Tuesday, February 5, 2013

In Saudia Arabia a mother grieves


Around the world we have demonstrations at times with people carrying placards about Sharia law and calling for its implementation into the world. Frankly everything I have heard or read about the so-called laws of Sharia make me a determined advocate against this sort of miscarriage of justice EVER being put into practice in Australia and to keep well away from countries where the so called justice system is run by the card carrying camel monkeys who practise this sort of nonsense.

In a place called Saudia Arabia there once lived a little girl called Lama. Her sweet innocent little face peers out from the hijab. She is all of five years old. Little girls of five and little boys for that matter, of that age are eager fresh faced beings who have ultimate trust in adults and the adult world that is supposed to nurture and protect them. Yes there are the normal scrapes, bruises and mishaps but for the main part, a five year old should be beginning prep at school, learning to read and write draw, play and do a variety of crafts, socialise with their peers. The adults who surround them should be nurturing and positive people.

Unfortunately for Lama her father is a person who preached (maybe he still does because who knows what sort of travesties abound in Saudia Arabia) radical Islam on TV in Saudia Arabia. That was the second unfortunate aspect of poor little Lama's life. When you read the list of injuries, you think that any man who did that to a female child in most societies, a child with a mother, grand mothers, aunts, sisters would be lucky to walk from the house with an intact sense of reproductive organs, let alone alive.
I will not rehash her injuries here. It is all in the two articles and frankly I cannot bear to go over what that little girl must have suffered at the hands of a mysognist  creep who donated 50% of the genetic material that assisted her creation in this world for such an awful end. By no stretch of the imagination could such a person be called a father. A father, a dad has qualities that this perverted monster lacks. He doubted her virginity. Really? A five year old! Most five year olds, unless some perverse twisted older person has gotten to them, do not have much of an idea about sexuality. Why should they? They are children and to be honest, those who want to lower the age where children are taught about human reproduction are doing the kids a disservice. Teach them what is inappropriate touching by an older person yes, tell them not to be afraid to say No and who to go to a trusted adult if someone does do something that the child feels uncomfortable with or touches the child inappropriately anywhere. It could be an older child or an adult saying something, not just physical touching. At sixteen I got thrown out of my Ancient History class by a teacher called Stubby. He was a defrocked minister. He made reference to my breasts and I told him off in the class. I said it was rude and he should know better. I was told to leave the class and never come back. So from midway term 1 in year 12 I studied Ancient History in the Art room. He failed me. In the final Senior exams I topped the class. It was a bitter sweet victory. Linda Cheung got the Ancient History prize at Speech night, but I got the best Senior external exam result. So there is officially supported mysogny  in our society too. Not thank G-D to the extent of the Saudis. They are mysognists par excellence.
If we look at what happened to this man - a few months prison and a $50,000 fine blood money they call it. $50,000 for a little girl torn internally in all orifices, broken back and burnt, we must doubt that they even know the meaning of the most primitive forms of justice.
Women are the bearers, the nurturers of the generations that descend from one generation to the next and the next. There is something seriously sick about a religious creed that is so obsessive about virginity that it perverts normal thinking. Yes. It is better for a girl to come to her husband untouched intimately by any man or woman for that matter. There are reasons which we will not go into here. However to go to the extreme either way is wrong.
Sexuality is one of the strongest driving forces we have in life. It must be correctly and appropriately channelled within marriage. It must be balanced. That is not to say that there are people who choose to live with another person. That may be right for them. From a religious perspective a union to be properly sanctified it should be blessed by a marriage rite. It is not for me to judge people who do not live their lives according to religious laws I follow.
Lama's male genetic parent I would consider a twisted, violent pedophile of the worst order.
I only pray the highest courts judge him appropriately and little Lama gets karmic justice on this creature.



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