Sunday, October 14, 2012

Soft Waters

The short time I have been living here at the farm I have noticed several things. The rainwater we use for drinking, showers and washing up is incredibly soft. I use a quarter or less of a scoop of soap powder for the washing and the clothes come out so clean and fresh.

When you shower, the same thing. Minimum soap and you feel so fresh and clean after your shower.
Today I am at taking the dust and have to line cupboards and shelves to organise clothes and also need to go to the hardware store to buy a dog chain for Dolly the goat. She is a former pet goat and a bit of an old rogue. Like most animals who are raised by humans as I believe she was, she really likes human company. Goats are herd animals after all. Apparently while we were in Melbourne she got off the chain and wire lead and had a lovely time pooping besides the doorways. She left several piles of evidence of her presence near the front and back doors.
I am also getting a hoe, a rake and a shovel to begin the veggie garden. We do have artichokes and some other veggies there, but I want put in some tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkin and snow peas. I am also planting garlic and will bring in some worms the week after next for a friend who wants for her garden. We have beautiful big fat ones in the soil every where. Fat wriggley fellows that are causing great excitement for Nir.
I want to do a post on bullying. Spent a rather depressing night thinking over the suicide of young Amanda Todd and wondering how we can prevent such things from occurring. Education against causing hurt or distress to others is the key I believe. So many people are excited by unkindness to others. They actually enjoy it because it gives them a feeling of superiority and self worth. We are may taking away people's creativity and they find other outlets.
I feel a sense of self worth when I write something I consider good and I gain a sense of achievement.  I remember attacked by someone who said my writing is crap and that I am a poor educator. Apart from my feeling of intense pity for this person, I believe she was driven to try and hurt me (and she succeeded) by feelings of inadequacy and low self esteem. She felt she could not succeed as a writer and she was going to make darn sure I would not either.
When ever someone is extremely critical of you and your creative efforts, you MUST examine why. It is usually some sort of jealousy and feelings of inadequacy because you do something that they can not.
Let us make all our intentions pure, kind and encouraging.

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