other things yesterday really took the stuffing out of me. I must be getting old or just city soft and unfit. I remember years ago, going into Charleville for an interview in the morning at 10am and as it was 145 kms away from my father’s property I had to leave about 7.30 – 8  am and once the interview was over by   11am being back on the road again home in time for lunch at one pm and then going out with my father after lunch to do a bit of mustering sheep on the motor bikes till 4.30 – 5 pm and it did not phase me one bit.  I would stay up to read until 9 or 10 pm and then get up around 4.30 or 5 am when my father used to get up in the morning for his first tea of the day.

The interview – I did not get the job for the following reasons. Going back to Melbourne I reflected on why I did not get it. It is an interesting activity after an interview – reflection on what happened and how you can present yourself better to a panel of teachers interviewing you for a job.

1.       The interview was over way too quickly for me to be considered a serious candidate. I arrived early and they gave me a sheet with their questions on it and while I wrote down a few notes I did feel incredibly nervous going in there knowing I was going before a panel of three teachers – the principal, the deputy and probably the head of the HISE faculty  Amanda. I had understood on the phone that it was an interview and they did not tell me I would be going before a panel. The question sheet was filled in and II walked in at 2pm and was back on the road at 2.25pm. For me to be considered seriously I would need to have been there for half an hour.  At least.

2.       My experience in VCE history in teaching and knowledge is limited at present. I would have to do a lot of work and learn the text that I am teaching the night before and literally be learning with the students. Basically I have a sketchy idea of Russian History having done my own reading as well as the fact that I did revolutions for the twentieth century China and Japan and have done the English Revolution – Oliver Cromwell and his round heads lopping the head off poor old Charlie the I and of course the French Revolution where they chopped heads off and made it an art form – la Guillotine and the American Civil War which I consider on par with the French revolution and its impact on the world and thinking of the times and today.   Of course on a more general level there is the industrial revolution which changed society from an agrarian and rural based population to a urban population.

3.       I had the feeling that they already had someone for the job but also their body language at the end and the way the Principal did not meet my eye. I think they thought I was unsuitable or not what they were looking for, because she did make a comment at the end which told me that ‘ok, thanks for coming for the interview but no thanks.’ Politely of course and there was a lack of warmth at the end which chilled me out a bit.  Anyway it is all good for the experience and I will come better prepared to the next interview and do a bit more research on the school and also what is needed for the position. It all happened very quickly.  Too quickly for my liking. Anyway I do hope I can get some CRT work there and at other schools in the area and once they know me I can apply for contract or ongoing positions in the area. It is only 15 or 20 minutes from Drouin which is handy.

I am at the moment still smarting from the lack of communication with my ‘family’ in Qld. Their level of hatred is incredible. Also the phone call from my aunt in Sydney. I am sending back a book she sent me in 2010. Given that I am Jewish and she knows my feelings on some things, I thought the book she sent me called Mirror a picture book was highly insulting. It is Arabic propaganda and I am not going to say that exactly that but I am sending the book back to her with a polite letter along with some pictures of the Fogel family and other victims of terror. I think one of my cousins is involved with one of the Liberate Palestine movements in Sydney and of course I am on the side of the oppressors and that is part of their push to see me as ‘unhinged and mad’ because everyone knows the ‘poor’ Palestinians are a bunch of useless set upon rabbits carrying Kalashnikov rifles and wearing bomb belts and we are a bunch of people who just want our land back and to practise our religion in peace and build a good and honest society for the world.   I have the awful feeling that we are going to see such a rise in anti Semitism even in Australia and it chills me. As Jews we cannot depend on compassion from anyone except our own and even then we have to be very, very careful both in society and the work place. Even then there are some Jewish people who behave in a distinctly unJewish way. I have a computer file stuffed full of emails from someone who insists on battering me with these missives telling me what a degenerate person I am, immoral and totally unfit mother and deranged, accusing me of child abuse because I am taking my son to the country and telling me that I would prefer to hold my hands out and beg charity rather than get a job.  Obviously this person has no real knowledge of who I am as a person. I have never taken charity by choice. Just because I cannot go out and do manual work (which I have done in the past when I needed while applying for apporpriate employment - taxi driving, waitressing, survey assistant, cleaning, fruit picking and the list goes on) as I do have a bad back with ex rays to prove it and family obligations. This woman who shall remain nameless and if I was her, I would want to remain nameless because she is a total moron. The only thing she has going for her is money. It just shows how kind Hashem is. If people can't use their brains or do not have brains, G-D gives them money to protect themselves. She sends me obsessive emails which I now just file without reading them and I don't answer them because they are full of unsubstantiated crap about what a loser I am. Occasionally I will answer one if I am bored, but for the main part I am just going to ignore them.
And G-D while you are doling out the weekly share of money, I just want enough to pay my bills and rent and to look after my son's welfare well and his mental and physical health and to continue learning and to write my book on bullying finally. It has been a long time in the pipeline. Also I want health for my son and a peaceful life, please G-D give him good friends and also thank you for the opportunity to be bullied by above mentioned woman as it just gives me more information and grist for my novel on bullying and additional insights into the character of a bully. It was fascinating that I was accused of kicking a person who is down. Now, I am the single parent with no job and financially absolutely with my back to the wall and on the receiving end of all this abuse, yet I am accused of being the 'bully'. Interesting, I must say.

Judaism requires self control and subjugation of the animal soul. That is probably why we attract attacks from people who are controlled by the animal and instinctive side of their nature. They look at us Jews and say, ‘Oh Wow that is too much work. All that study and work on oneself. Let’s stick it to ‘em.’  We are a light unto the nations, but unfortunately a light that many who prefer the safety of darkness to cover their misdeeds try to snuff out. Islam is not the religion of peace. It is the religion of darkness and hatred. It was started by Ishmael who was put out of the tent by Sara who saw what he was doing to Itzchak. It is a religion of mockery that cannot stand to be mocked in turn. It is a religion of fear and that is why I feel pity for Muslims who are normal moderate, average every day people. When their religion spouts such hatred of Jews then surely some people will wake up to what they are about.
I cannot understand how people gravitate towards a religion like Islam that is so misogynist, misguided and malicious. The Prophet was an asshole by any normal standards - woman hating paedophile with a perchance for bloodshed, war and cruelty. A sick man and yet there is a religion in the world that has billions of followers which just goes to show that there is a streak of violence and competitive narcissism in every being. Their basic doctrines are essentially flawed.

However they do know, that when last Jew is killed the world will end as we know it and there will be no more compassion as the world will be given to a creed and lifestyle philosophy that is self destructive and violent. That is why the Islamic takeover of Europe and the middle east failed just over a thousand years ago. There was a violent revolt and the the Christians won because they proved themselves equal in cruelty to the Muslim Moors. In fact the crusaders of the early second CE millenium made the Islamic warriors appear civilised.  Of course there were other mitigating factors and that is over simplified but if you drag it down to the basics, there you have it. War is a nasty exercise and experience. No one benefits (except the arms dealers,  the hospitals and cemetries) and it appears that the human race still has not learnt their lesson.  W A R Worthless, Anger Revolting.

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