Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I went to pick up my son from school and another mother said to me 'Gosh, I have nothing to give these kids for trick or treat!' Then she asked me, 'what do you do?'
I smiled blithely and answered 'I am an Aussie. I don't celebrate Halloween. (Pause) And not just because I am a Jewish Aussie, I wouldn't celebrate it unless I was a pagan Yank unaligned with any monotheist religion.' She told she agreed and was concerned because this festival if you can call it that, encouraged kids to talk to strangers and ask them for treats. Now that is a worry.
We spend all this time warning kids not to talk to perfect strangers and then we or the 'media' adopt this stupid 'festival' that involves kids going to the houses of strangers and asking for lollies and treats. I don't care if the houses are Jewish and Glatt Glatt Kosher with twenty hechserim from the most kosher rabbinate in the world. It is NOT kosher to allow your child to knock on the doors of strangers asking for sweets. Yeah, I know I am a wet blanket, a spoil sport and all the rest. But imagine this scenario.
Knock knock.
A creepy adult answers the door.
Hello little boys and girls. What can I do for you?
Trick or treat! They chorus trustingly. The creepy evil adult who does not really like children brings out some sweets that he has secretly wrapped with a bit of nose pickings or worse and puts it in their bag. Even worst, there was a case of needles being inserted into toffees in the USA in Minnasotta somewhere.
Even worst maybe the adult gives out legit sweets and no problems but says to the kids.
Gee you guys are so cute. I am giving you this now but maybe you want to drop by sometime and I can give you something even better. I have some even better surprises but come by without your friends, ok?
So what are we teaching kids from this holiday, apart from how to beg from perfect strangers? Naw, I think personally America can keep this creepy holiday to themselves and not import it to our shores. Thanks BUT no thanks. I'm an Aussie.

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