Thursday, February 7, 2013

What's really important?


If you had to define the most important element of your life at this moment, what would it be? Of course, over the days and weeks, months and years that can change with the circumstances of your living. 
I have often given this some thought. To be a contributing member of society, being socially aware and doing the best I can in all I undertake has always been a long term goal. For a few years there from the ages of 18 to 25 I was side tracked by people in my life who were not the most positive or healthy individuals to have around. There comes turning points in people's lives and mine was going back into formalised study and bringing structure and purpose into my life and above all working consistently towards goals. 
To be really useful to others one has to work on oneself and place the most rigorous demands and discipline on self. One needs to understand one's own motives and decide whether these are worthwhile or not. This is kind of difficult in a very egotistical me and my wants orientated society where people are encouraged to be self absorbed and indulgent. I was told by a woman who worked at one stage for Blue Star in Queensland cleaning for the elderly that she got paid to take her grandchildren because the mother (her ex daughter in law) 'needed a break from her children as she was a single parent'. I was told this woman in her early thirties needed to 'go out and live a little for a few days.' Pardon me for being judgemental BUT when I was told that this so called 'mother' would then go on a partying spree with her friends, drinking, taking drugs and having sexual partners (apart from the fact she would probably end up pregnant again) over the three or four days, even a week that she was freed from the 'onerous task of child care' my blood literally boiled. If you can't commit to your children 24/7 365 days a year for at least the first 18 to 20 years of their lives, then don't have children. Remain childless. It is safer for you and society. Why should people like that have support services to allow them to continue their selfish lifestyle?

The problem with western society is that many people do lack real purpose. They have jobs, they have disposable income and a surfeit of material possessions. Then they become bored and look for excitement in a variety of other ways. Some are socially altruistic and do good works, others find ways to denigrate and destroy others through talking with peers in a community whether it is face to face or on a social networking medium through the internet because it makes them feel better.
We need to focus more on positive things in society and do things that are positive and constructive. 

I decide several months back after an avalanche of hate mail that I would respond positively to every attack and wish the attacker well in his or her life. It is no use getting upset about it. I have family members who have told very destructive lies and half truths about me and that is most hurtful because they are the people who are supposed to be most supportive of you as a person and to encourage you in pursuing goals and achieving them. I have not quite succeeded in getting over the hurt of their lies because these lies were and are calculated to destroy my credibility as a person and a human being for reason known only to them. It would take a good psychiatrist years perhaps to work it out. Would they ever see one, probably not. They would say it is me who needs the psychiatrist not them.
When I do achieve something it has been derided and belittled and I was told, something must have been wrong with the judges' eyesight when I won a prize in an art competition as well as 'there must not have been any decent entries. The standard must have been real low for you to win something.'
That is negativity most of us can do without. It is neither constructive criticism or warranted to destroy someone's self esteem in such a manner.
I have resolved never to sink to that level of bullying and personal denigration. Unfortunately the latest on the same sex marriage activists show that they are losing the battle of rationale in their debate and are sinking to ad hominem attacks on any person of public or not standing who disagrees with  their agenda. It shows their inherent selfishness and also absolute malice.
The same sex marriage agenda is about a group of people going all out to satisfy personal physical wants and desires at the expense of future generations. I will go so far as to state that. It has never been about love and the other dressings they give it. It is purely about the satisfaction of their base physical wants and self gratification at the expense of others. That is why they lose rational debates all the time and sink to emotive name callings and personal denigration of those that oppose them.

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