Wednesday, October 17, 2012

When being Straight Hetrosexual is NO LONGER THE NORM according to a Program being pushed at NSW Schools


Well I'll be a hetrosexist auntie! Lusting after /liking a man as your spouse/partner/father of your children is OK if you are another man, but HELL NO, NOT if you are a woman. TSK TSK. Positively obscene in the 'normal' course of events today. Lusting after/liking a woman as your spouse/life partner and mother of your children is very 'normal' if you are another woman, but damn it, NOT if you are a man. It will probably be termed rape in the new politically correct gender speak that is being pushed in the following program in several NSW schools. Even the Minister for Education is back pedalling on this program.

Considering the fact that 2% or less of the population is homosexual, they have a very loud and often obscenely obsessive voice in Australian society and politics at the moment. I, for one are fed up to the back teeth of their bullying tactics as they strive to thrust their agenda down our throats and in doing so, wish to create a society where heterosexuality is considered NOT the NORM and homosexuality is considered 'NORMAL'.
Well, I will stand up and say it along with anyone else who is brave enough to voice such sentiments publicly. Homosexuality is NOT normal, the norm and it never will be despite the efforts of some to 'EDUCATE' vulnerable teens and pre teens that it is. I must say, however, it is a very  clever ploy by the gay lobby groups in education to 'normalise' homosexual relations and relationships. It is deviant behaviour and always will be, despite the best efforts by some to pretend and have others educated that it is normal.

NOW, before you scream HOMOPHOBE at me dear readers, as some of you obviously will, I am
discussing certain behaviours that I personally and many others feel is deviant behaviour in that it deviates from the normal majority in society. I DO NOT advocate disrespect for any person, clearly of different nationality, gender persuasion, religion (so long as it is peaceful and tolerant of other religions), disability or anyone who is different. I DO ADVOCATE RESPECT for gay, homosexual, transgender people who are different from the normal. They are deluding themselves and trying to delude the rest of society, if they consider they are the norm of society and want to stamp out all pride in being a straight person.
I am advocating that we start a Straight Pride Movement. I am already envisaging the buttons and banners for a march through the cities of Melbourne and Sydney and we could have a Straight Marti Gras too in Melbourne which would be held at the same time as the Gay Marti Gras in Sydney. I would envisage a theme for the first one and it would be a Noah's Ark theme. Pairs of people that are of two genders and we could have paired goats, sheep, cattle, guinea pigs, horses, alpacas, rabbits, camels and giant wedding cake floats (although that might be a sore point for the gay movement) with a man and a woman perched on top. We could have a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist, pagean weddings in the parade and lots of children. No nakedness because it is all about families and normal behaviour. Unless we live in the Congo among the pygmies like the Phantom or in the Amazon or with the South African bushmen, most of us wear clothes when we go out in public these days, or I would hope we would. We could have buttons saying, ' WO love me, cause I am a MAN!' 'MAN, I'll be your WO Half.'  'BOLT needs a NUT!' 'NUT needs a BOLT' underneath it  2 B complete.
I actually have to say, that I find it offensive that I have to apologise for my heterosexuality and I do feel discriminated against because I am a straight woman who would only consider a man as a partner in life. I have nothing what so ever against homosexuals, but I do resent the fact that they are presenting their way as a preferred lifestyle and a 'norm' when it is so obviously not. It is also extremely confusing for vulnerable teens and preteens. Children are very impressionable and often those who make the greatest impression on them, are unfortunately at times and fortunately at other times, their teachers and other adults with knowledge who they respect.
We do need to teach respect for all others and to demand respect for ourselves and our lifestyles, but not at the expense of other people and their lifestyles and we do not need to push social perversions as the norm in the education department. Such exercises in social engineering are dangerously close to brainwashing a generation of kids. If there is such a thing as 'GAY PRIDE' then they have to accept that they are different and embrace it openly, but not try to push it as the 'NORM' when it is so clearly NOT. As a PROUD heterosexual I will not and would not discriminate against a homosexual of what ever gender, but if I were to refuse a sexual advance from a woman and that person then says I am discriminating against her because I prefer to view only men as an appropriate partner in life, then that is the extent of the ridiculousness of this NEWSPEAK in NSW education. It is all rubbish and I am glad that Adrian Piccoli who is the Minister for Education is distancing himself from it. He is also the Member for Riverina if I remember rightly. There are still some normal people around that have not been got at,
thank G-D.


