Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Words fail me.....they are turning brother against brother

When I watch this video clip I cry out to G-D and ask why? I ask that Hashem awakens the hearts and minds of the Jews who have allowed themselves to be set against their brothers in such a way. I cry to the Master of the Universe that these men and women wake up to what they have done and are doing to their sisters, brothers and children.
I hope they put down their weapons and sit with the people of Migron. Nazis followed orders too. "They are just following orders!" HA???!! Have they completely lost their minds, hearts and souls? What is happening in Israel to Jewish people to allow them to behave like this?You see Arab workers laughing as they destroy the holy work of these people. Anyone Jew or Arab or Christian who dares uproot one community in Judea and Sumeria let them be cursed. Let them eat dust and ashes for the rest of their lives and their families.
The people of Migron will rebuild and they will be successful with Hashem's help. They are real Jews who are not led astray by the promises of fakery and politicans who have have not an ounce of true belief with few exceptions among them.
The temple was built on land that was a symbol of the love of two brothers. That is the Jewish way. This has come about because some of the Israelis unfortunately are brought up like uneducated Arabs without real knowledge in derek aretz and their faith. They are ignorant of many things, unfortunately.
We must build and go on with a positive faith in the Master who will avenge this destruction in ways known only to G-D.
When the time comes there will be no soldier who will dare 'just follow orders'.

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