Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A beautiful day and the film Colour Blind


We have had a busy couple of days and I am working on getting work and getting a brochure up and running for two workshops in the country for writers. Day long functions and we are having a thriller film shot at the farm house during Pesach. I have to sell my house or my right to the house to this lovely couple of non Jewish people who are producing their first film. They have a Jewish actress and that is the connection. They are so excited because the farmhouse, location and setting is perfect for their film.
We are staying in town for Pesach which will be a bit of a trial, but we are being paid for the inconvenience. I will be able to pay some bills that have been long out standing. So I will pesach clean but have to kasher for Pesach elsewhere.
The wind is up and I have to say that this place I could live here until I die. It is the best place in the world. You see the scenery and the wind in the trees sounds like the sea wooshing away. I love it and am so happy here. It is the most beautiful place. I never want to live in a city again for anything in the world. It is just awful going back into the city with the traffic and the noise and dust. It is always with the greatest of relief, I head out to home after being in the city.
The goats came for a walk with us today and had a lovely time. Osnat bucks and prances. Dolly has started to talk. She was a very silent goat since we have had her here in October and now she talks to me. Her voice compared to Osnat's is rusty and croaky. It makes me believe that she has had some sort of shock in her life.
Osnat come to town on the weekend and had a  lovely stay with a Mizrachi family who I still have to thank properly for hosting here. She was unsettled by being in town though so I had to take her back on Saturday night after shabbes was out. She tried to leap a six foot fence and obviously missed us.
Here is one of our photos.

Nir is playing king of the hill with Osnat and Dolly. Dolly is saying to him, 'Be too cheeky and I will bunt you into the water, young man.'
I will be starting a job in a day or so working with a man from Florida. That will be fun. It is education and we are communicating via skype on a project and if it pays well I will be more than happy. Trouble is I will have to be up at 1 am as Florida is 16 hours behind us. Need money badly so who cares, I will get up at 3 am if it means work and money coming into the account.
Watching a film that I got out of the mobile library today called Colour Blind and yes, I do identify. Only with the reactions of my family and there it ends. My ex did not treat me like a queen, ever. Far from it. Cash cow and workhorse, more like it.

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