Michael Wilson said...
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Ilana Leeds said...

Actually it is you who has missed the point. Oscar Wilde had his own 'homosexual revolution' before it was even fashionable. He was smart, very polished writer and intellectual.
Gay bullies like yourself, probably find it hard to believe that some of us can respect gays or homosexuals as people, without being supportive or harshly critical of gay lifestyles. We do not need to be told that hetrosexuality is 'not the norm' and your 'black analogy' just doesn't work. Most black or African heritage people are straight hetrosexuals. In fact, gay people in Nigeria or Ghana or most areas of Africa are pretty uncommon or in their closet so to speak. Be careful and do more research. I do not need to sink to offensive insults and neither should you. RESPECT the fact I do not support homosexuality as a lifestyle, but on the other hand I am prepared to live and let live. Therein is the difference. You have to insult and attack me personally which shows you have an ultimately flawed argument.
Trouble is very few children know positively that they are gay from an early age. Given there are some who do, but often young people stumble into a gay lifestyle because they were very lonely or hurt by a member of the opposite sex and seek solace in a same sex relationship only to become very confused when they try to extricate themselves from the clutches of the homosexual (usually older) who had given them shelter emotionally and financially in return for physical favours. It is quite a sick world out there and I am afraid it is you, you poor little boy, who is showing your ignorance. I feel pity for you and your mate Michael Barnett. Unfortunately, you become the butt of your own joke.
Learn history, read a bit more, I am sure you will wake up one day...

Michael Wilson said...

There is little point to argue with those who are blind. Please, open your eyes. Speak with reason and evidence.

"I hope no one respects any views: ideas don’t deserve respect. People do. Demands for ideas’ respect are usually made by those who can’t defend them. When I make an argument, I don’t ask you to respect them: I ask you to respect me enough to point out their flaws, since I’m fallible and human, or otherwise support them based on your own reasoning. Respect is irrelevant to an argument’s validity." - Tauriq Moosa

Ilana Leeds said...

Michael glad to see you removed your post. It doesn't do you justice obviously in a serious debate.
Let''s look at respect and what it entails for all of us. I can like a person, but not respect their views, I can dislike a person intensely but respect their views for their clarity, honesty and vision. However respect for any other human being is a given. It is what we are all about, one would hope.
Responsibility to the truth of the matter
Equality of each and every human being
Seek answers to all questions with honesty
Prepare to listen to others and do hear them
Explain for knowledge leads to understanding
Culpability for your actions and words
Tact in dealing with all issues.

It is an interesting equation, is it not? You may not like my views or me personally, but as one human being to another we should respect each other. It was this very lack of respect for others and the corruptness of the world that led to the flood I believe which is in this week's Torah portion.
Every day I say a blessing that allows me to thank the Creator of the Universe for allowing the rooster to be able to tell the difference between night and day. It is an allegorical statement about right and wrong. The Creator has given humans the power to reason between what is right and what is wrong. We can choose to utilise that power and make positive choices for goodness and mercy in our lives or to follow our own lusts for material gain, sexual and pleasure desires of the animal self or power and dominion over others through what ever means OR we can choose the path of righteousness - following the precepts set out by Torah. It is far more complex than the simplistic explanations offered by some as a general condemnation of religion, particularly the Jewish religion. When one really knows what one is talking about then one can have a truly decent debate, with all due respect.
Furthermore, you and anyone for that matter, should thank their lucky stars or accident of birth that they live in a democracy where freedom of speech and lifestyle choices are a given. Others are not so fortunate. However, it is that very freedom of choice that is being used to thwart and destroy democracies now and in the coming years. In Iran or Syria or Egypt, homosexual are targeted and violently so. Something I strongly disagree with. No child in my classes, whether he or she believes that they are gay or not, has ever been bullied and I have never allowed it to go unchecked, because I believe every child has a right to a safe and comfortable learning space. I may not agree with homosexual lifestyle choices and I am sure plenty will see my lifestyle as not for them but that doesn't mean we cannot co-exist peacefully and work together.
You seem like Michael Barnett from Aleph want to find a scapegoat for all the wrongs you perceive, have been committed against you as a person and the Internet is a safe faceless venue for you to vent your spleen on someone like myself.
I hope you find a more productive pastime and work out your grievances positively. Gook luck with it all and G-D should give you the blessings of true insight in the nature of humans and the universe.