Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Drouin - the nicest little Victorian Town


Just back from Drouin where Nir had his first day at his new primary school. It is so nice and the people are nice. He has a great time and is looking forward to going back there for a day next week before we start in Term three.
There is one major problem though and that is accommodation. It has been harder to get than I thought it would be. Limited income and the fact that I have not had a steady job over the last few years has made getting a house or even a flat horrendous. Landlords prefer someone who had been steady employed for the last x amount of years and not a single parent with a primary aged school child. The count is four knock backs so far and I have two more applications in and two or three more to put in early next week. I am praying and hoping and praying.
Work appears to be much easier if the comments of the people I have put my CV in for CRT work is anything to go by. They want CRT's and I am going to take a load of email addies with a photocopy of my card and a covering letter to at least 22 primary schools in the area and four or five high schools. One of the joys of this area will be knowing that I only have to work three days a week or four to have a comfortable lifestyle and be able to save money.
On the way to Warragul I saw a new estate which was amazing and I thought longingly why aren't we getting a rural Jewish community in the Gippsland. I looked out over the new housing estate in East Drouin and imagined a Shule and a Mikveh and a kosher supermarket with a creche for the babies and a bus service into Beth Rivka and Yeshiva or even Yavene college from here.

This is a beautiful new estate on the east side of Drouin. I love the Gippsland and the people are civilised. They are nice friendly, civilised country folk who wish you a good morning and they are nice if you are nice and polite to them. It just amazes me how nice and civilised the people in country Victoria are. I have been in the city too long.
I looked at this site with the new houses going up and thought why on earth don't around forty families pack up and make a community here. It is one hour on the freeway from Melbourne. Why do people want to go and live in boganville places like Frankston. Here you can buy new houses for $259,000 and they are four bedrooms, two bathrooms and garages with a big back yard that is clean and clear air. There is a Coles and a Woolworths in Drouin and I am sure that if families came to Drouin that there would be an enterprising person who could make a kosher supermarket with meat and Halav Israel products and if it was a great problem someone can just buy a few goats on a few acres or also go to one of the dairy farms to watch the milk and we could start a new cottage industry with Drouin Kosher Milk and Cheeses. We could even have a Drouin Kosher Cafe. The shule would be up on the hill set amid the rolling hills of the Gippsland and not far from Mount Baw Baw. Please  G-D help people to see that the country is good and you do not have to be near the beach. There are rivers and mountains too.

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Ilana Leeds said...

Going to see a Kabbalist tomorrow for a bracha re my move and to find accommodation with Hashem''s help. I actually feel quite mad at the moment with longing for a clean nice quiet place to sleep at night and get up in the early hours of the morning to read and hear the birds and crickets, the neighing of horses, the occasional dog bark (people in the city hate hearing dogs bark) and few chooks merrily clucking away.
I do not want to hear my son waking up crying because he cannot sleep at nights from the traffic noises. I want to feel the stillness of the night and pray to Hashem with a joyful heart thanking him for the peace and the wonder of this world at its best. I have had all the dust, noise and mess and time without work that I can humanly stand. I want to work and I want my son to go to a school where he does not come home with unexplained bruises and stories of abuse by another boy. No one should have to endure that, whatever school they go to. Learning is fun and learning is a safe and serious business.
G-D should bless all my friends and even those who do me wrong and hate me for I learn from them and bring peace to them. We attach ourselves to anger, and bitterness because it is safe to do so. We are scared of peace - because to have peace we must let go of that which we believe is reality and attach to G-D. The path to G-D is through Torah and th study of Torah. Simply it is
Letting go