Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Storms, storms and the roads to ruination for us all..

Wind splatters rain hard against my kitchen windows which are large and usually allow lots of natural light in. Not today however. I awoke this morning quite early with the roof creaking and groaning as wind driven rain pelted the colour-bond. The boy was difficult to get out of bed on a morning that invites one to snuggle under the Donna rather than throw it back and leap out out of bed to greet the early summer sunshine. We had a glimpse of summer for two days and now it has gone AWOL. The season is right for spring, but whence has spring sprung?
The hills hoist jerks crazily. The clothes I had hung optimistically to dry on it last night flips and dances hugging the lines in tighter wraps, flipping themselves over and over. The cat is curled in a tight ball on the sideboard under the glass ware cabinet. Dolly, the goat is hunched up in a corner of the yard under a little lean to near the kitchen windows on the northern side. Her normally buoyant demeanour is subdued. At least I am dry, she could be thinking. Her jaws move methodically and rapidly. What do goats reflect I wonder?
I have just had last nights roast beetroot, sweet potato, pumpkin and potato for lunch. One of the marvellous things about this place is that I have rediscovered baked veggies in a pan with a drizzle of oil and herbs. Sublime culinary experiences that make you want to roll over and purr with delight after eating. Sandra E I am making good use now of the grill you gave me that you got from someone in Adass. Thank you girl.  I think of you every time I use it. After spending three years without an oven it is blissful to be baking again. We had grilled chicken Maryland which the young fellow loved and veggies  baked in the oven. First course was pumpkin soup. It is the only way to get veggies into children, really or making kugel.
The wind in the tall trees surrounding the house and sheds makes a sound like a rushing torrent of water. It is eery. The first time there was a strong wind, I heard this gushing rushing sound and thought  'what on earth?' Then going outside I realised it was the trees. There is a huge line of trees beyond the back fence and it is so quiet that all you hear is the noise of the leaves rustling against one another. It is as if they are conversing and I am an eavesdropper on important tree discussions. I wonder what the trees would say about humans. I guess we would be viewed by trees in a similar way to the way we would view toxic nuclear waste. Sadly.
We need to be wiser in the way we preserve our earthly riches. The situation after superstorm Sandy in the USA makes me wonder just what is going to be in store for us in the next few years and how prepared are we for natural disasters. At present Israel is dealing with Iran and a potentially very toxic man made disaster in the form of a threatened nuclear bomb. The El Presidento in Iran is a total nut job that is why he is threatening others in a way that if he carries through it will have world wide repercussions. G-D we do need Moishiach right NOW. Please....

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