Monday, February 4, 2013

Talking Peace (?) and making war in Gaza with children


Israel's foundations were and are embedded in the Jewish psyche for thousands of years since 600,000 souls surrounded a small mountain in the desert and heard and saw the Torah given over to them. Israel's foundations are about peace, family, unity and social betterment of the individual and the society within which he or she resides.
Israeli kids serve in the army - the IDF - the Israeli Defence Force and its soldiers are  a family, something that few understand. They do not take unnecessary risks with their lives and the lives of others. They do not glory in death for the loss of even one soldier is considered one too many. Life is sacred and that approach to valuing human life is, I believe one of the paramount principles of the IDF and they are about defending their citizens, their families and their country. The Israeli boy or girl who serves in the army goes into basic training at 18 years of age. They do understand what they are doing and what they may have to do.
Many Israeli parents while proud that their child is in the IDF to serve their country, are praying and hoping for Moishiach/ peace to come so that their son or daughter no longer needs to serve in the IDF in a war capacity and we all pray for the IDF soldiers to come home whole to their families in peace.

By contrast, our so called 'partners in peace' persist in the worst form of child abuse. They take innocent children and destroy their minds literally. They teach them warfare. They teach them to hate and therefore until we can educate otherwise these "children" will never make peace. These are the spawn of Hamas. The pure and the innocent child that has been bound in hatred to a creed that almost succeeded in destroying Europe.  These children are brain washed into dehumanising and destroying a nation.  But they will not.
This is an article by an Arab journalist. It makes interesting reading. Only through education will we be able to change the mindset of the Middle East and it must be done with Israel under Jewish sovereignty East of the Jordan River.

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