Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thank G-D every day for being a Jew..


Researching for a story which I am rewriting and reshaping, I found some very disturbing information on Islamic practices in Africa and the Middle East. Not only Islamic unfortunately, despite the wrong information given on a Norwegian Utube clip where Jews were mentioned along with others, as practising this barbaric and brutal custom.  It has never EVER been a Jewish custom. For that, I thank G-D.
Our religion is based on not causing harm or pain even to the animals we slaughter for our food.

My story is about an American girl who meets an educated Egyptian university student and chases him back to his country,  when she gets pregnant and has a child to him. The differences in religion and culture become very obvious, even though the family of her boyfriend do not practise female genital mutilation (FGM) there are other differences in out look which make life uncomfortable.
Here is a clip on Afghanistan's women - some of the most abused and downtrodden women in the world. Especially when you have the Taliban - an extreme Muslim or Islamic group, closing schools for women and perpetuating violence and supporting ignorance and the most barbaric and backward practices of their religion, then you have girls like these in the clip below doing the most desparate things to escape the misery in their lives.

This is, of course, some of the more extreme practices, but it shows that we have a long way to go to educate in some areas of the world. These women need support to throw off the barbaric shackles of a medieval mentality. In fact, it is worst than medieval and belongs in the darkest of ages.

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