Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Networking Job Sites


It has been a busy week. I am building my work profiles on two Freelance sites called Freelanced and

This is an excellent and very well organised site. What I do like is the fact that you can get tested on a whole range of skills, not just English skills, but software programs that are connected to communication and media websites. I am testing myself in a few areas. I have had some unpleasant surprises with the editing test (Chicago Style US) and intend to retake the test when I can in a fortnight's time and again until I can get into at least the top 10 %. While it is pleasing to be up with the top 10% or 20 % in many cases, I am working on my skills as I realise I am rusty and must make the top 2% or at least the top 5% to be guaranteed employment. In these sorts of competitive markets, I see people with mediocre or pedestrian skills who still get jobs, but for how long I wonder? It is best to work continually at perfecting your skills. I used to tell students when I was teaching, 'Don't believe anyone who tells you you are rotten at something or worse can't ever be good at something, because you have gotten less than 50%. If you really want to, you can work at your writing, reading and speaking skills and become world class. It is up to the individual to choose his or her path and work at it.'
You can also get Degree documents and certificates verified which is a big plus for the hirer or employee. This comes at a price though. That is the problem and as soon as I have some money in the kitty, I am going to get my documents verified.
The other plus is the space to put up a portfolio of work for prospective employers to go through and I have viewed some very impressive portfolios and some that are less than impressive, for what I would expect at least.

This site has a different set up to Elance and my preference is Elance because it requires freelancers to be registered and those who take the skills tests are supposed to be more likely to be hired because you the hirer can check out the potential employee more thoroughly and you can see what their capabilities are. Portfolios are worrying from the point of view that work can be plagiarised on the Internet and the work may not belong to the person who is advertising it. I have joined both Freelanced and Elance.  Once I am working, I will also set up a website to get my work and recommendations out there in cyberspace and get a savings and investment plan going once I have paid off my bills.


I have put myself on this website as a greeting card illustrator as I intend to do some Australian Jewish Cards and just plain Aussie cards in good taste. There are so many tacky cards out there. Offensive and crude are not my cupcakes. I am calling my card company Good Taste Cards GTC. :-)  Seeing as I love food it is a good name and I will work with clients who want specific cards for a function or festival.  I don't do Xmas cards or Easter cards. Not sorry. There are plenty of those on the market already.
I am looking forward to having some fun and building up my portfolio with writings and cards on both sites.

E ads and Web based worksites or markets are the way of the future. You have to be hanging out there in cyberspace and to keep the learning and skills up to date to be hired. Hopefully some of you out there will find these sites useful for work and will get a profile up and going.  Not only freelancers but I imagine there are people who are looking for skilled freelancers for your businesses. These two sites are a great resource.

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